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[Sponsored] Dolly Wink Eye Shadow Palette Number 2 in Gray/Pink [Monotone Mode] Review
Been a long time since the last review?
Sorry it took so long...
I drafted this like on 27th August but when my friends came over on the 28th,
accidentally closed the whole chrome browser...
I was too annoyed to redo it.

Still am, but well, I just wanted to share it asap with you guys since I have been
pretty lacking in the momentum.
[Also, because Mirai told me the look I did here was nice! *Motivated*]
So what look is it?

Yes, not the usual gyaru make that I always do.
I decided to try something new and more daring using the Dolly Wink Eye Shadow
Palette Number 2 in Gray/Pink [Monotone Mode]
As you can see, the colours in the palette are really special!

It came out really pretty!

Now for the full list of products I used!
[Those that I've reviewed before are pink in colour, hyperlinked to the respective post]

Candy Doll Makeup Base
Candy Doll Concealer [Shade 01]
Candy Doll Mineral Powder
Candy Doll Cheek Color Carrot Orange「キャンディドールチークカラー キャロットオレンジ」

Dolly Wink Eye Shadow Palette Number 2 in Gray/Pink [Monotone Mode]/
Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue
Eyemazing No. 502 [Upper Lash]

Candy Doll Lipstick in バニラベージュ [Vanilla Beige]
Candy Doll Lip Gloss in Strawberry Milk

Sounds like a long list, yes?
But guess what, with exception of the Candy Doll Makeup Base, everything else can 
be found on BlingAlways!

I've blogged about it recently over HERE.

Here's a close-up of how the colours from the shadow palette look [true to picture]

Shimmery, yes.
Sparkly/ Glittery, not really.
This is how they look when swatched on the back of my left hand.

The extremely pretty packaging!

They sure know how to satisfy my Masuwaka Tsubasa appetite <3

Step by Step illustration to teach you how to use the colours.
Not the only way but if you want to stay safe since these are colours not often used,
you can follow it!
Don't have to know Japanese to understand it (:

Now, for the review proper!

Dolly Wink Eye Shadow Palette Number 2 in Pink/Gray
[Monotone Mode]

Product Weight : Not stated [I suppose 2.5g/ 3g]

Product Ingredients: Talc, Dimethicone, Nylon-12, Isostearic Acid, Cetyl
Ethylhexanoate, Boron Nitride, Palm Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf
Extract, Methylparaben, Tocopherol, (+/-) Iron Oxide, Mica, Titanium Oxide,
Silica, Perfluorooctyl Triethoxysilane, Synthetic Phlogopite, Borosilicate (Ca/Al),
Tin Oxide, Titanate (Li/Co), Aluminium Hydroxide, Gunjou (?), Red 226, Red 202,
Green 404, Yellow 205

Product Type: Shimmery

Packaging: 8/10 - The black round casing is small and compact, thus easy to
bring around and hard to get dirty. I really love the little heart shaped window
on the top lid, allowing the colours to peek out! Simple yet classy.

Pigmentation: 6.5/10 - I was caught between giving it a 6 or 7, thus I settled
on 6.5. Reason being, when I tried to pick the product with an eye shadow
brush, the payoff is really bad. I had to repeat the process about 2 times
before having a good colour payoff. However, when I use a sponge
applicator [the one given in the palette], the product was able to be picked up
by the sponge with much more ease and good colour payoff in just one

Texture: 8.5/10 - Smooth! The powder packed is really fine and smooth, did
not experience fallouts at all!.

Blendability : 8/10 - It blends easily and nicely. I did not face any problem in
blending and ensuring a smooth transition from one colour to another at all!

Lasting Power: 9/10 - I'm not sure if it's because I am using a primer prior to
putting the eye shadow; with the primer, the shadow stayed on for over
12 hours, not budging at all.

Availability: 8/10 - While it is being sold in Watsons for a whooping SGD
$32.90, I will recommend buying from BlingAlways as they are only selling it
for SGD $25.90, an astonishing 21% cheaper than Watsons! All you have to
do is just wait for perhaps 2 weeks or so? You save SGD $7 for a palette, 
that's really a lot!

