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Malaysia: 2012/09

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[Sponsored] Glomax Aesthetics Intensive Acne Medic Treatment 3 & 4
Hi lovelies!

I'm sorry I haven't been updating you guys about my Glomax visits!
Reason is because my laptop died completely...
So everything that was inside is now hasta la vista ):
Therefore, I lost a whole bunch of photos.
So, I will be updating my current skin situation of 2 visits together in this post.

Firstly, before I go to my skin, let's take a look again at their interior.

Fresh, clean towels.

I like the use of colour white - it really shows how clean things are and that they really maintain them well.

Tray with the products Peishan will be using on me.

So clean that everything reflects off their glossed wardrobe.

Very spacious~

So after my second previous visit here, my skin improved tremendously with the exception of my chin area [I experienced a breakout only at my chin area, not sure why...]

After the 3rd Visit, [I can't remember the exact date that I went, should be around 12th November 2012], this is how my skin looked 1 day after

13th November 2012
^ See how clean my cheeks and nose area are!
The chin still has some huge pimples because they were still quite "undeveloped" when I went so they weren't able to extract them out for me. Peishan did tell me that most likely they will popout in the next week and they actually did the very next day!

16th November 2012
^ By now, most of the chin pimples are gone! Right cheek developed a pimple, probably due to all the stress I'm facing...
As you can see, skin generally remained clear and healing well.

4th Visit was on the 19th December, if my memory did not fail me...
[Sorry, I changed to another iphone so my calendar all got wiped out]
About 3 days after my treatment,
22th December 2012
^ You can see that nose is clear of blackheads.
Chin area generally cleared and still healing, likewise for my right cheek.
Left cheek still have some redness and bumps.

27th December 2012

Sorry I couldn't get a good picture of my nose...
But anyway, you can see that it still remains quite clear.
Left cheek cleared up pretty good, same goes for right cheek and chin [though you can see some light scar marks]

2nd January 2013

Latest photo from 5 days ago!
Nose still remained clear, chin and left & right cheek healed really well, cannot really see much of those marks anymore!

Extremely happy and satisfied!
Every time no matter how lousy I feel about my skin, after the treatment I always get clear skin again!

I'm supposed to go for my 5th visit this coming Wednesday but I think I have to reschedule due to my chin injury...
Will go for it after my Japan trip and update you guys again.
If you haven't tried Glomax already, it's time to do so!

Here are the details you will need to make an appointment [call early, they are quite busy!]: 

Glomax Aesthetics 
12 Eu Tong Sen Street 
Singapore 059819 
Telephone Number: (+65) 6225-5193 

Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Stay beautiful!

[Sponsored] だから… 私の選択は DakaraSpree Giveaway
If you have been following my Instagram or Facebook Page or Twitter,
You will realise that I've been using this certain bag a lot these days.
[Best of all, I am giving one away to one lucky reader too! Read till the end for contest details]

I was extremely psyched when DakaraSpree wanted to sponsor me one of their bags from their "Rabbit Collection."

Those of you who know Japanese or watch Japanese Shows, you might have heard of the word "Dakara/ だから" before, yes?
If you don't already know, that means "That is why..."

Dakaraspree brings in the mad adorable and unique bags from Morn Creations so you are definitely not alone at being in love with the bags - the folks at Dakaraspree love them too, which is why they are sharing them with everyone (:

Now, let me give you a short introduction about Morn Creations :

Morn, a symbol for vitality and stamina, brings warmth and light, as much as life, to the earth. This is why we adopted the name “Morn”.

“Morn Creations” wishes that each and every piece of our unique design brings out and disseminate this positive message, with a right attitude about life.


Senseless killing of animals has become a cruel fact of our modern society. In almost every aspect of our life, humans are
depriving the right to life of all kinds of animals, using animals to satisfy our endless needs. This is the source for all violence and unrest.


All Morn Creations designs have an underlying animal protection theme. The most direct and effective way of helping animals is to refuse using animal in our design and production as well as to object using animal skins to make any profit. We also like to feature endangered species in our designs since the extinguishing of any species will lead to imbalance in our earth.


Through our products, we wish to spread out the clear message for protecting life and respecting life for all animals.

When I went to their website to choose 2 bags, one for myself and one for my reader, I couldn't stop going "awww...."
Just look at how adorable they are! [Pictures credit to MornCreations/DakaraSpree]

Yes, this is the one I chose for myself! [RA-213/SGD $104.50]
While most of their bags comes in 3 sizes (S/M/L), 
the one I selected comes in 2 sizes, I took the L one [M size is RA-214/ SGD $99.50]
Don't worry, as aforementioned, the folks at DakaraSpree love animals too so the fur is artificial fur.

