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Malaysia: 2012/09

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[Sponsored] Unfurgivable, No Better Reason To Strip!; Join the Anti-Fur Movement with Strip
I was debating if I should classify this under "advert" or "event" and decided on
the latter because the main idea of this is to promote what the campaign is
about and how it is actually for a good cause.
So what exactly is this Anti-fur movement about?
If you looked close enough, you will see that this is actually a campaign in which
Strip: Ministry of Waxing tied up with PETA to promote the Anti-fur movement.

PETA stands for "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals", a non profit
American Animal Rights Corporation .

Here in Singapore, it is not a common sight to see people donning fur due to the
all year round hot climate. Thus came this very interesting and bold idea of starting
with ourselves when it comes to fur; that's right, "fur" on our body.

From now till the end of December, enjoy your Brazilian Wax at just SGD $40
instead of the usual SGD $58!
On top of the offer, for every Brazilian Wax, Strip will be donating SGD $1 to

Many people are still very conservative to the idea of doing Brazilian Waxing, thus
I felt that this is a very interesting campaign and out-of-the-box idea which they
conjured. You get to try something new for the first time, benefits both yourself
and PETA, why not?
Like many, I am also very conservative! So here's my virgin experience with
Brazilian waxing ^^

My appointment was fixed at Strip @ Paragon.

Upon stepping into Strip @ Paragon, I have to say the ambience is 2 thumbs up!

The products creatively decorated on faux gramophone records on the wall.

Their news stand with booklets/ pamphlets
I would love to have such a stand in my house!

Why do they even have such a cool looking thing in the reception area!

Now, being my first time for such a service, the reception and ambience that
greeted me sure did a part in calming me down a little.

Before we get to the Brazilian Waxing itself, they ran through the Virgin Forest
Rescue Book with me!

Here we go!

Strip has pruned over 2 million bushes, definitely assuring and makes me feel that I 
am in safe hands.

Secret Weapons unveiled!
The reason why they are going through this with me is because their first secret
weapon is... Knowing more makes you fear less!

So how will the Waxing be done?
Here's a cute illustration of the sequence they will eliminate the bush!
[Gotta give it to the illustration, man. I smiled when I looked at it for the first time!]

They are using hot wax, but don't worry, not the boiling hot kind.
You can always let them know if it is too hot for comfort and they will know what
to do [they will let it cool a little more before applying the wax on you]

Their Mantra?

See these hanging around?

A new pack for every customer! Definitely gave me more assurance in terms of

Secret Weapon Number Two: the rescue "hot-line"
Anything you want to ask but shy to do so face to face or over the phone, drop 
them an e-mail and it will be replied within 24 hours.

Secret Weapon Number Three: Bach Flower Essence

It's to be taken orally; personally I did not use this because I have yet to experience
anything at that point thus I didn't felt I will need it; afterall, if I do feel extreme pain
midway, I can always request for it then.

Secret Weapon Number Four: Squeezy Toys anyone?
*cough* I mean, if you are in that much pain or fear, you should really squeeze one
instead of grabbing to their trained staff! (笑)

If you looked carefully at the gramophone records earlier, you might have spotted...

Secret Weapon Number Five: Chant-A-Mantra

This is so so true! I will not deny the fact that I was shy but at the back of my head,
I kept reminding myself that they must have seen hundreds and it probably don't
mean anything more than just hair they need to remove!

Their cute "Saving Virgin Forest Rescue Kit!"

Are they even supposed to be so adorable?!

It's time for me to experience it now that I am equipped with their secret weapons!

For Brazilian Wax, they do not use the soft wax below

Instead, they have 2 flavours of hard wax for you to choose!
1. Chocolate

2. Strawberry [This one supposedly has a soothing after-effect, but personally I
don't think it will make much of a difference since it all boils down to individual's
pain threshold level.

I told Hazel [the trained staff in charge of my session] that either will do and she
recommended me the strawberry flavoured one since first timers usually go for that.
I proceeded to keep my belongings in the cupboard space given.

Some interesting sentences eh?

Read: Tocopheryl Phosphate and Strawberry Fruit Extract for additional anti-itch,
anti-bacterial, anti-oxidizing and soothing properties.

The familiar poster!

No idea why but I found this really cute :3

Nervously laid down!

On the ceiling!
That's right, remember to breathe; it really helps with the pain!

Now, obviously I will not be posting anything explicit here. So here's a summary of my experience:

Hazel was very professional and careful since she knew it was my first time 
doing Brazilian. She kept checking with me if the temperature of the wax was 
okay, chatted with me and kept me distracted. Every time right before she 
was going to pull the strip of wax off, she will tell me to take a deep breath; 
now that really helped to calm my nervous vibes. After the first strip was 
done, the pain turned out to be very bearable! On the scale of 1 to 10 [1 
being the least painful and 10 being the most painful], it was around 3 - 3.5. 
Huge relief, I started feeling less nervous. The pain comes and goes very 
quickly; the pain from the first strip completely disappeared when it was time 
to rip the third strip off. In a flash, the whole Brazilian was over; probably took 
a mere 10 - 15 minutes. Hazel shared with me that usually Brazilian Wax don't 
exceed 30 minutes; average time taken for each  Brazilian Wax is about 15-25 
minutes. By the time I got my bottom half dressed, I could not feel any 
discomfort nor pain at all. Then again, I have to remind you guys that 
individual's pain threshold is different so that might just be me. I left the room 
feeling happy and extremely clean~ [albeit slightly naked ^^;;]

There you go! I have nothing but good reviews for their service and professionalism.

