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Pastel Pink x Lilac Ombré brown hair
SO, I'm going to let the pictures talk.
I used La Riche Directions [bought and shipped from United Kingdom].

As you can see, I bought way too much. Only used about 3/5 tub for both pink and purple. I'm selling the remaining 2 brand new tubs of Pastel Pink and Lilac La Riche Directions Semi Permanent Hair Dye/ Colour at SGD $20.
If you have short to shoulder length hair, 1 tub will be enough. However, to play safe, I will rather you buy 2 tubs for shoulder length in case you don't do a job good enough, at least you can still touch up.
Also, what's awesome about this brand is that the dye does not damage, but conditions your hair instead (:

Pastel Pink


I used their La Riche Directions Hair Lightening Kit first [Also selling the extra box at SGD $25, can use for shoulder long hair]

What each pack contains

Even the hair cap, mixing brush and gloves too!

First, wash my hair thoroughly.

Blow dry

How my hair look before bleaching.

Pour the powder from the sachet

Add the Cream Peroxide

Quite a lot!

Should have this much when you are done pouring from the bottle.

Mix mix mix, don't worry if you have lumps like this~

Look how pale my hair is turning!

After rinsing and drying again, bleached hair is done.

Time for colour dye. [Purple first]

Clearly after I've done my pink as well, my whole head will be wrapped with foil like that so I did not bother to take another picture.
After about an hour of sitting like this [mad itchy when the foil kept rubbing against my collar bone area], went to rinse and here's the final result.

Not very well done, but I've been advised to leave the dye on longer the next time. Thanks for the suggestion, will try that!
Just a quick entry anyway, haven't done a weird colour in a long time so thought of blogging this out quick and also to people who are interested in trying to achieve pastel colour hair by themselves.
Remember, I am selling 2 tubs of La Riche Directions Semi Permanent Conditioning Hair Colour in Pastel Pink & 2 tubs in Lilac [SGD $20/tub] as well as their Hair Lightening Kit [SGD $25].
Drop me an email at if you are interested in purchasing.

*ps: all pics unedited, except for resizing and putting watermark*


The big decision to welcome a new life

If you've been looking at my twitter, [where I don't know most of my followers and they don't talk to me either... Y U FOLLOW ME THEN?! I'm friendly...] I've made a big decision.

I know most of my friends are not very approving [even though they are pretty excited about it anyway] though they don't say it. I am not trying to justify my decision but just thought instead of tweeting a shitload and end up spamming, I will blog a short entry here as to why I still decided to go ahead with my decision despite much disapproval.

I've been contemplating to get a canine for really long - at least a good 1 year. Reason why I never put that thought into action is because:

1. The Responsibilities that come with it.
  • Getting a dog means undertaking the responsibilities of a life; this is akin to having a newborn baby. Why do I say that? You will be in charge of disciplining it, cleaning up after it shits/pees, bathe it, play with it, etc etc - Just like how a parents will care for their newborn.

  • You have to make sure you are attentive to it - devoid of attention and it will throw tantrums like any child. This can cause the dog to develop bad/ destructive behaviour like chewing/ destroying things or in the worst case, aggression. This brings me to my next point.

2. Lifestyle Changes
  • I have insomnia and it's been on and off since my Poly days [many reasons for it developing, I will not go into details.] I'm pretty sure it will be a chronic problem if I don't get treated for it soon. That aside, this means I always used my ipad/ laptop/ watch shows till 5-7am every night [or should I say next morning] and the last thing I want is to cause my dog to have the same problem as me.

  • Puppy proofing my house is going to be hard. I've been having my own room since I was 9 so I'm used to living my things lying around/ arranging them the way I want since it's my room and I decide how I want it to look. I have food on my bedside table, my LV bags are kept out in the open [on my table], my woofer placed on the floor. These are not the worst; I have terrible memory. I may not mean to leave things lying around... I might just be putting something down somewhere for some reason(s) and have all the intention in the world to put it back to the right place but my goldfish memory is causing me to forget. This can be dangerous if I happen to leave a piece of chocolate somewhere and this may actually happen since I love chocolates - I have chocolates everywhere in my house. [Chocolates are akin to poison when it comes to dogs!]