Price: 8.5/10 - If you are buying from BlingAlways, I will say it's a 8.5/10 but
if you are talking about Watsons, I will only give it a 3/10. Personally, I will NOT
pay a whooping SGD $32.90 for a palette with just 4 colours. Nope, not even 
Tsubasa can make me do it. But if you purchase it from BlingAlways for only
SGD $25.90, it is totally worth it as many of the other drug store brand
palettes also cost around SGD $20 - SGD $25, not to mention this palettes has
a much cuter/ to die for packaging! 

Repurchase: Yes. It is not very expensive when purchased from BlingAlways,
easy to bring around since it's compact, and it's endorsed by Tsu-chan....
*Popteen/ Popsister Model released product sucker* 

Overall Rating: 7/10

For this palette, I was quite afraid in trying the colours because I felt it's kinda
strong and very different from my usual eye make. Thankfully, it was really
easy to blend and well, I got some very encouraging comments from the
nice people on my Facebook Page!

Makes me happy, I shall do this eye make when I go to school tomorrow! :3
Oh, not to forget, remember to quote "Love Himeko" when you purchase from
BlingAlways to get free local postage!


Dolly Wink Review - No. 5 Real Nude

I'm on a roll!
That's because the other day I actually prepared 5 templates for review with
pictures inserted already~ So here is the 2nd one!
Also my 2nd lower lash review xD
You can expect me to do reviews at work when there is nothing interesting
enough to blog about.

Upper lash: Dolly Wink No.1 Dolly Sweet By Tsubasa Masuwaka
Lower Lash: Dolly Wink No.5 Real Nude by Tsubasa Masuwaka



Top view when closed, Right eye:

Visual Easy Rating for Real Nude*:

 Volume (5.5/10) - This pair is going for a nude look (obviously, as the name
suggest) so don't expect volume here. the lashes are nicely spaced and

 Length (lash strands) [7/10] - Pretty long, like any other lashes. The fact
that it doesn't curl towards the end makes it seem very "outstretched".

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - It is definitely not as long as top lashes, but
it fits perfectly for my lower lids.

 Ease of Application [10/10] - Easy peasy lemon squeezy. It just falls
perfectly in place when I put it on! The soft lash bone really helped alot!

 Comfort [10/10] - It's nude; I don't feel it there at all! I actually forgot
about it until I was removing makeup or taking pictures ^^;;

 Reusability [9/10] - Definitely! I think the lower lashes for dolly wink are
slightly better than the upper lashes. The lash strands don't shift along the
lash band with rough handling! Used it about 4 or 5 times already, still looking
as good as new, no strands dropped whatsoever (:

 Price [6.5/10] - Maybe I'm just used to the price tag that comes with the
lashes ._. Not to forget, it's like "branded" lash I guess. Though $25 for 2 pairs
per box, I will still get it if mine gets ruined. Of course, you cannot compair the
price of this to diamond lash... xD

 Overall Rating: 9/10

*Rating based on "Natural" look~


&because I miss this hair colour and my skin (FMLTTM DONT TALK ABOUT IT T.T)


Dolly Wink Review - No.1 Dolly Sweet

This week's acheivements from orientation?

Here you go.

Spotted 翔 style トトロ?

I don't remember what I wrote either.



I tried to draw some punk, but...

I screwed up at the body. I hate drawing with pen!

No idea why, just felt like making a stick man smoke.
With a touch of stubbie!

I hate draw the eyes with pen, can't do shading FML.
Sorry Miss presenter, you didn't turn out too awesome.

And yes, promised teeny shots of Falsies.

Upper lash: Dolly Wink No.1 Dolly Sweet By Tsubasa Masuwaka
Lower Lash: Dolly Wink No.5 Real Nude by Tsubasa Masuwaka



I was going for a more natural look yesterday, so the bottom lashes are pretty
near my bottom lash line.
Usually for a dolly look, I will bring the falsies lower.
For a more amplified look, I may wear these with Baby cute at the tail my
bottom lash line.
I shall post a pic of them the next time I do that.
Kekekeke. Lazy now!

Top view when closed, Right eye:

As you might already know, these are incredibly easy to fix on.
The lash adhesive I am using is called LashGrip, bought over half a year ago
from SaSa, not sure if they still have it.
Pretty satisfied with the glue as it can hold the falsies on for the entire day
yet don't cause much hassle/ pain when I peel the falsies off.
Just to let you know, I am a very rough person when it comes to removing
makeup; I just pull the whole lash off my eyes instead of slowly peeling/
using a makeup remover.
Lazy bones here.