Finally, before I left Strip @ Paragon, I was given the choice of choosing either
the Top Ruby Red Kit [with Red Havaianas] or Slim Purple Kid [with Purple Slim
Havaianas]~ I chose the first one [Red is more of my colour ^^ Cannot seem
to picture myself wearing purple slippers!
[Note: If you want the kit, you have to top up SGD $44.90 for the Top Red
Ruby Kit or SGD $49.90 for the Slim Purple Kit on top of your Brazilian Wax
Promotional Price.]
Comes with a bright red bag!

So many things inside~
The SOS & FAQ guides, my pair of Havaianas, a SGD $5 Havaianas voucher
and a heart shaped pin for my Havaianas [From what I was told, the staff was
supposed to pin it onto my slippers for me but they did not ask me about it
^^;;], 1 tub of body butter & 1 tub of body scrub.

Time to hit the beach in my new Havaianas and bikini ready booty yo!

Remember, Every Brazilian Wax done, Strip will donate SGD $1 to PETA to
support their Corp! I can see myself going back again in future :3 Extremely

Don't forget to "Like" Strip's Official Facebook Page for the latest promotions
and updates!

*special thanks to Pearlin for the invitation*


[Event] Official Launch of Dragon Nest
Finally gotten this :3

Okay, not the main point for this post.

I'm a little behind schedule but... Dragon Nest is finally launched, like officially!
No longer in Beta :3

When I first arrived, I headed up to find Aaron because he needed 1 more 
player for the media round.
[*cough* he told me BLOGGER/Media, LIED TO ME! I asked this other guy
there because no one looked like a blogger and he was like "Oh, all are media"

Don't have pictures for the practise~ Basically Adriano was in charge of 
teaching my group how to play [*sigh, good old MMORPG days*] and it also
helped that the first person I saw there was MICHIYO <3 <3


Met Miyake for the first time too~
Playing DN really made me miss gaming [which is like luxury for me now T.T]

I was very happy to be invited for this event! ^^ [Thanks to Michiyo & Aaron]

I've tried this game while they were still in closed beta, loved it!

However, I did not go very far due to the lack of time I have =/
[That's why I said it is a luxury!]

What I can say is... The graphics for game is absolutely adorable!
Storyline wise, it keeps you going and interested to know what's the next step
you can take for your quest!

During the presentation...

I learnt about the amazing statistics Dragon Nest currently holds for the
number of players!

Their plans to venture

Do you know of all the official Dragon Nest Facebook Pages, Singapore is the
Actually, though Singapore is but a small dot on the map, we have a very
promising market for many things! 

I was attentive during the speech!

Oh, did I tell you my cute Michiyo was the emcee?
^ Cute right!

Then came the PvP part.
Somehow, our team won all the 5 rounds ^^;;
I just spammed whatever I can and remembered from the practise ^^a

I didn't even know there was a prize involved.
So I won myself a mouse.
Apparently, this mouse is very dope.
Cost a whooping USD $130!

Razer Naga Epic~

Gonna show you the unboxing process!
[Simply because I was very impressed! How can they package a mouse until
so awesome?!

Lift the top!
That was my first thought.
Like why is there a charger!

Back of the mouse

Numbers at the side too!


They have this funny shaped side for better comfort of how you place your fingers.

More things below!

I look at this and I'm like "I don't think I am doing this mouse any justice"

Manual and some other information

You can customize the pattern to optimise usage of the number pad on the left!

And inside here...

That's right, they even have a 2 other side panel for where your fingers go
in different shapes for you to find one that fits you best!

Gotta put this battery in!

Charge/sync it with your computer!

Upon usage, the thing I was most impressed about...
The most changes colour!
Some that I managed to capture~



Light Blue

Dark Blue

^ Okay, you have come to the end of mouse spazzing.
I am using this dope mouse to surf net and blog, go ahead and throw rocks at me.

Back to the launch~
After bursting huge balloons with hounds in them, time for reception~
Food :3
I didn't manage to take pictures of food~
Only lots of pictures of Michiyo & I.
[insert embarrassed face]



Hound is meant to be doted!

Super happy because I got 2 hounds! [1 from the goodies' bag which also included
Dragon Nest Installation disc, Cherry Credits prepaid card and some other

Mine mine!

Michiyo, what were you doing...

She said she wants to do this to piss someone off (笑)

Me too!

That's right, let your sanity go.

What are you looking at?

I want to kiss my readers, but Michiyo wants to kiss me


No kissy

My adorable puppy

I just realised my hair is almost the same colour as her wig!


The sticker is dropping from her hat yo

*insert frown*


I need to leave you normal memories of us...