  • I am sure this will come as no surprise to many - I spend A LOT. I have been earning my own keep ever since I was 17 and pay for all my expenses, including the full fees for Poly education [Diploma] as well as my University education [Degree] now. Though I spend a lot, my parents never made much noise about it because I know what are my priorities and I will spend/ set money aside for them first. I guess you can say they can't say much since I earned the money myself, so they stay out of it. The amount of trust my parents give me is overwhelming and I will say I earned it by being a "actions speak louder than words" person. Oh shucks, I am digressing. Anyway, I will have to give up my frequent shopping trips & enjoying good food in restaurants as I will have an extra mouth to feed. If you've been leading the splurging lifestyle for at least a good 4 years with no restriction, how can you give it up just like that? This brings me to point 3.

3. Financial Issues
  • Spending money I earn on education, food, clothes and my parents, I guess you can tell it adds up to quite an amount and that means I have no savings for rainy days left at all. I refuse to ask my parents for support; I haven't been doing that for almost 5 years, pride and ego will be deeply bruised if I have to open my mouth and request. Now, I have to feed an extra mouth, where am I going to find the ability to support? I can only cut down on expenses somewhere- I certainly cannot pinch pennies when it comes to education or food or on my parents, so the only place left is clothes/ luxury expenses, which brings us back to point 2.

  • Sure, I can take on more jobs, but that will mean that I can spend lesser time with my canine and this can lead to attention deficit in my dog. Read point 1 on the possible adverse effects.

  • I will not be getting any help with the extra expenses- the mouth to feed is completely mine to deal with and no one else is obligated to help me feed it. I have no intention of getting help from my family about this.

4. Objection
  • While my mimi [read: Mother] loves dogs, she is a babysitter and that makes it inconvenient for her to have a dog around. Also, she is a neat & cleanliness freak [I guess you can tell where I got my OCD behaviour from], the thought of a dog peeing and pooping around is enough to drive her mad. She is positive she will end up being the one to take care of the dog. This is her house after all, I can't defy her!

5. Fear
  • I am terrified of dogs. Bad experiences - my smallest uncle used to have 2 pure bred bloodhounds and those 2 dogs chased my brother and I into the house when no one was home. I was just 4 or 5 years old back then! I literally escaped by inches; part of my dress was bitten off. Ever since, I always squirm and stand frozen with fear when dogs pass me - even if it is a small quiet puppy!

I guess you can say these are some things that people who are intending to get a dog should take note/ think about.
I'm not saying all these were the only things I thought about but I can only remember these right now.

Now let's go to why I eventually gave in and decided to go ahead with my heart:

  • After my friend got her dog a few weeks ago without seeking proper consent from her parents first, her parents came to love the dog and told her to keep it and not give it away any more. Of course, I am not saying such behaviour is good and I should learn from it but she encouraged me to go with my heart instead of over thinking about all the consequences before anything even happens. I do agree that some times I tend to project the future a little too far and can be quite a worry wart. 

  • I tried to give myself some "pros" to look at instead of only listing out the "cons." I believe I mentioned before that I do intend to do plastic surgery in future, so please don't be surprised if you come back to my blog 5 years later [if I am even still blogging] and see a different nose & eyes & teeth [oh wait, I don't even show my teeth in the first place cos it is so shitty]. I don't intend to make major adjustments to my face, just minor corrections here and there. Don't judge me; I'm just doing permanent photoshop since I am not blessed with good looks like some attention seeking whore who keep saying how ugly they are when they are obviously damn bloody gorgeous already. This will mean a pretty large sum of money is required and will take me quite some time to save up since I will have to pay off my University debts after I graduate first [yes, I do know my priorities]; I estimate at least a good 5 years from now before I can get my face completely corrected. No, this sentence does not mean I am correcting my WHOLE face, just fine tuning here and there where I think is not ideal enough... Geez, I feel like I mumst disclaim everything lest some self righteous idiot jump on me. Since I have to save for the next few years at least, I figured I will have to cut down on luxury expenses and that will mean more time spent at home. Therefore, having a company at home is actually quite good! This will encourage me to stay at home too; I will be able to save money more effectively and inch closer to my dream face!