Visual Easy Rating for Dolly Sweet*:

 Volume (7/10) - Firstly, maybe because my eyes are pretty small, the
volume these lashes offered was pretty much enough for me. If it was for a
natural look, it would definitely be too much. So for the theme of rating, it's
just right!

 Length (lash strands) [8/10] - Like forementioned, small eyes here. Since
I want to go for a eye opening look, the length of the lash strands really
helped to "open" my eyes.

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Helped in lengthening my eyes, making them
look longer! Loved the effect!

 Ease of Application [10/10] - Need I say more? These are SO easy to work
with! And mind you, I don't own tweezers yet, so everything was done by
my fingers!

 Comfort [10/10] - You don't even feel them there. No poking feeling at the
inner corners of my eyes either! Doesn't give the "umbrella" above your lashes

 Reusability [6/10] - Why so low? Yes it IS reusable if care for properly and
gently. Given the price ($25), I expected it to be, well, strong. If you read my
entries, you will know that a pair of them spoilt due to a slight strength
applied when cleaning the glue off the lash band. When I say slight, I really
meant SLIGHT. When a section of either end of either side of lash comes off,
obviously I had to cut off the other side to balance the volume and length of
both left and right eye. Here comes another problem when you cut them;
the ends can end up being poking to your eyes if not cut properly. Worse,
if cut too short [you know how the falsies of "thick" and "thin" volume sections
on the lash band? By short, I meant if you cut right beside the end of the
section], during the next glue removing from lash routine, they will come off
alot easier. That is why when one section comes off, the care you need to give
the falsies becomes x 10.
[Which means if you need to care for your falsies
with 80% effort, it becomes 800%.]
So it's like a reusable x care issue here, it can be as delicate as lower priced
, so don't bet on it being more durable just because it's expensive.
Well, with the price it is going for, you better care for it like, ALOT.
Only comfort? The lash band is strong at least....

 Price [7/10] - Yes, I always go FML that it's so expensive. However,
more pros come with the price too, like the above mentioned comfort, softness
of the lash strands, volume and length [eye widening & lengthening effect].
So you can guess that the 3 points I take off is because of the issue of it
being reusable only when handled delicately & well, obviously it is still overpriced even without that issue!

 Overall Rating: 8/10

Real Nude will be reviewed tomorrow instead.

*Rating based on "Day out with friend with Puri Kura in mind makeup"

No, I wasn't paid to kiss Koji's butt. These are solely and does not represent
anyone but my opinions.

Okay, I've typed alot.
Shall go and stone now.
Have a good day everyone!
my eyemazing lashes will reach me by tomorrow.
Can't wait to get my hands on them!




Before I start talking about this awesome day,
Let me show off my current makeup collection!
(Was counting the stuff, realised I bought like $800 worth within these 4 months)
Awesome right?
Oh yes, this will be a very picture heavy post.


Now that I flaunted, I shall blog in chronological order!

Did not wake up early, lazed around till pretty late rather.
Set off to Ngee Ann City to grab dolly winks around 2.10pm.
The salesgirl was shocked that I bought so many in one shot.
She did not even need to talk or say anything to me, lol.
I just grabbed all those that I'm missing from my collection and went to pay.
She was stumped looking at me, amusing.

Since I'm early, packed all the buys into my tiny bag and walked around.
Went to Kino to look at mangas and magazines.
Oh in case you don't know, I was plugged into my headphones.
Unfriendly much right.
This guy still approached me, tapping my shoulder.
He started telling me that he needed help for a present for his friend.
blah blah blah blah.
yes, trying to hit on me.
Fail, sorry.
Beating around the big fat bush,
saying I have what "C" smile, attractive and intelligent, blah blah.
Though I know I'm intelligent (ahem ahem), you don't know me so I don't
know how you deduced that.
Asked me about my personality & some nonsense,
I helped him look for his present and he said I was being very nice to stranger.
he said his friend likes some mysterious and fantasy manga.
I only browse the Japanese mangas when I go to manga section...
I was struggling with the chinese words and where the mangas were placed.
Was trying so hard to find Kuroshitsuji for him -_-
Finally found it, passed to him and told him I got to go and meet my friend.
FML seriously.
I would prefer him asking for number straight with me rejecting right away.
Save both of us time.