After nom nom, we headed back to the backstage to the dressing room!

Lights so pretty, must take photo!


Miyake & Yutaki were very nice & friendly~
But being the introvert I am, I just kept quiet the whole time >.>


Finally, do remember to check out Dragon Nest!
I definitely want to play if I have the time... Thinking of Westwood since my
friend is there!
Head over to their Website to find out more nao!

Yes, my hair is real.

Harajuku Street opening @ TANGS
So I went down with Tsuriki and to be honest, didn't turn out like what I 
expected it to be =/

Let's just say the only thing worth mentioning is... Utt asked us to take a 
picture with him cos apparently we look like dolls [though I bet to differ.]

After picture, he was like "can I take you girls back?"
hurhurhur, but I completely forgot to ask him for a picture on my camera
*palm face*
Why me so fail one?!

Sad to say, since the event turned out not quite what I expected, I didn't have the
mood to take lots of pictures, whatsoever.
I'm quite bad at crowds... =/
Introvert, not a crowd lover!

Tsuriki promoting for Nth Magazine!

Karmun left early to meet her boyf for movie ):

Why me so short!?

As usual, I can never see people around.
That's why to everyone who thinks that I'm trying to act cocky/ dao/ whatever, I am 
NOT. I honestly cannot see you even if I look like I'm staring at you, I swear!
I'm a very "target" person.
If I'm looking for a dustbin, all that's in my eyes will be the dustbin [i.e. everything
else becomes "dark" while the dustbin will be the only "bright" object in my eyes]
Sigh, that's why I always get misunderstood ):
Thankfully, Angie spotted me [thus, I spot Mirai], Golly and Keidi from Alexis 
She also bought my G12!

Hurhurhur, I forsee myself changing camera earlier than my planned 5 years.
It's like having identity crisis soon =/
^ Duffy and Shelliemay camera shy

Tsuriki was interviewed by NHK and somehow I got pulled into the interview.
I swear I am terrible when it comes to people asking for photo/ video.
I'm only good with taking them MYSELF -_-

Being the food monsters we are, headed over to Far East Plaza to nomnom after
Tsuriki settled some of her work stuff.
Yes, no coverage.
Heck, I don't even understand why I put that title.

Actually, I wanted to upload a video for you guys [I blabbed on and on and BAM, it
became a 25 minutes long video -_-] but they keep FAILING so I give up.
I shall split it into 2 and upload 1 part while I sleep. Upload the second part tomorrow
when I head out to school :3

This is not a filler post, I swear!
Proper pictures, see? :3
Before I forget, help me click on the nuffnang add on the left <<< okay? (:


[Event] World Runway Premiere Fashionquake Aid 2011
Hello everyone!
I want to share with you an event I attended last Sunday!
Before the event, Tsuriki & I went to Waseda Shibuya High for their Seiran
Festival 「早稲田渋谷星蘭祭」 ^^
No pictures because I forgot my camera........


I know right, feel like boxing myself.

イケメンがあるですけど… とても若い!!
I feel like I'm committing a crime just by looking at them.
*palm face*

But it was a very nice experience!
Not a noob because Tsuriki was with me, ngak ngak.
After that, we head down to Vivocity for late lunch/ early dinner
Got my camera from my brother!
Guess what we ate~


3 million years since I last ate this!


Nom nom nom *hungry T.T*

Then headed down to the Indoor Stadium!

8 countries in this tournament!

Thanks to a certain someone who bailed me out last minute, I had 1 extra ticket.
Felt that it was such a waste...
Luckily Kar Mun won tickets on her side so I met up with her :3

Ngak ngak, my date for the night

Excited for the show!

It's starting!

Go go go *waves hands*

Michiyo, whom I have not seen for a long time, was there too!


Sorry but I do not have very good shots, tried my best T.T
Missed out quite a few stuff because I was busy adjusting my camera for the best
aperture, shutter and ISO....

The first set of models all donned chic looking glasses!
Totally apt, 眼鏡 is very much in the trend now!
Not to forget, their head wear! Animals :3


I recognised this girl, Dawn from Mediacorp [ex]!

Apparently from the response of the audience, the guy in the middle is also a 
mediacorp artiste.

Sorry but I don't watch local dramas... So I don't know who he is -_-

I filtered and grouped all the shots :3
This was the best I could do. Summarise 'em for you!

Each model was given a budget of $500 [each team had to prepare 10 styles, thus
a total of $5000] from head to toe!
First round [total of 2 rounds]: Street Chic Style

First up: France

Their Collection:
^ I thought theirs was the most wearable on normal basis :3 Very casual.
I can see myself donning similar styles!

Second: Italy

Their Collection:
^ I liked their bold colours!
Unafraid to play with colours! Super loved the blue one and green outfits!

Third: USA

Their Collection:
^ Looking foxy!
I want their fox tails T.T
IMO, 2nd most wearable set of outfits (after France)!