  • While I do have doting parents, but as the old saying goes, 家家有本难念的经 [Every household has their own sad/ unpleasant story.] There are many things I do not say here but I am in no way secretive about it in reality either; friends who know me personally will know that I am actually very open to talking about family matters and I don't mind going into very deep details. I believe there is nothing to hide; I am not ashamed of anything, so there is no need to either. I am someone who don't have much secrets, reason being if I am open about everything, there is no way someone can have "dirt to dig" about me. Darn it, I keep digressing! Okay anyway, I do have family problems which can stress me out quite a bit and when I am alone, some times I will think about them. The stress from many matters is one of the reasons for my terrible insomnia. I believe having a company can help me to de-stress and keep me occupied instead of brooding over matters.

  • Overcome my fear for dogs. Not much explanation needed for this.

  • I... really want someone to dote on! Okay this reason is kind of funny. My mum has been a baby sitter for as long as I can remember - and a fantastic one too. Therefore, my experience with kids is also mega rich. I love to bring them out and buy stuff for them; makes me happy when I see them smile. I thought it's more practical if I made something that belongs to me happy...

Okay, I know my reasons actually sound quite funny now that I look at it. Still, I am going ahead with following my heart. My brother is surprisingly supportive of my decision. He agreed to take the blame [he will say that the puppy is for my birthday] if my parents are unhappy and is paying for half of my puppy as my birthday present this year. 

Sorry for such a wordy entry.
Just wanted to voice my thoughts somewhere.
I think halfway through writing this, I got distracted and my thoughts kind of went another way instead. My brain is exhausted so I will stop here for now. I'm quite amused how so many of my friends are so excited about me getting a puppy. Counting down to the day I get my puppy - 15th August! My birthday is on the 13th so this puppy will come 2 days late but oh well. I hope the dog & I will have a good puppy and master relationship!

Some pictures for you since you managed to read through that whole chunk of words!
Here are some things I bought for my puppy ^^.
I've thought of a name for it already~
I can't wait to play with it!
Bed for my baby!
^ Had to buy the blanket/ mattress separate, so annoying!
Then I didn't read the description properly, bought a pillow only to realise the blanket gifts one!

Oh yes, on hot days, can use this mat for the puppy to rest on instead~
I intend to use this during the day and the mattress during the night!

Of course, need a pee tray for my pup.
[Yes, I bought pee pads too but I don't think I need to show you guys that]

I bought this outfit for my pup so I can hook the leash onto it when I bring it out for walks. Not very comfortable with the idea of collar...

I bought another one for use when I let my baby wear other clothes.
They don't have a picture for this in silver so I cropped the colour into this picture instead. This leash is hooked around the legs and chest, not neck too.
I bought both the blue and silver so I can change around.

Need to give it food and water yo

Got 2 toys!

Lastly, a pretty dog carrier!

This is quite expensive though...

Oh yes, anyone going for Natsu Matsuri 2012? 
I'm going with my puppy and he will be wearing this!

CUTE OR WHAT [yes, scream now!]

Okay, I shall end here!


Japanese food making and nuaing day with Aki
See, I'm blogging regularly~
Last Saturday, Aki came over to my house to nua [read: chillax]
We went to Meidi-ya [Japanese Supermarket] to grab our ingredients to make our Japanese meal!

First... Cook the rice!

I'm in charge of all the sides!
My first task - 卵焼き [Tamagoyaki]
Firstly, we need 3 eggs

Next, look for instructions on youtube/ google #fail

Okay okay, I've gotten all the stuff I need nao!

Mix a pinch of salt, 1 tsp of sugar, soy sauce, mirin and 4 tbsp of dashi together, then mix it in with the eggs.

We couldn't find Dashi salt so Aki made the dashi stock herself by throwing these into water~ [I don't know the ratio!]

Okay, the pro *cough* getting ready to cook~

First layer!

Looking good~

Time for second layer!

Then I realised I roll my egg the wrong side, hurhurhur. Now it's correct.

Eager to see mine?
^ The one on top is mine! Below was made by Chef Aki~

Ding ding, rice done!