The reason why I chose this is because I felt that a bag that is black and white will be more suited for me since I always change my fashion style and therefore, I need colours that will complement with almost anything.
Look at the zips... carrots!

It might look very cutesy but it actually goes pretty well with my Military Jacket too! Tones down the tough look without looking out of place.

The size L is really huge!
I wanted to fit my head inside to show you but...

This is probably a better way to show you.

Apart from having the two pockets on the front (inside the bag), there is also a zip at the back (inside the bag).

And at the back too!

Of course, with a few designs to choose from, I will recommend girls going for the cute/ soft look to go for their lace rabbit bags!

RA-533(L)/SGD $95.50,  RA-534(M)/SGD $91.50 RA-535(S)/SGD $87.50

Love that but you are not very good at taking care of your bags & worried that it might get dirty easily? The lace rabbit bag comes in another colour too!

RA-543(L)/SGD $95.50,  RA-544(M)/SGD $91.50 RA-545(S)/SGD $87.50

Not a handbag fan? No worries, they have a cute backpack too!

Now that I've already showed so much, I bet you are getting impatient as to how to go about winning one of these, right?
The bag I chose for you is not the same one as mine but...

RA-704 (M)/ SGD $78.50

I have a good reason for my selection with regards to size, material and colour!

I took the huge one because I intended to bring it to school but I felt that girls will look more adorable and less chunky with the medium sized one.

I did not choose the fur one too because some people might not like such details. Therefore, I stuck with a safer choice, which is the nylon one!

I chose the black and white one as I've mentioned before, I felt that black and white are colours that can go well with absolutely anything.
See, I thought a lot before choosing so I really hope you readers like it too!
Here's how you can stand a chance to win the Rabbit bag that I chose:

Step 1.

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bag from Dakara Spree!”

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There, two steps only! Of course, you have to first like my page if you haven't already done so.

Finally, there is a promotion going on for those who are already won over by the cute bags and want to purchase them:

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What are you waiting for?
Contest closes on the 5th January 2013
[Contest open to readers residing in Singapore only]

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[Sponsored] Glomax Aesthetics Intensive Acne Medic Treatment 2

I'm sorry for the mega long hiatus.
Anyway, I'm back with another review for my treatment at Glomax Aesthetics!
Remember my first one? [Warning, scary pictures in the entry]

Well, I'm not going to bore you with more pictures of the interior of the place again. As you can see from my previous entry, the interior is very cosy and I absolutely love it!
However, I lost the pictures of my bare face before the treatment because my computer crashed so all the pictures taken that day are all gone ):
I am just going to show you the progress of my skin.

From my previous entry, you can see how the swelling looked really scary after the treatment [because of the squeezing]:

Well, this time, it wasn't that bad because my face actually improved a lot and so they did not have that much extraction to do for me so my face didn't swell like a pig like the picture above.
Below is the progress of my skin for 10 days [I went for facial on 18/10/12]:

1 day after treatment [19/10/12]

4 days after treatment [22/10/12]

6 days after treatment [24/10/12]

10 days after treatment [28/10/12]

You can see that after all the bumps & pimples subside, my skin is actually less bumpier than before. Significant improvement on the nose and left cheek!
Don't worry if you get pimples after the treatment; the skin is actually trying to purge. Also, not sure if you realized but my skin actually looks brighter overall.

I can't wait to go back to Glomax for another treatment this month!
I will continue to keep a photolog of my progress for you guys~
Once again, they have very kindly extended this promotion just for my readers!

Quote "Himeko Blog" and you can enjoy the above treatment for just SGD $68 instead of the usual SGD $150. That's about a 55% discount!

In all honesty, I really hope you girls will head over and give this a try. It really proved very effective for me and I have nothing but praises for them! I am not going to lie - it hurts a lot. However, just grit your teeth and go through with it! That's what I did because I keep thinking about how good my skin will be after I get through it so I just tolerated it!

Here are the details you will need to make an appointment [call early, they are quite busy!]: 

Glomax Aesthetics 
12 Eu Tong Sen Street 
Singapore 059819 
Telephone Number: (+65) 6225-5193 
[Sponsored] Glomax Aesthetics
Hi lovelies~
I was invited by Hazel on behalf of Glomax Aesthetics to try their services.
Thank you Hazel for being incredibly patient with me despite me rescheduling many times due to many last minute appointments of mine.
[P.S Read till the end for a special promo code!]

I like the ambience; It is not very big but feels very cosy.
I actually prefer smaller establishments as compared to those bigger ones; feels more homely.

The staffs were all very friendly and all smiles, making me feel very welcomed.

Upon arrival, I was given a very detailed and thorough consultation.
The main problem with my face is the abundant white and black heads.
Not edited, no make up, close up shot of my face with all my problems!