Fourth: Japan [wolf whistles]

Their Collection:
Not to be biased by I loved their collection the most!
I can totally see myself wearing some of them out [like the one in the middle and to
the right of it!]
I rate this set the 4th most wearable of the round, but all their pretty jackets and 
layering of clothes is what I do a lot, which is why I liked this the most and am able
to see myself donning something similar!
Wear-ability that I mean here is by general public acceptance of their ideas, but I am
slightly different from general public... :3
Oh, and look at the shoes of the model on the extreme right; no heels, stilettos to
*Admires her & stares in awe*

Fifth, UK.
Unfortunately... I was changing seats to look for Tsuriki so I didn't manage to capture
the pictures but their collection was very pretty too!
Kinda like *run run run run, stops to look and stare in awe, run run run run again*
Only managed to capture 2!
^ side note, love her leopard print shoes and her torso is really long....

Sixth: Russia

Their Collection:
Nude colours!
I think with slight adjustments [like wearing the bra INSIDE and the full nude piece to
be replaced with something white] will make them everyday wearable.
But then again, here we are talking about the runway :3
First girl from the left, the thing on her head is actually...
A BAG! [that aside, LOVE THE SHOES]

Seventh: Brazil

Their Collection:
^ From general public point of view, I think it will be the 3rd most wearable set of the
round. However, from MY point of view, it will be the 2nd most wearable set!
Once again, my love for jackets and layering.
I like how they paid close attention to accessories too :3
All their shoes are of the similar styles too!
Love the outfits on the extreme left and right!
A notable mention: Their models were very happy and jumpy on the runway!
I felt that they managed to engage and interest the crowd the most!

Last but not least, Eight: Singapore

Their Collection:

Made of many hello kitties!
And she has so much pinks on her!
I think the one on the extreme right was pretty cool too!
2 of the models had headphones on 'em, I think it helps to add to the "street chic" vibe.

After all 8 teams showed their collections, time for a little intermission!


And of course, personal camwhore time

And results of round 1, the 4 qualifying teams were:
Japan, Singapore, UK and France

then came a little twist;
Each of the winning team had to choose 1 of the teams that did not qualify and use 2
of their models join the runway with their own models!
After the announcement, we were given a 30 minute break for the teams to prep their
And what did we do during this time?

Take pictures?

Not really...

We went to eat!
Karmun & her love for baked rice!

Tsuriki & I shared this

Had my usual creamy chicken!

& Tsuriki's crumble cheese and something...

Unfortunately, when we were back to the show, round 2 ended...
We only managed to make it for the other intermission; performance of guest Se7en!

Below are the videos for the performance:
Digital Bounce:
[whoops, check back later, I'm uploading it!]

Speaking his sexy english

Debut song, Come Back To Me:


I like Se7en!
He's been with Park Han Byul for a whooping 7 years!
Stay this way and never change baby!

Time for results!
All the models, on stage!

Below are some shots of the models on the stage, I guess we can catch a glimpse
of what's on for the 2nd round, yes?

Revealing results country by country!
Singapore: 54

Japan: 62

France: 48


Clear winner!

I think from this fashion show, the purpose had been served; funds for the Japan
earthquake victims and uniting fashion of different nations!

So heartwarming!

Models with the big big cash... voucher (?)

Looks gorgeous!

Camera man, why you block my view?

Meow~ I really like how everyone is interacting with each other :3 Heartwarming x9999!

Everyone is a winner!

Everybody is happy!

Congratulations to UK once again!

& so, the show wrapped up on a happy note :3

Lastly, I wanna thank Shunji Matsuo for the invitation for this event!
Thoroughly enjoyed myself ^^


[Event] Talika Cream Booster
Hi loves!
A little late to talk about this but as usual, better late than never, right?!

2 weeks ago, I was invited to the Talika Cream Booster event; to introduce
the new product and upcoming launch :3

It was being held at the Conrad!
Our speaker of the day! 
[he specially flew down if I did not remember wrongly!]

The lovelies on our table!
[L to R: the 2 ladies from Alexis Mag, TTJ & I]

So, here's the product in the limelight.

See those 3 "bulbs"  there?
This makes use of the increasingly popular "light therapy" concept to boost/enhance
the efficiency of our products on our skin!

Here's a brief idea of what I mean by that.

I believe the idea is kinda like using the light to "pave" a route for our products that are
sitting on our skin surface to travel deeper into our skin

The light helps stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis!
[I don't need to tell you guys what good collagen do, right?]

The product will vibrate upon touching our skin [the metal area will sense and
activate itself]

So, what will the cream booster help you to achieve?

Here's what I meant by the cream booster will activate itself!
When the metal area below the oval with the "bulb-like" things is touched...

There will be vibration and light!
It's actually pretty cool because you don't have to "on/off" it or anything like that.

The event was a really short and quick one, after the introduction and explanation of
the technology the cream booster adopts, it's refreshment time and we were free to
ask any questions we had.
It's retailing at SGD $203, in case you guys are curious.
IMHO, it is indeed a little pricey and many are probably skeptical about this "light"
therapy that many skincare boosting products/ acne treatment devices are adopting.
Let's just say, there is a reason why it's increasingly popular.
It's non-invasion, you don't have to exert pressure/ do any thing which is of much
hassle.Of course, the effects are proven, thus no worries about that. Not to forget, the
chances of you being sensitive to the product is like... almost non-existent.