Time for the Katsu Don!
Such an important main dish, of course we have to let Chef Aki do it if we want to have any decent food to eat at all.
The Porky picked by Chef Aki

Chop chop

Put it into the beaten eggs

Then onto these crumb looking thingy!

Clearly, they are not called crumb looking thingy, it's this if you are interested.

Looks decent!

Now for the other porky

While Chef Aki was preparing the Main, Chef Himeko started to prepare the soup! We bought this because it looked so good and "gourmet" style yo!

I was damn surprised to find these little clams inside!

They were REALLY TINY, cute or what!

In a flash, my clam soup is done!

Back to Chef Aki!
The oil is now heated and ready to fry those porkies!

*insert oil sizzling noise*

Flip the porky~ flip flip the porky~

Drool you people, drool!

One Porky DONE!

While Chef Aki was deep frying the other porky, Chef Himeko decided to prepare dessert - Caramel Milk Pudding!

Okay, don't judge me.
It takes skills to mix the correct proportions of milk x water x powder too!

While waiting for my mixture to cool so I can chill it, I decided to chop the porky up.

After both porkies were done, Chef Aki prepared the onions...

Fry fry baby, fry!

Put the porky tastefully on top for photo purposes.

Beaten egg mixture, you are up!

Looks good right!

Blogging this is making me hungry again...

And finally...


Our pretty scrumptious lunch!

While I was busy taking photos and washing all the utensils, Chef Aki made Onigiri with the leftover rice!

This 明太子振り掛け is DAMN TASTY!
I really dislike eating rice but I can eat like at least 6 of these Onigiris!

We feel SO PROUD *insert tears of joy*


Good life or what!
Noming awesome food made by ourselves in my air con room watching Dragon Zakura!

After lunch, pudding time~
^ They look so naked~ *shy*

Caramel sauce!

However, this was too sweet for our liking ):

After more nuaing till like.. 7 ish or 8 ish, we decided to play with my ring light.
A word of warning, the shots below are ALL camwhore shots and there are A LOT.


Round specs!

Nerds alert

I have the study till sot face.

The "nobody wears their spectacles like this" pose

I don't know why but these came off quite cow girl-ish. We just need the clothes.


My bear again!

What sound does a bear make...

Now that I review the pictures, I realise I pout A LOT in the shoot.


Because everybody loves my payphone.

I know the scarf don't match but I was too lazy to change.

Okay can, abrupt ending for you.
I can't wait to cook again!


Goofballs [Unglam pictures ahead]
Last Saturday morning, headed down to Elfaine's office at Kaki Bukit for a video shoot.
Miss this girl SO MUCH.
^ She kept trying to move further away from the camera when she already was!

Y U NO stop making my head look big?!

Order Mcdonnies breakfast ^^
We were there pretty early, but only started recording like... 2 hours later?
Tsuriki & I were REALLY hungry so we couldn't think.
We took a vlog too but I have to retrieve our channel password before I can upload it... Sorry!

Anyhow, after a filling breakfast, we goofed around a little before taking the video.
Warning: They might be harmful to your eyes and you might never look at us the same way again.

^ I call this the "something is wrong with my mouth-eyes-nose" shot.

Why were we all facing that direction?

^ Cannot stop laughing at this; Elfaine looked constipated, HEEHEE.

Seriously, Elfaine made the funniest faces!
Mine was just plain ugly.

^ I feel like a "xiaolongbao" and they are posting a "before we eat you" shot.

Funny how we all had peace signs~ All the shots we took were not "discussed" beforehand and we were on timer so the camera just "snap. snap, snap" and we "pose, pose, pose."

Elfaine looked too happy.

Okay, some shots to redeem ourselves

Big heads!

Okay, last one!

Elfaine goofed around with my camera

After the video shoot, I headed down to Bugis to meet Karmun!
We wanted to go take a look at the Lowry's Farm thingy but... didn't really turn out to be what I expected so we decided to skip it.
Loitered and shopped around~ I went to MOF for the first time!


Waiting for our orders to be served

Her Macha Sundae, super nice!

I ordered Azuki Float

My one and only picture with my beverage that turned out okay was the one with flash, ding it!