Basically, blackheads are very visible on the surface of our skin because when the impurities emerge, they oxidise, giving them the black colour and therefore known as blackheads.
White heads lie beneath our skin surface, therefore we cannot see them with our eyes.
We concluded the consultation with the decision to go ahead with the Intensive Acne Medic Treatment [SGD $150] for my visit  that day.
^the white/ yellowish part is the whitehead while the brownish part on the left is the blackhead.

The treament is said to be suitable for problem skin with congested pores and acne, starting with a sonic cleansing that gently lifts impurities and dirt off skin surface before the problem areas are healed with a mild antiseptic high frequency. Combined with acne IPL to rebalance the sebum level, problem skin will dramatically clear up after each session.

I was led into the treatment room to change.

I really like the set up of their room. There are 2 beds in each room but fret not; privacy is retained as there are curtains that will be drawn to give you your personal space.

The walls are pretty too! Can you spot the flowers and birds?
I was given a big cabinet with key to keep my clothes and other personal belongings.

I went without makeup, just sunblock. Okay please don't scream upon seeing this as I did not edit the picture, just watermarked it.

Before the treatment, my therapist, Peishan, did a double cleanse for my face with foam and then milk to remove the sunblock and any other dirt that might be present.
First part of the treatment - Sonic Cleansing.
This was not really painful, I just felt like something was scrapping against my skin surface. I was expecting something a little more painful but I will give it a 4/10 [my pain threshold is probably different from yours though].
Look at the amount of dirt and impurities on my skin surface!

Okay, a bit gross but have to show you the effective results!

That was just the tip of the iceberg.
Then came the extraction.

I have to be completely honest here; it hurts very very badly, nothing I've done to my face hurts this much! I will say rate the pain 8/10! I was quite shocked but I gritted my teeth and went through with the whole thing without stopping Pei shan [yes, if the pain is too much for you to take, you can always stop the therapist any time.] I thought "since I am here, just do it and give my face a good cleaning" and survived!
Look at the sneaky dirt lying beneath my skin!

Right after the extraction, this was how my face looked. [not edited]
^ Very red, swollen and bumpy.

After the extraction, they did IPL for my face which did not hurt at all. They said that I might feel a warm sensation and if I feel uncomfortable or painful I can always stop them. Pain for this will probably be... 1/10? I really didn't feel anything except for very mild warmness. The IPL was done to kill any bacteria and rebalance the sebum level in my skin.
I was quite worried after the extraction because my face looked terrible!
Putting my worries aside, I allowed them to proceed with the next step of the treatment - mask time.

I can't remember what mask mine was but Peishan told me that the mask they do for their customers can differ from one another as they are chosen according to everyone's needs. The mask felt quite good on my skin as it was cold, very soothing for my very raw feeling skin after the extraction.

After the mask, my skin looked a lot less angry!

The redness and bumpiness went down completely in about 2 days.
I'm terribly forgetful to take my after shots but I was really wow-ed by my experience there!
After the bumps and redness went away, I took a good look at my skin and it looked so much cleaner! Many tiny bumps were gone and black heads on my nose were completely cleared.
I am honestly considering to go back again for another treatment to continue purging and maintain my skin.
It really feels super good to see all that disgusting dirt being purged and my skin looking a lot cleaner.

Oh yes, they sell the products they use for you too!
I did spot make up there too~

A familiar product I saw that day - Revitalash [eyelash serum]

Did I mention their tea tasted really good?

Here's a treat just for my readers:

Quote "Himeko Blog" and you can enjoy the above treatment for just SGD $68 instead of the usual SGD $150! 
That's about a 55% discount! I wish I can quote this for my second treatment but... this code is for you guys only~

Here are the information you will need when you want to make an appointment:

Glomax Aesthetics
12 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore 059819 
Telephone Number: (65) 6225-5193

Guys and girls, I highly recommend you to go for the treatment that I received! You can really see the results and skin condition improving significantly!
I cannot stress enough that facial is not "just for girls!" Guys, you will be surprised to know that we girls actually prefer guys who give a damn about how they look and we don't mind you putting on make up and dressing up (we actually prefer you to do that.) 

Take pride in how you look and present yourself; start feeling better today!

[Sponsored] My Brazilian experience with Wax XXX at the Beauty Affairs
I went for another Brazilian waxing last week!

Read till the end for exclusive promotion by Beauty Affairs for their Wax XXX and a special promotion code for my readers [Male and female can both use it!]

I am no stranger to Brazilian waxing and I must say it is really very addictive once you get past the virgin experience.
This time, I was invited to do waxing at Beauty Affairs.