So instead of spending a huge amount on visiting the derm or luxury skincare
products, or should I say ESPECIALLY for those who spend on luxury skincare
products, you should get the best out of your products with this cream booster;
maximise every penny you spent on your skincare product!

Some pictures of the refreshments


Pizza thingy?


What I took!

The refreshments tasted good :3
After the event, we had a goodies' bag with Talika mask and Bust serum.
My hard disk is not here beside me right now so I will update this part with the pictures
of the serum and mask ASAP!

Once again, thanks for the invitation :3
Not forgetting, these lovely ladies who kept me company!


[Event] Style your hair with Fuwarie + Post event snippets.
About 2 weeks ago, Fuwarie [in conjunction with Watsons] had this "hair affair"
at Watsons!
I was very happy to be asked to be one of their hair models :3
Gladly accepted the offer!

When we arrived there [with Tsuriki], first thing to do... take pictures!

Caught in action

The picture I took when she took that picture of me.

I went first!

I was trying to make epic faces at Tsuriki. #FAIL

Ngak ngak, my favourite from Fuwarie!

And look what I found! 

It was through this event that I realised... MY HAIR IS DAMN LONG!

Here I go~

It's so long~ <3 <3

She decide to tie my hair into 2 ponytails and curl them!

I know, ugly black roots D:


Curling time!

you know what's the most amazing thing?

She was using a hair straightener to curl my hair!

Look how pretty the curls turned out to be!

Even when I use curler, also might not be so defined!

Curl curl curl, she's really fast!

Random silly shot.

And because I got nothing better to take picture of...

In no time, at the right ponytail!

Are you ready for the end result?

So fluffy right!

& Karmun popped by too!

After I was done, Tsuriki had hers done and....

So pretty right!
Her style is #foreverojousama one!
Why my style is small kid?! 
*hides 1 corner draw circles*

But I was really impressed~
My curls lasted all the way! Even till 1am ish, it was still very fuwa~fuwa~ [I went for 
dinner with Tsuriki & then movies with Tsurki & Deziree]
The fact that she used a Watsons House Brand Hair Straightener to do it... *stumped*
So this shows 2 things.
1. How pretty your curls are don't depend on the curler, is the person curling it!
2. Fuwarie products really proveditself to help my curls last all the way! Really ultra
mega impressed, am glad I have quite a few products from Fuwarie!

Shout out to the lovely and very friendly staff there!
The Japanese lady [sorry, I didn't get her name ):] was really friendly and kept talking
to us, making us feel less awkward!
I really like Eternity's family, they are super friendly.
I always feel very happy to receive their email replies cos they are super polite :3

So post event, I was given a goodies' bag!

Inside contained so many items!

I can't wait to use this!

Muahaha, mask! I'm becoming such a mask monster~

Forgot to take a picture with the other items T.T

Anyway, after the event, went to eat dinner with lovely Tsuriki!

Our still very fuwa fuwa [read: fluffy] hair~

Her soup of the day~

Been a long long time since I last had Rosti!
Their portion was really generous, like 2 sausages omg!

Tsuriki's baby scallop pasta

After dinner, went to watch Horrible Bosses with Deziree & Tsuriki.
I know it's super late to say this but Horrible Bosses was AWESOME!
After movie, went for snacks~
I think this is Har Kaw?

I've been in love with Gyozas lately...

Then headed home after that!
Deziree's lovely brother came down all the way from home just to fetch all of us back
Omg, so loved one, I want her brother can?!

& so my day ended very happily! <3


[Event] Vichy Workshop at Winsland House.
Hello lovelies :3
Last Friday, I went for a Vichy Workshop with my TTJ!
Thanks Tiphanie for helping to me get my late RSVP accepted!
Shall skip the explanation of why my RSVP is late, hint: bimbotic TTJ

Anyway, I arrived really late D:
I'm sorry to all the lovely people there.
Feel so bad for being so late; congestion is really not an excuse, I should have
left house earlier!
Thanks Tiphanie for reserving the seats for us!
She's such a dear :3

Arrived the place, famished, and pleasantly greeted by these

Happy already!

Food monster strikes!

I told TTJ that I feel like a cow, eating grass [in this case, veggie]

Sparkling water! [I don't really like sparkling water though =/]

And so the presentation starts!
I liked how the presentation was conducted, feels very friendly and easy going.

When they came to this slide, I was like "OHKAY, I know this product!"
Prior to Vichy Workshop, I already did a bit of hauling ^^ [albeit "kiasu" one too]

Yep, I bought all that myself prior to the workshop.
Okay, moving on~
I didn't know Vichy is actually a town in France!

The main benefits of the spa water

Many people asked me how I use this.
I use it before I apply my skincare, even before toner, to hydrate my face after bath.
It's best to do your skincare regime after you bathe because there's much moisture
on your skin, so you should do them quick to "lock the moisture." 
So basically, while my face is still full and moist, I dry the water off and spritz this
thermal spa water further hydrate the surface before I slap on my toner and stuff.
More in-depth explantion when I do a review for related products.
So anyway, besides that, I use it to freshen myself up [the sun in Singapore is CRAZY],
set my makeup, freshen my makeup [I don't like touching up because that's like
layering more make up on top of old/ oxidised make up. Doesn't sound very nice, right?]

