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The name is Himeko. I love hello kitty, chopper and all things pink. Anything you need to enquire me about, drop me a mail at


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Re-arranging my room
I wanted to redo my hair today but I ended up shopping for some pet supplies after tuitions and late lunch with KM, then fell asleep till dinner time. After dinner time, it was too late to do the dye [more like I'm kinda lazy too] so I decided to pack my room instead!
Biggest problems:
My two bags are left in the open, can no longer do that because I intend to put the puppy cage in my room. [Okay, this is not dog abuse. I am not 100% comfortable with the idea of caging it up either but I have no choice since there are kids around, can be dangerous both ways and I will not be home very often this 2 weeks due to my tutees' exams]

I've been debating with myself whether I should put the cage in my living room or kitchen [I intend to make the puppy's toilet in either the front of my living room or kitchen] but eventually decided to go with my room instead.
Reason being, since Hikaru will have to stay in the cage when I'm not home [which will happen quite a bit at the start since it is not potty trained, can't let it out unless I am around to clean up after it], putting the cage in the living room is a little dangerous [the little kids... I'm afraid they might give the puppy food that they are eating and they do eat sweets and chocolate a lot]
So when I let it out, I expect it to be pretty hyper due to being cooped up for a long time. Last thing I want is for it to destroy the bags that my dad bought for me.
But problem?

[forgot to take the bottom compartment of my 2 cupboards as well as the 2 columns shown, omg pea brain]

I had no choice but to take everything from the shelves at the left column out and threw away like 7 bags [some were only used twice or thrice too... but I really need the space yet cannot be bothered to sell and not comfortable with giving away used things to people].
Threw away a bunch of stuff that I kept because of the memories that cames with them but some just weren't worth it. 
Anyway, finally done after 2 hours!

Re-arranged my hair styling stuff to my first cupboard's bottom shelf since I always sit around there when I style my hair~
Makeup pouches on the left, other bags that survived the clearance on the right.

Threw away a bunch of hair products already but still so much left!

My winter coats, Uggs, winter glove & Yukata on the top shelf.

Top right compartment:
Important documents, old popteen magazines, craft materials, pretty carriers to use to pack items when I TAQBIN/ meet spree-ers, big plastic bags for the dustbin in my room, my deco materials and the boxes for my wallets.

Re-arranged my perfumes but don't have the ideal place to put so they ended up here with my make up...

Moved my Wigs on top, hats on the 2nd shelf, my LV bags on the 3rd, beanies and scarf on the 4th. Damn annoyed cos I can't put my beanies [also hats what!] on the 3rd shelf... the 4th damn shelf is a little shorter in height than the 3rd shelf so my Amarante Alma MM CANNOT FIT IN. *Insert annoyed monkey face* Okay, OCD acting up.

Managed to clear the bottom right column's shelf! This compartment is for Hikaru's clothes and dog carrier [slated to arrive in 2 weeks]. Yes, I'm already picturing myself pampering my dog like mad.

This box that my bro bought for me quite long ago finally has a good use!
Putting all the other dog products here; shampoo, conditioner, deodorant spray, perfume, pet comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, dog food, dog treats, pee pads and pet wet wipes!

^I bought all these for $100+!
Dog products are SO MOTHER EXPENSIVE! *Insert annoyed face*
I spend more on products for Hikaru than myself; I cannot see myself buying a $30 shampoo (500ml) for myself -_-


Okay, abrupt end for you.
3 more days till Hikaru comes home with me (:


Okay I'm sorry for not updating.
I promise to be more hardworking next week onwards okay!
Meanwhile, I'm forever active on my Twitter 
I've gotten an instagram account so do follow me there [missyhimeko]
Okay finally, if you use the "pick" [I call it the japanese version of instagram], you can also follow me there! [MissyHimeko] <--- this is case sensitive!

I do have pictures to blog for a few post but I just don't have the inspiration nor motivation...

OHKAY, time for me to go paint my nails [yes, at 3.30am]
My normal sleeping time is around 5-6am, pffftttt.