This place is not difficult to find. Guys who are drag along to accompany your girlfriends, don't frown because you can enjoy the tasty food at the Killiney Kopitiam next to Beauty Affairs while waiting.

I chose to do Brazilian waxing with them.
I was allowed to do other areas too, but my hands and legs don't really have hair to be waxed so I only requested for Brazilian.
Apart from Waxing services, they do Facial and Slimming services too.

Beauty Affairs has been around since 1989 - that's more than 20 years now!
The turn over for this line can be quite high and thus to be to withstand the test of time and last 22 years (and counting) is pretty reassuring.

Time to my waxing!

The products they use are on sale here too.

I have a thing for chandeliers.

Though this place is not very big, it is very cosy.

I went over with TTJ & Aki and we let Aki go first because it's her virgin experience.
Had a great time chatting with Catherine & TTJ while waiting.

Finally my turn!
This is how the treatment bed look like.
The G string on the bed is for me to change into.

Though I opted for Brazilian, they gave me an option of starting off with Bikini waxing first and then decide if I want to proceed further with Brazilian.
Since I did Brazilian before, I don't really have the Bikini line so I went straight to Brazilian.

The waxes they use are from Wax XXX!

Wax xxx stands for:
Xtra Strong - This strong wax made from rosin glides into the hairs and onto the skin, giving the firm grip and a clean lift to remove all hairs.
Xtra Smooth - The lanolin in the wax protexts the skin after the lift off, leaving the skin supple and smooth
Xtra Soft - with wax triple X, the re-growth is softer and lesser, usually between 4-6 weeks.

Three types of wax available:
Perfect Scent [Suitable for use on sensitive area/ skin]

Perfect Pink & Perfect Blue [Recommended for use on short coarse hair & ingrown hair and long hair respectively]

My therapist was very friendly and chatted with me throughout the whole experience. I was not very nervous since I've done it before. My therapist was lecturing me and forbade me to do any shaving in future because it will actually make the re-growth coarser. Did you know that shaving can also cause ingrown hair? In some cases, if you do not clean yourself well, these ingrown hair can actually cause infection and... just think about pus forming at your very intimate area; disgusting! Girls please don't do things like that to yourself! Long term waxing will leave new hair that grows out to be finer. My therapist shared with me that her hair around her V area is actually "one patch here and there" because most of the hair are so fine/ some areas don't even grow any more. 

I mentioned before that Brazilian waxing is not very painful, it is actually all in the mindset. Compared to my last Brazilian waxing, this was a little more painful as I did shave out of convenience once. Regret, as my hair became coarser and tougher so I am not going to do that any more! My therapist told me that reason is because my menstruation just ended 2 days before my waxing, thus my skin is still very sensitive. Yes, skin will be more sensitive 1 week before and after menstruation so do book your appointments wisely!
Though slightly more painful, it is still very bearable.

It is never too late to start going for waxing!
You might want to shave for convenience but some pennies cannot be pinched; leave it to the professionals!

Overall, I had a very pleasant and relaxing session there.
At the end, they still gave me a goodies' bag!

There were 4 products inside:

1. UV Hydro White (Body Milk) [SGD $58/125ml]

2. Rose Extract Body Scrub [SGD $62/200ml]

3. WaxXXX Hair Retard Mousse [SGD $64/200ml]

4. WaxXXX Anti Ingrown Hair Lotion [SGD $58/120ml]

Reviews for them will come later but before I end this entry, I want to reward you guys for reading till the end.

Now time for the promotions:

1. A Special Promotion code for my lovely readers

Quote "Himeko $5 waxing" to enjoy 1 time underarm waxing at $5!Call Beauty Affairs at 63379455 or sms to 98762944 for booking.
*Valid till 30th Sept 2012. Appointments must be made prior 30th and no later than that.

2. Facebook promotion for Wax XXX by Beauty Affairs

Beauty Affairs is having this promotion for all you people who are ready to give up your virgin hair down south!

3. Help to achieve 2000 Facebook "likes" by 30th September and SGD $1000 worth of vouchers will be given away.

There will be a total of 5 winners for this [each winner will get a SGD $200 voucher] and the voucher can be used on multiple visits for waxing services or/and waxing home-care products on regular prices.(Discounted services or other promotions cannot be used)

I cannot stress this enough... STOP SHAVING AND MAKE YOUR HAIR THICK AND COARSE! Guys and girls, I'm talking about ALL OF YOU!

Start booking your appointment with Beauty Affairs today!

Beauty Affairs:
27 Purvis Street 
Singapore 188604
Telephone Number: 63379455

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 10am ― 9.30pm
Saturday 9am ― 6pm
Sundays & Public Holidays ― Closed

Don't forget to "like" their facebook page for their latest promotions and very interesting status updates/ stories by them!