Here are some examples of uses of the Thermal Spa Water given in illustration form:

Then they touched on the Aqualia Thermal Range

Hydration, hydration, hydration!

Oh, sidetrack a little...
Minty sweets made with the Thermal Spa Water!

Yes, the sweet is in my left cheek :3

It taste super duper good! [I have a thing for minty stuff]

I really like how they showed videos and statistical results.

After the presentation ended...

Here's him showing us some stuff that will be given to us in the goodie bag

Then, we were given some "hands on" time to try the products!
The very friendly staff spritzing the water into this bowl.

For what, right?
It's to soak these so they will puff up nicely :3

So cute right!

Muahaha, caught pearlin with the mask :3

Me & TTJ being amused by the mask.

The Aqualia Thermal Range

One of the products included in the goodie bag~
Aqualia Thermal Mask [Soothing & Plumping 24 Hr Hydrating Aqua-Mask]

I tried the Aqualia Thermal Serum [Fortifying & Soothing 24 Hr Hydrating Concentrate]
My hand became SUPER SMOOTH!
I was telling TTJ that I am SO tempted to buy it right away!
Even when I met Clara after the workshop, it still stayed very smooth!
[she touched my hands cos I told her about it, and that was like... 4 hours after the
workshop, she still could feel the effect!]

Here comes random shots with TTJ [because we are like that]

No, I do not know what's wrong with us ^^
I do know that Duffy & Shelliemay are also loving the products!

They told me they want to secretly throw the products into my bag!

I told them not to be so evil, because each of us were given a Vichy Goodies' Bag!

Before I show you what's in it, I want to thank the very friendly staff at the workshop,
kept offering us food and answered to all our queries warmly!

What I really liked about the whole workshop that it felt really light hearted and
the ambience was just so amicable!

All the items in the goodies' bag

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Mask

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Aqua-Gel [one of their best sellers!]

And of course, how can we forget their Thermal Spa Water?

They included a trial size: Vichy Normaderm Night
Their latest release, I believe.

Honestly speaking, I am totally excited to try the products out because they all felt
so awesome on my hands :3
Now, some piccies with other beauty bloggers!
Always seen Joyce around but never got to taking a picture with her, here you go!

With Sharon :3

A picture with Emily!

L to R: Kristen, Charlene & Me

Then TTJ and Tiphanie say I ostracized them, which I didn't! T.T
So here's our picture together!
L to R: Yijing [TTJ], Tiphanie, Kristen, Charlene, Me

Thank you Vichy for the nice experience! Now I can't wait to try the products!

Post workshop, met up with Clara to bring her to where I bought my superstar shades
as she wants to act like a star with me ^^;;
Ate again!

Because I'm a food monster~

After eating, we headed over to Mcdonald's to chillax.


I took her ring to play camwhore with!

Cos she's too occupied with my facebook!

*left out*

We ended up forgetting about the time [as usual], had to cab home!
End this post with this picture yo!

Bibi everyone~ Stay tuned to the next post :3
Till then,


Maybelline Presents: Hyper Couture Fashion Show 2011
Hey loves!
I know, way way overdue but better late than never, right? :3
Picture heavy entry, you've been warned!

Met my TTJ for lunch at Thai Express first!
Sorry, I don't remember what I had....

She had the pineapple rice again~

The place [SOUL] was really easy to find ^^
I spotted Tiphanie from far far away cos she was wearing the same dress as the one
she donned during our Spa Esprit Workshop.
Jang jang~ Her friend Ning Xin [in white] looking so demure.
They are like going the demure 路线!

4 of us!

My lovely TTJ painted my nails for me cos she can't stand my clumsiness.

ngak ngak ngak

Photobombed me!

1 thing that really annoyed me was how the people who were in charge of the queue
did not bother to check properly with us when we said we were in the VVIP queue.
They just asked for ticket and when we said we received email from Maybelline,
they told us to proceed to the normal queue without checking our email.
They don't even know the contents of the email, what makes them so sure we are
RSVP-ed under some general posting?
We tried to show them, but they dismissed us lightly and told us to just head to the
normal queue.

The more I thought about it, the more annoyed I got.
I told TTJ to call whoever she could from Maybelline to double check if we were indeed
on the guest list and she said that the lady [sorry, can't remember the name] assured
her that we were and that she will inform them about it.
After waiting for another 10 minutes, no news.

So I took TTJ's phone, went up to the guy again and insisted for him to LOOK at the
email properly, which clearly stated for us to head to the VIP queue.
After some reasoning with him, he called for this other staff. He came to check with
me again what the email was and then he disappeared for about a minute, coming
back to us with a list.
Our names were on the VIP list.