Pretty much a slack day with my favourite people (:

May Favourites Video!
I swear, if I knew how shitty the quality will be, I would have stuck to uploading it in HD -_-
I thought since they suggested a certain dimension, it should work fine... Now I'm too lazy to reupload it =/ Sorry!
You can click to the video to see the description where I have listed all the products with links to those that I've done a review for.

For those residing in Singapore, all the products mentioned can be found in Watsons, SaSa and Sephora.


Selling unused boxes of eyelashes from Japan [Fairylash, Jewerich, Eye Labo, Eyemazing x Zipper, EYE<3MAMA]
I'm sorry guys.
If you've seen my facebook page, I mentioned that I will be taking pictures
when I am free but unfortunately, I will not be free for the next 2-3 weeks to
do that so I am going to give you guys the official websites for the eyelashes
that I am selling, do let me know if you are interested to purchase.
First pay, first serve.
I accept UOB, POSB/DBS and OCBC transfers.
Fancy any, drop me an email at with the
brand name and model name/ number you are interested in or a
screenshot/ picture of the box of lash you want or the URL.
I will try my best to reply within 24 hours.
All prices listed are in SGD and are BRAND NEW [unless otherwise stated]
Postage fee will be advised.

Click on the brand name to redirect yourselves to their webpage.

I have a box each of every single design [total 24 boxes]
Navigate by clicking on the titles below the header "Line-up"

Actually I only have 23 out of 24 and out of the 23 boxes, I've used 1 box of the 
lower lash but if you are interested in any, just drop me a mail with either the 
picture from their website or model number and I will check if I have it/ if I've 
used any from that particular box before.

Somewhere on the bottom left of the huge picture, you can see the words
"全10種", beside are the little icons of the 10 boxes; just click on whichever 
you want to see. I am only selling AYAMO Type A/B, SETO, UNA and Midori. 
[I've used a pair from AMO Type A/B, Fumiko & Shitama!!, so if you are 
interested, each box will only contain 2 pairs and will cost SGD $18]

Just scroll down, you will see the different types [total of 6]
I have all 6 boxes.

Scroll all the way down to the pictures with 2 pairs per pack and 1 heart
shaped case. I have a total of 8 boxes; 4 from the first and 4 from the 2nd 

Selling Number 1 - 7.

Besides these eyelashes, I am also selling this baseball jacket, brand new,
at SGD $25. The one the model is wearing. [I saw some blogshops selling this
at SGD $30!]

Proenza Schouler PS1 Inspired Shoulder Bag in Brown [SGD $28]
I saw some blogshops selling this at $34! Can fit A4, I have it in black and
white as well and use them very often!

Liz Lisa Inspired Pink Knitted Bag [SGD $20]
Able to fit A4 [in fact, can put quite a lot of things! I am using the brown one.]

Balenciaga Inspired Black Clutch [SGD $15]

That's all~
Should you be unable to mail to , do try

Thank you ^.^ sorry for the MIA, I'm really busy and out everyday to study
alone! Less than a week away from my exams, hope you guys can understand


March Favourites
Video for you!


More Ring light fun
I have quite a few shots, but here's a few first for this post.

I really want to go Korea! 

I mean, now that I have a trip to Japan planned for next year, I am just dying
to go Korea [Japan & Korea have been on the top of my list of countries to 
travel, Japan first, Korea second!]

While I really want to sight see and shop in Japan, I kinda want to sit in coffee
houses and visit the clubs in Hongdae & shop for make up in Myeongdong...

So I guess you can say, I want to go Korea to take pretty pictures and act like
some ulzzang. それだけ...

In case you haven't realised, I'm not into gyaru make up anymore.
Therefore, I don't think I will be buying much eyelashes from Japan already.

Ulzzang make is so much easier and time saving.

I'm going to change quite a few pictures on my blog soon

But that will require time to stare at HTML [I really hate this]

So, I shall do that after my exams [or extremely bored from revision]

Okay, shall save some pictures for next time (:


March Purchases Part 2 [Picture heavy]
So from the previous post,
I did mention some things that I bought but yet to take photo of.
Well, here's the blazer I talked about! [Yes, I was pretty psyched about taking
these photos because I just bought my huge ass ring light!]
Beware, a dangerous amount of selcas coming right up.
I was simply too excited about my ring light, almost all the shots turned out
really nice!
^ I want to laugh when I look at my face skin tone and my legs.