[Advertorial] KARA 1st Fan Meeting at Causeway Point

Okay, it has been some time since I last talked about Kpop, mainly because it is getting too "mainstream" here in Singapore. 
I first got into the whole "Kpop" thing back in 2007 when I first saw an episode of the "Banjun theatre" starring all 5 members of DBSK. [No, Changmin and Yunho will never be DBSK!] I've always been more interested in Jpop and Japanese guys but when I saw how dashing the guys looked, I was immediately swooned [Yes, superficial & I know it!]

Anyhow, thus began my obsession with Koreans and I started to pay attention to a few other Korean groups like SS501, Super Junior, Epic High.
I remembered some time during Christmas in 2008, I came across a girl group singing this song and I thought, "Hey, that song is pretty adorable and catchy!"

Some of you may be familiar with the song but for those who aren't, that song is "Pretty Girl" by Kara.
Sure, the English in the song definitely can do better but hey, I was going for the catchy rhythm back then and admit it, it is catchy!
That was when I started paying attention to Kara, who quickly became a favourite in my list of girl groups I love.
I first thought that these 2 members were really lovable; Jung Nicole & Park Gyuri.
Park Gyuri, also the leader of Kara, is just so pretty!
Many host in variety shows always refer her to having beauty parallel to a "goddess" and I absolutely agree.
Jung Nicole? Gosh, I just LOVE that girl!
She was involved in one of the sections in "Star Golden Bell" [one of my favourite variety show too!] called "Level with me," where she had to describe a given word to the guest for them to guess.

^ Just look at how adorable she was! I like how creative she was, splitting up some words in the cutest ways to explain. [I really meant it when I say she split the words up; she even dissects the korean character by itself]
I thought she was really amazing; when she landed the gig on the show, she had only learnt Korean for like, 2 years? Yet she was so good!

Kara won their first multizen on M Countdown with "Honey", followed by on SBS Inkigayo.

This song is still one of my favourite even till today; the sweet catchy tune, that concept totally worked for them! They found much success in the above mentioned song which made them one of the "top" girl groups in Korea.
After Honey, they had many other hits like:


Mister [The famous butt dance!]

Lupin [Where they won their first Multizen on Music Bank]

After concluding promotions for Lupin, they advanced to Japan and got smashing success with their first Japanese Single, Mister.

With their debut and success in Japan in 2010, they were named the #1 Rookie Artist by Oricon! 
Fast forward, Kara sold over 450,000 copies of their latest Japanese album, Super Girl.

Okay, so why am I talking about Kara out of the blue?
That's because the group will be in Singapore for the KARA Showcase 2012, on 10 July, at Resort World Sentosa and will hold one autograph session in the official mall during this visit, to promote the launch of their new fragrance. 

Best part is... I have a pair of tickets to their showcase!
I cannot tell you how excited I am to be invited to their showcase!
On top of that, I have never been to Resort World Sentosa before ^^
[No, not even the Universal Studio. I never felt like going since I'm going Japan next year, intend to visit Universal Studio in Osaka]

KARA is also the first Korean artiste to have their own premium fragrance line. Incidentally, this fragrance will be launched at Metro stores.
Honestly, I am really curious about it!

Kara will be having a Meet & Greet session with the first 80 fans with their Showcase Ticket!

How & Where to obtain Limited Edition KARA showcase poster

The first 80 fans who present their tickets at our Level 2 Customer Service Counter (from 11am - 9.30pm) on 9 July, will receive a Limited Edition KARA showcase poster, to be autographed by KARA.

Date: 9 July 2012 
Time: 7pm 
 Venue: Causeway Point Main Atrium outside Metro 

Fans who have not got their tickets to the showcase can stand a chance to win them in Causeway Point. Simply spend a min of $150 and present any receipt from an F&B outlet (Up to 3 combined receipts, inclusive of at least 1 F&B outlet receipt) for a lucky dip chance to win a pair of 1 KARA tickets worth up to $151 each on top of a $10 Frasers centrepoint voucher! The Lucky dip includes chances to win Kara Merchandise and other Korean goods too! 
Important Note:
Days for the lucky dip are from 6th - 9th July, 1 redemption per pax per day.
There are a total of 26 pairs of showcase tickets to be won!

Fans who present the cut out coupon found on the MyPaper advertisement on 6 July will be eligible for a double dip chance to win more prizes!

Life size standees will be available for photography with Kara in Causeway Point from 26th June onwards.

A little about Causeway Point:

Causeway Point is located in the heart of Woodlands Regional Centre, next to the Woodlands MRT station and bus interchange. With more than 250 shops, it is the largest mall managed by Frasers Centrepoint Malls. The mall is undergoing its last phase of upgrading works, welcoming a brand new look and a host of new stores to its mix. Anchor tenants are Cathay Cineplexes, Cold Storage, Courts, Food Republic, Kiddy Palace, Metro, POPULAR Bookstore and Uniqlo. 