If you had the list, why did you not bother to check it in the first place when we told
you we were in the VIP/ guest list? I believe it's not that hard to confirm our names
and then take a look at the list to verify, yes?
Disappointed at the management because IMHO, it's not even an area whereby
communication problems/ complications from situations which can result in
such a hiccup.
After finally sorting that out, we headed over the the VIP side.

Angry, but still must take picture, thus no smile.

Special Blue tags for us!
[others got yellow and I believe red tags are for the staff]

The queue got too outrageous, so they decided to give others who brought the CLEO
magazine along to queue behind us to shorten the normal queue.

I only know this because after we entered the SOUL, a photographer [Tiph's friend]
who got in early to take shots during their rehearsal told us that the queue extended all
the way till the back of the building.

Showing you some FAIL shots cos I refused to use manual mode to adjust.

Then I gave up and used manual with flash.
So much clearer! [a little too bright though]

So I adjusted the ISO, aperture and stuff again...
Much better!

TEEHEE, what we bloggers do best.

Feel no shame!

Shameless camwhoring.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Situation :3

My lovely TTJ, who asked me along cos she was invited by Maybelline and could
bring a plus one. SO SWEET RIGHT?

me xoxo her :3

Overexposure on purpose

Cos it makes my skin look AWESOME

Sorry, just had to do this [the typical shot I always take when I go clubbing]

Been some time since I did wink shots!

Then I saw... Karmun!

TTJ took an ugly shot of me. But decided to post it anyway since it features my
duffy and shelliemay [I haven't actually taken a shot with both of them yet]


Shelliemay [

The face I gave when I saw the long queue for everything and anything.

Just kidding. I'm too nice!

Lovely Karmun!

Okay so here comes "not-so-happy" part 2.
Since we were in the VIP List, I kinda expected a better seat.
Nope, it's just sit anywhere you want.
And so from our place, we were super far away from the runway.
And it was super hard to see.
Actually, it's impossible.
I had to kneel on the couch to catch a glimpse of whatever that was going on.

So below are the shots I took; I did my best...
At least you can still see the clothes [well, the top half?]

I like her smile :3

Random host shot

I liked this! [I think Tiph bought this in another colour]

I like this style alot! Very casual and Japanese blogger look!

Super blur face, but you can still see the dress yo.
Ning Xin bought this piece [I think]

This looks cute :3

You really should face the audience on the runway....

Looking sweet~

I like her too! [I don't know who is she, but I think her bangs are very nice!]

Very mango inspired top.

Wonderful eye make!

Tiph bought this too!

Uh huh.

Why your hair so awesome?


Knitted ones!

So cute right!

So happy~

And then BAM, end of show [quite fast!]

Some random shots.

At the end of the show, we can head over to another room to view the clothes.
Unhappy part 3:
We were jammed at the door to exit the runway side for like... more than 15 minutes.
I'm not sure if it hit 30 minutes.
The reason for the jam?
Goodie bag....
I feel that since they expected such a huge turnout [well, they prepared enough goodie
bags so yes, they definitely expected it], they should have done a better job at
coordinating the exit.
The area to browse the clothes was not that crowded at all.
But the environment inside was not very condusive for me to shop cos I don't like to
squeeze and fight for space with people when I shop [thus, I didn't look nor buy
Yes, I'm not the flea market kinda person [the ambience inside totally felt like some
flea market], so I just stood awkwardly somewhere to wait for Tiph & Ning Xin with
TTJ [we are both very OCD one... don't like to shop with alot of people around]

So yea, that's my write up for the event.
I do understand it's difficult to plan such a large scale event and that many unexpected
situations will occur but still, things could have been better in many aspects.
Looking forward to a more well coordinated show in 2012.


[Advert] Spot the SJORA Jeep!
Meow meow!
3 weeks ago, I went for the SJORA™ Roadshow at Orchard Wisma Atrium!
Sjora looks like a handful to read, but is commonly pronounced as SAH-JOR-AH.

Look of the day [24/07/11]

So summer right?
I intentionally did a darker summer look because I know that at the event venue,
there will be...

Yes, a Jeep!
Cool or what?

So yes, Summer look, I'm ready to head down!

Upon arrival, I met up with Agnes! [Elfaine bailed me out!]
[all the people working at TSS so cute one!]

Oh wait, are you lost now?
Not sure what Sjora is?
Well I can't blame you because though it was launched in 2007 by Nestlé,
only recently they started to use the media to mass promote!
It was first launched in California!

Prior to being invited to this event, I have already known about Sjora though!
The canteen at my old workplace [NUH] had this drink!
It was love at first taste.
When I got to the venue, I saw many people trying out the drink!
*drink till the last drop*

What I love about it is that it contains REAL milk (10%) and REAL juices (5%)!
The blend is really smooth.
Best of all, it tasted really refreshing, which was something I wasn't expecting since
after drinking juice & milk for almost 21 years I never felt that way!

Besides sampling for everyone, you can take fun shots with the big, bright, yellow Jeep!

Yes, you can!

It might seem awkward to take picture with it in the middle of Orchard but I honestly
think that the bright yellow kinda wash away all the awkwardness.
It's like screaming "LOOK AT ME NOW."

More and more people approaching to try!