Super love this blazer! Very comfy and can be worn casual/ formal!

Okay, had to take a closer one to shot the ring light in my eyes.

Promise, last one!

The brown blazer I have yet to wear out

The rare times you see my hair tied up.

And yes, I agree with you! So not used to it.

I'm sorry some photos look way over exposed.

Still trying to get the hang of using ring light and editing photos with them.
Random but I really love this kind of look~

I want to look tough too~ But I am too petite to appear tough -_-

Here's the Louis Vuitton Vernis Alma MM in Amarante Daddy bought for me.

When under the sun/ bright light, the dark wine red looks brighter!

Pretty much only 1 way to carry it.
Bought the bigger one to fit my Ipad in but honestly speaking, it is pretty
heavy on its own so with my ipad, ipod, iphone, Beats studio headphones,
Camera, Portable external battery...
It is pretty darn heavy.
^and thus, carrying like this really kills my arms.

My matching Louis Vuitton Vernis Sarah Wallet in Amarante.

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Lumineuse PM in Infini

Being the smaller size, I was quite skeptical about it, so I took at look at the
GM one but boy, the GM was too damn huge for mummy and I to carry, so we
settled for the PM one! Able to fit A4 and Ipad so I'm not complaining ^^

Best part; you can carry this bag in 3 ways!

1. Shoulder bag

You can actually fold the sides in!
Too adorable, can still fit my ipad!

In just seconds, from THIS

to THIS!
^ Cute right! Become a cute little rectangular bag ^^

2. Sling bag

The strap is a little long but I can't adjust it shorter, else it will look awkward
when I carry it on my shoulders >.>
Also, you are unable to make it into the cute rectangle shape when you want
to sling it as the hooks will be inwards.

3. At the elbow area [I don't know what you call this man!]

^ This bag is mummy's but as what mummy and daddy says, it's like mine since
my mum don't use bags, lol.
I forgot to take a shot with the bag open and over my hands ):

But well, this Epi Sarah Wallet in Black is 100% going to be used by her!

That's all my buys in March! [ending with the new ring light I used to take all
these pictures, of course!]

I can't believe I still have not taken a picture of the Emporio Armani watch
Daddy bought for me back in January...
The white strap is already black from all the wearing! *hides in shame*
Anyway, this is how the stock picture of my watch look like
Orologio Emporio Armani lady - AR7300
^ between the 2 metal circles, that plastic looking area is actually clear and
transparent! That's what that attracted me and made me choose it ^^;;
USD $279/ Euros 199/ SGD $[I don't remember.... that's why I'm putting those
prices there.]


Chillax-ing with Irene & TTJ at Haagen Dazs' Girls' Day Out
Last Wednesday, Irene very kindly extended an invite to the Haagen Dazs 
Girl's Day Out event to TTJ & I!

So basically, my job for the day was to enjoy the treats ^^
Pretty roses on every table

They are real! [not the "candle" though, that's just a light]

3 of us!

I've seen Irene around for pretty long but never got the chance to talk to her
until the last Tsubaki launch [will be blogging about it next]
After some explanation and introduction to their new Dainty Delights...

Time to enjoy~
Cute or what, everything is in "miniature" and has 3 tiers!

How can we forget ice cream when one mentions Haagen Dazs?

Mouth watering and innovative; Ice Cream Macaroons!

On the last tier, we have fruits!

I thought the portion was just right for 3 people!

While we had our tea,

2nd set of sweets served!

Overall, the day was a super sinful and indulging trip.
I had a really nice chat with Irene & TTJ ^^
As you can see, not much pictures because I woke up at 7am for class and
headed down after my 6 hour lecture.
I look like... pufferfish.
Thus, the lack of mood for photos.
:le sigh:

^ Since I was there as a guest, I did not take much note of the details, simply
enjoying ^^
This 3 tier high tea concept is new, do pop by with your girlfriends for a sinful


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