The wide range of stores available are suitable for adults, teenagers and children!

Keep an eye on Causeway Point’s Facebook Page for exclusive offers and new promotions daily! 

Kara Fans, why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone if you need to do some shopping and join in the lucky dip should you spend SGD $150 above [including 1 F&B receipt]. Check out the full list of shops in Causeway Point here.


[Advertorial] Quality is essential when it comes to fashion; Sixxandseven
As seen from the title,
quality is essential when it comes to fashion, especially when you are living in
sunny Singapore.

Let's face it, because of the boring weather patterns we have [rain or shine],
there are many types of clothes deemed "unsuitable" to be worn.
Think of:

The Winter Coat, with fur trimmings.

The Trench Coat for fall/autumn.

The Leather Biker Jacket for that tough style.

The Cute Wool Blazer donned over spring wear.

Sweaters which are slightly thicker

Of course, if you know me, I don't actually give two cents about the "socially
correct way of dressing" here in Singapore.
I still wear my pretty coats, trench coats, faux leather jackets, sweaters...
Anything that makes people turn and look at me twice for wearing such apparels
under the hot sun; yes, I don't care.
Call me anything but the "typical Singaporean blogshop style girl."
No offence but I hate that.

Which is why QUALITY is really important to me.
Good quality clothes can provide you the look you want without suffocating
you in our sunny weather.
Thus, I am recommending you to grab some style essentials from the shop

I mean, look at this:

You are sure to turn heads when you wear that wicked jacket in here.
Looks warm? Hot? Stuffy? Thick?
Well, it's none of the above!
You see, the material is similar to a wind breaker

While the fur looks luxuriously abundant,

It is, in fact, not that case at all!
^ See when I actually press it down, it is just that thin!
This makes the jacket extremely light, despite looking quite the otherwise!

The texture of the jacket is velvety smooth

With cute double zipper design

2 functional pockets

Even the zippers at the sleeves has the cute key shape!

Adorable or what!
Best of all, it is extremely comfortable; keeps you warm in the mall while not
making you sweat like a pig under the sun.

Call me biased but I believe part of the reason for the good quality is because
all their jackets are made by a Japanese company, ICHIOKU

I really really LOVE this Biker jacket!

I had a faux leather jacket back in poly but because it was of pretty lousy
quality, it cracked within a month ):
Look at the quality of this jacket!

Note: the 2 zips are functional but NOT pockets

Once again, the cute lock and key zipper!

This one comes with a belt

Also, all these designs are uniquely theirs, designed by Deehellsix!
You will NOT find them anywhere else but at Sixxandseven!
Their label on all their clothes!

The Leopard Jacket I wore above is the Long Sleeved Double Zipper Leopard
Print Jacket [Unisex]

RTP: SGD $129.90
Right now, the price is slashed to just SGD $40.00!
Great deal for a jacket with extreme comfort!

As for the leather jacket I donned above, it is the Leather Jacket W/ Belt:

RTP: SGD $56.90
Right now the price is slashed to a mere SGD $23.00
I am not sure about you but when I saw the slashed price, I was shocked.
How can something so awesome be sold at such a bargain?!
It's a crime to think twice if you have dibs on it.

I mean, why let the weather restrict your fashion?
Why care about how people look at you or judge your sense of style?

What you wear defines who you are.
Show people you are unafraid of being unique and stylish, unfazed by
their close minded opinions!

Hurry up and head over to Sixxandseven to check out all their jackets
[All of them are SLASHED to unbelievable prices!]

Come on, every one needs a biker jacket and fur trimmed jacket in their closet.
You know, for the sake of style.
Personally, I have more jackets than clothes. [Last counted was about 30]
Jackets are the first things that catch my hair in any clothing store!

Oh yes,
Don't forget to "like" their facebook page for the latest updates!


[Sponsored] Ah Loy Thai Food Tasting
Firstly, I must say I am terribly sorry I arrived for this late!
To have people wait T.T

Today I will be talking about~

That's right, Thai food! I've been so in love with Thai food these days!

Drinks up first, had 2 glasses of this, loved it!
Thai Milk Tea [SGD $2.00]
The milk tea tasted super rich! Must try!

We were given a piece of the ordering list for reference

First Dish, Papaya Salad [SGD $5.30]
Fun fact, Papaya Salad is actually more popular in Thailand as compared to
Mango Salad!
First time trying Papaya Salad, unfortunately I am not a good judge of taste
for that since I am no Salad fan.