& all I heard [*cough* eavesdrop] was positive feedback!

I mean, you can tell him their happy faces that they genuinely enjoyed the drink!

Wait, that's not the best part.
It comes in 2 different flavours; Mango Peach & Tropical Pineapple.
What more can you ask for?!
I really wish they have this in canned form/ bottled form!
I was craving for it very badly but I can only get them from selected outlets which
carries them!
Outlets are:

It's a drink that lured many people to their booth, and have them coming back for more.
Even promoters doing other roadshows came along!

The Body Shop girls [sneaky guy, what are you doing behind!]

Of course, I HAD to take a few pictures with the bright, yellow and happy jeep!


I liked this the best!

I don't look very nice but... it's official photos taken by Sjora so I shall let you guys
laugh at me.

Okay, personal shot to save your eyes a little or I think you will press that [X] immediately.

Super cute, look at the little ones with the Jeep!

I'm quite curious what they were doing too...

Oh yes, before I forget, if you happen to be at this area for the following dates, do
check out the bright, yellow & happy looking Jeep [of course, take a shot with it!]

13th August [my birthday!] - Tiong Bahru Plaza             1pm - 7pm
20th August -                      Heeren Shops (Entrance)   1pm - 7pm
21st August -                      AMK Hub (Entrance)          1pm - 7pm

Should I let you peek into the truck?

Sjora spotted inside too!

I really enjoyed my short time there.
The emcee was really nice and friendly!

I don;t know why but the word "Whoosh" just came into my mind when I saw this!

Attracted quite a bit of foreigners!

This shot is nice too!

Oh yes, one last thing.
Do head over to Sjora's Facebook Page to play their "Spot the Sjora Cups" game!

Step One: You have to "Like" Sjora's Facebook Page

Step Two: Click on "Spot the Sjora Cups!" on the left panel below the display picture.

Step Three: PLAY THE GAME!

It's really VERY EASY.
I think it only takes like less than 2 minutes to complete it.
And... the grand prize [a total of 3 winners!] is a Canon IXUS Camera!

They have a weekly draw for people who play the game and they will win a pair of
movie tickets! Once again, 3 winners every week!

This could be you!
Can't believe I was SO LUCKY to be the first week's winner!
I was at the roadshow when Karmun told me she saw my name!

Whole family enjoying the drink

Go try Sjora if you have the chance!
You will love it! 
My favourite flavour is the Mango Peach ^^
Shall end off this entry with a fun group shot buy those who went!

Nah, who am I kidding, I shall end off with my picture.


AKB48 Cafe Event Vol. 3!
Ding dong~
A title you are familiar with~
AKB Cafe again 
Big supporter eh~ 

Wait wait, before you jump into this post, could you do me a sweet favour by
popping over to Bebe Poshe Facebook Page [you have to like their page to
view the linked tab] under the Bebe Poshe Bloggers Challenge & Click "Vote"
for an entry under Himeko after you finished laughing at how fat I look in the
picture? Thanks!

So AKB48 Cafe had an event where 2 of their members (1 trainee) came for a
summer special~
As usual...
Yes, I can do like a collection of shots in cab.
Been taking cab WAY too often.
Tried to do a more summer-ish makeup look.
Megane was because... I want to cover my pimple with it! 
Met with Tsuriki~
& jangjang, complimentary tickets from Jim (thanks to Tsuriki)~

Pyong~ waiting for nom nom 

First course served~ Salad!
I love love love love love their salad!

I'm not a salad person so if I like it, it says alot about it okay!

Tsuriki also decked out in summer wear!

Next, soup!

This is delicious!


While eating our appetizers, they played some video messages from AKB48 members

After that, performance by their very own AKB48 Cafe girls!


I have a video too but it's still processing T.T
Will post it in my next post~
While they performed, ツリキのカツどん!

She got the Maria Abe Flag~ (she was there that day too!)

My insatiable love for chicken~

Both of us got trainee flags~

Hardworking bloggers

Of course, pose with the flag~

Then there was another performance by another group of AKB48 Cafe Girls!

Once again, video processing T.T
Pardon me I'm trying to blog before I leave house so kinda in a rush!

Below are some of the pictures I took of the 2 girls.
I did not upload all because there were too many >.<
AKB48 lovers, enjoy~

Her side profile is... 

See what I mean~

Oh and AKB48 Cafe now has a point card!

Jang jang!

So for the event, some lucky go-ers will get to ask AKB48 members their question~
Suprisingly, Tsuriki & I both got chosen from that box of question slips 

After the event, there was a handshake session~
Then off we go!

first stop, toilet (?) 

Somebody's Sexy back yo

Act preppy again.

Attempt at eye smile 
Did I pass?

After that, loitered around, did a Vlog [will be uploaded with the other AKB48 Perf
videos too] and went to chillax!

First time here!


My Blueberry Bliss~


Egyptian Mint Tea [Taste very refreshing!]

I can't remember what she had... was it Mulberry Tea? heh.

Her Mango Raspberry


Want it?

Say ahh~~

After relaxing a while there, I headed over to GP for work!
& then... home 


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