Headed over to Ion B4 to grab my favourite caramel milk tea from each-a-cup.
This other guy came to tap me on my shoulder.
I was like "what again?!"
Turns out it's those guys that stand at MRT to look for models again.
He looked familiar, then I realised he approached me before.
I got called up by the company actually, but I can't be bothered to head down.
Just told him that the company never called, lol.
Told him that they have my records so I don't need to give my details again.

Met BFF early!
She ended stuff with her aunt early, so met her at art friend to buy envelopes.

Waited outside art friend~

with my caramel milk tea~

Finally passed her the long due letter!
Looked around Kino for a awhile.
then did the usual shopping thing,
you know the "must visits" when you are in town, as if a shop checklist?
Zara, Uniqlo, Forever21.
We missed mango, hah.
& what's meeting bff without pictures?

Just a series of pictures!
I am a little lazy to caption camwhore shots now, hehhhhh.

After toilet trip, went to Cine to get our tickets to Killers!
Ashton Kutcher, whee!
Totally watched it because he is in it please.
I don't even know what the movie is really about, lol.
Tried some clothes at the cine shop upstairs, beside pesa.
Finally got a full length mirror to take a shot of my dressing today!

After this, went over to 313 forever 21,
then basement to grab shihlin food.
Tried crepe for the first time, niceeeee!
New food to eat for shihlin now (:

Killers was AWESOME.
BFF & I were totally drooling over how hot he was.
The whole movie, I was just spazzing and going into daze staring at him.
For today, no one matter but him.
Not even Jae can win him today!
He's soooooooooooooo HOT (:
But the movie was really nice; funny, witty and spazz-worthy.
I shall not reveal much about it, everyone gotta catch it!
4/5 stars for me!
The 1 missing star was because I expected some parts of the show.

After movie, went to daiso to buy my bandana!
Need bandana to make hugeeeeee ribbon on my head to camwhore at home!

Now, photos of my purchase and updated hauls!
Firstly, the unglam, crumpled plastic bags again.

Pouring out reveals~

Dolly buys for today!

& now my collection is complete!

I did not buy the lash case as I think it's unnecessary, I still have alot of lash
glue left too & I don't use pencil liners.

It will take FOREVER to try and take picture of all the lashes by today,
so just make do with today's make up.
Today's look was Dolly Wink 1 [Dolly sweet] & 5 [Real Nude].
All the following pictures are with the above lashes.
I shall take pictures again when I use the others~
Just HAD to camwhore with them, you know?

Shall you share my joy with me now?

Extra Dolly Wink 1 due to the spolit one. Kinda regret buying extra for this now.

Dolly Wink 1 [Dolly Sweet] {Wearing in picture}

Dolly Wink 2 [Sweet Girly]

Dolly Wink 3 [Natural Girly]

Dolly Wink 4 [Feminine Style]

Dolly Wink 5 [Real Nude] {Wearing in picture}

Dolly Wink 6 [Baby Cute]

Dolly Wink 7 [Vivid Pop]

Dolly Wink 8 [Pure Litte]

Deep Black Liquid Eyeliner

Flaunt again~

Box of BB cream, samples, foundation.

Tiny box of lipstick & gloss

Hada Labo, Etude, Mascaras [only have 2], Gel liner.

Blush palette, Contacts, Mirror [forgot to put comb & 120 palette in!]

Dolly Wink eyelashes, Canmake lashes, Glue, Dolly Wink liner

180 eye shadow palette, 88 warm eye shadow palette, loreal makeup
remover & cleansing Express water based make up remover.

*BEAMS* lousy shot but happy so I'm showing my NG shot.

Arranging them nicely in my make up cupboard~

Eye area

Skin care

BB creams, pouches, contact lenses.

& don't forget about the bandana!

Open them up~

Made the big bow with the red one

& small bow with the pink!

Size comparison~

And what makes you think I will not take picture with it?
that's the purpose of buying it!

Pink bow~

Red bow~

It's bigger than my face!

& just a silly shot to end today's bittersweet day:



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