Second Dish, Fried Butter Calamari [SGD $7.50]
The thing is....
Super delicious!
The butter taste definitely seep right into the squid rings.
Oh, so tasty~

Third Dish, Tom Yum Seafood [SGD $6.90]
This is spicy!
I can't take spicy food but I love spicy stuff!
Tom yum soup is a must try when you have Thai Food anywhere for the first time!

Fourth Dish, Thai Mango Crispy Chicken [SGD $7.50]
We are all so familiar with the "lemon chicken," why not have a little change
and go for Mango chicken? It does not taste very "mango" as the name
suggest but definitely better than the lemon syrup poured on chicken!

Fifth Dish, Thai Green Curry [SGD $6.50]
You know, there's this unique taste that green curry has...
I don't know how to describe it [I suck at this, shoot me]
But that taste is much thicker and richer :3

Sixth Dish, Pineapple Fried Rice [SGD $5.90]
I think my mum will be thrilled about this.
Not a big rice fan here, but the pineapple taste is pretty prominent when I
eat just the rice alone- Naisu~

Seventh Dish, Thai Garlic Pork [SGD $6.90]
I don't like garlic but this one tasted surprisingly delicious!

Eighth Dish, Thai Style Fish Clear Soup (Non Spicy) [SGD $6.00]
I'm not sure how you describe this but in chinese it's tasted pretty "qiang (4)"
and I like it!

Ninth Dish, Thai Pandan Chicken [SGD $9.00]
LOVE THIS! One of my favourite Thai dish all time!

Tenth Dish, Thai Lemon Fish [SGD $13.50]
To be very honest, I did not try this dish as I don't know which part of it to
eat as my mum always helps me with it >.< But I did taste the gravy and
it was very refreshing [I love lemon!]

Eleventh Dish, Thai Lemon Grass Steam Fish [SGD $13.50]
Same goes for this *bang wall*

Twelfth Dish, Fried Kai Lan (Spicy) [SGD $4.50]
You know how many people don't like their greens? Not me! I love Kai lan ^^

Thirteenth Dish, Fried Sweet Potato Leaf (Spicy) [SGD $4.50]
Love this dish too! I only ate potato leaves like twice prior to this [my mum 
don't know how to begin cooking it] so I completely lit up when I heard they
were serving us this!

Fourteenth Dish, Phad Thai [SGD $5.90]
Probably one of the dish many are familiar with. I remember the very first
Thai dish I tried was Phad Thai and it is still one of my favourite! This dish
is a must try if you love Phad Thai [incredible price too.]

Fifteenth Dish, Stir-Fried Red Basil Leaf with Chicken [SGD $5.80]
Not extremely spicy but it was probably the first time I tried red basil so
I was a little more cautious with tasting it ^^;; But well, I'm a chicken lover
so it ended well~ 

Sixteenth Dish, Stir-Fried Red Basil Leaf with Pork [SGD $5.80]
Same as above, just that this is minced pork instead.

Seventeenth Dish, Thai "Black Pepper" Crispy Fish [SGD $14.50]
I actually tried this fish! Heehee, cos someone tore the meat from it already
so I took from the opening. Extremely particular about the freshness of fish 
and so be reassured when I say I did not taste anything "fishy!"

Eighteenth Dish, Tom Yum Fried Rice (3pm - 6pm only) [SGD $6.90]
What to do when you crave tom yum but you want to eat rice and not drink
any soup? Here's your solution; Tom yum fried rice yo! Taste just like how
it sounds! A little tip, eat this with tom yum soup, double happiness!

Nineteenth Dish, Thai Crispy Spicy Souce (?) Fish [SGD $12.00]
The sauce is spicy but still bearable; the kind that makes you go "ooohh-ahhh"
but keep coming back for more!

What can I say, everyone loved it!

Before we left, we took a group shot [with me missing my eyes]

Thoroughly enjoyed both the food and company!
Definitely will be coming back here again with my friends.
In fact, I'm going to bring my mum there this week :)
I can't wait to taste the delicious food again!
Sorry but it was a super feast so the description are kinda brief because I tried
just a little of everything to make sure my tummy can fit everything. Not to
forget that I cannot really handle spicy food so the milk tea actually took quite
a bit of space in my tummy ^^;;


[Sponsored] Oversea Restoran Food Tasting Review Two
Another food review for you!
Some of you might know that this is not my first time at Oversea Restoran.
My last visit was a super pleasant experience ^^
To be invited again was such an honor!
This time, we had a whooping 13 dishes!

Crispy Pork Bittergourd/ 凉瓜炒爽肉 [SGD$9.80]
^ I'm not a big fan of bittergourd but from what Tsuriki says [she eats
bittergourd], it is nice!

Eggplant x Diced Prawns/ 伊班茄子 [SGD $9.80]
^ Not a fan ofeggplant either but this one actually tastes quite nice! It is very
different from eggplant that I've tasted before. Pretty refreshing!

Chili Paste Roll/ 辣子鱼滑 [SGD $9.80]
^ The chili paste is LOVE! I cannot take spicy stuff but I love the sensation it
gives [I know, a lot of people tell me I'm sadist -_-]~ However, instead of 
spicy, this is kinda sweet x mild spicy which I like ^^

Yong Do Fu x Superior Soup/ 鱼汤让四宝 [SGD $10.80]
^ LOVE THE SOUP! It is not too salty and the taste is really rich. They put the
crispy beancurd separately so that we can decide whether we want to soak
it into the soup or eat it as it is. I love beancurd skin~ I actually cut it into half,
soaking one part and eating another as it is. This was served some time
around the middle of the course, which I felt was very apt ^^

Fried Wan Ton with Pineapple/ 菠萝云吞 [SGD $12.80]
^ This fried wanton is very crispy! I love sweet and sour food and in this case,
the pineapple provided the sour-ness so how could I not love it?

[I really have no idea how to translate this!]/ 百草西柚霹雳球 [SGD $12.80]
^ To be honest, I can't really remember how it tasted. It's fish fillet so I did not
have to watch out for bones, great for lazy bum like me [and especially if you 
have children eating together]

Salted Fish with Steamed Chicken/ 咸鱼蒸鸡腿 [SGD $12.80]
^ My favourite food on earth, chicken! :3 Did I mention I like salted fish before?
However, my mimi doesn't like it much so she don't cook it. The sauce seeped
nicely into the chicken, I could taste the flavor in each bite. The salted fish
added a nice touch to the overall taste!

Egg x Tomato in Claypot/ 瓦煲番茄蛋 [SGD $9.80]
^ I don't like tomatoes but I do love this kind of egg! The sauce tasted like
tomato sauce [funny how I don't like tomatoes but I like tomatoe sauce], which
I like a lot :3 Come to think of it, it's a mix of taste sweet and sour again. I
am starting to realise I really like sweet and sour things from doing this
review ^^;;

Claypot Bean x Potato/ 原粒面酱豆根薯仔煲 [SGD $9.80]
I really love the menu they picked for us! Another of my favourite food; potato!
I always say that any meal with potato and chicken = my heaven. Well, looks
like I am in heaven [or rather, was] the other day~ Now that I look back at
it, I am really missing it~ Potatoes were well cooked, not too soft nor hard!

String Bean with Minced Meat/ 肉碎桂豆苗 [SGD $12.80]
^ The beans were cooked to my liking~ Crunchy, not too soft. I don't really
like my vegetables to be soft. Only thing was that it is slightly greasy~
Besides that, taste wise was good.

Claypot Meatball with Beancurd/ 肉丸豆腐煲 [SGD $12.80]
Not sure if it's me but all the sauces of their claypot dishes taste good! Not
sure if it was just me being hungry then ^^;; Dipping the beancurd into the
sauce is love~

Crispy Fried Grass Carp/ 油浸脆草莞鱼 [SGD $12.80]
^ Though it is kind small, I have to give thumbs up to the freshness of the
carp :3 I am very particular when it comes to eating fish [cannot stand slight

Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball with Sprinkled Peanuts/ 珍珠雷沙汤丸 [SGD $12]
I like Sesame! [Gosh, I think by now you might have picked up the fact that
I kinda love food as long as they are edible, glutton alert!] The glutinous rice
skin has a slight salty taste, which I felt was a good counter towards the 
peanut and sugar coating on the outside.

After our course, they generously offered to serve us the awesome roasted
char siew we had the other time [because some of them did not go for the
first food tasting, so they did not try it] because we [those who went] kept
raving and raving about it ^^ Nice or what!
To refresh your memory, here's the mouth watering Char Siew!
Tasted awesome the other time, tasted even better this time.
I stick to the "YOU MUST TRY THIS IF YOU GO THERE" statement.
Sometime must be wrong with you if you don't like it.

I can't remember the following dish's name ):
Something along Pork with soft bone and radish and carrots.
^ It has carrots and radish~ I do like radish [I did mistake that for potato
due to the color it is because of the sauce ^^;;]
I do remember it is one of the signature dish. However, it is a seasonal dish
so it is not always there on the menu! I must say, we were very lucky ^^
I never knew pork has soft bones [okay, I'm sure a lot of you don't know that
too, don't lie!] and it tasted good!

There you have it, the end of another Oversea Restoran Review!
Here's the address so you can head over and share my joy~

100 Beach Road
#01-27 Shaw Leisure Gallery
Shaw Towers Singapore
Telephone Number: 6294 2638


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