Good luck!
Just want to say...
Good luck to those taking Intro to Econs paper tomorrow! [UOL]
^^ I'm screwed

By the way, I've been using the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer for 2 weeks now.

Can't wait for their primer to restock in Sephora so I can grab one and try!

Finally, thanks for all the feedback about the new make up ^^

I'm suddenly out growing gyaru, heh.
I will still do it now and then though.


because mobile updates are awesome
blogging from my mobile again.
just wanted to share 2 pictures I took and edited with my phone which I really adore!

^ I don't know why but I really love this!

and this was taken earlier after I ran for an hour. Used a few apps and it turned out quite nice (cos my face is not inside, ignore the boobs thanks)

^ trying to act artistic in editing photos.

okay, off to bed.



You know...
Photoshop is really fun to experiment with when you have the time.
There are tons of tools that you probably never even looked at them before but
they make your photos super awesome!
Anyway, just keeping the updates going.
I don't really have time to post a lengthy one so here's a picture.

or two.


a picture a day
keeps the doctor and not you away I hope!



Since I failed to upload my video...
So yea, my video is not uploading...
More pic spam from the last batch, shall we?
*hides in shame*
I swear, I have good reviews coming up for you very soon (:

I need someone to go on a Korea trip which involves lots of photo taking in
coffee houses with me.


I think I only wore this pair of megane once ever since I bought it last year.

See, I'm putting a bit more effort in editing photos.

Since the ring light eliminates quite a bit of touching up.

Not the best splurge, but still happy with it.

Nose, Y U NO smaller?

I think I lost my marbles when I took this shot.


My cute cute Arale hat ^^

Okay, last one. I will still keep on trying to upload my March Favourites video!


Clarisonic Mia 2
Nope, nothing much.
I did not mention this before but my Clarisonic Mia that I loved so much was
actually spoilt for months.
I think I only used it for about 3 - 4 months before it died on me.
Unfortunately, there is no "service centre" for Mia in Singapore...
Sephora carries the white Mia but mine was shipped over by myself so they 
don't care about whatever is wrong with my Mia anyway.

Okay before I go on, this will be a wordy post so I shall insert random photos
here and there to prevent you from being bored.

Truth is, I was really bummed since I paid about $200 for the cleansing device
and shipping.
So I didn't want to talk about it.

It was really good and made my skin feel super clean so I didn't want you guys
to think that it is a bad device/ lousy quality. I've been procrastinating for 
months about repurchasing it because I am quite afraid that the same thing 
will happen again. I took at look at Skinstore today and saw that there is 
actually a Clarisonic Mia 2! Available in White and Pink, cost USD $149 and 
after a 20% discount code, it's USD $119.20. I thought, why not? I paid SGD 
$80 for candy doll brushes [which honestly, aren't that good], I can spend on 
a device to truly pamper my skin again instead of wasting them on god knows 
what [I am actually aware of my impulsive spending habits...]

You can check out Clarisonic Mia 2 HERE.
Skinstore does not ship the Clarisonic to Singapore [they used to... I believe 
it's because Sephora now carries Mia, so they stopped doing that], so if you 
are residing in Singapore, you will have to use an agent to get it here.
That's what I did, I gave my friend my credit card details and skinstore account
and he settled everything for me, heh.

Honestly speaking, a Clarisonic Mia will suffice. The price is only USD $119 for
the Clarisonic Mia [a wider variety of colours too] and after the 20% discount
code, it's only cost USD $95.20. Though the above prices mentioned in
USD excludes shipping and the bank's conversion rate to SGD dollars, I doubt
the shipping should cost more than SGD $25 and after conversion, Clarisonic
Mia will come out to be below SGD $130 [excluding shipping] while Clarisonic
Mia 2 will come out to be about SGD $155.
Therefore, by my estimation, a Clarisonic Mia will probably be about SGD $160
while Clarisonic Mia 2 will be about SGD $185.

No matter what, the Mia definitely now cost ALOT cheaper than when I bought
it last year. Heck, even Mia 2 cost lesser than what I paid for Mia last year!
The main difference between Mia and Mia 2 is that Mia 2 has 2 different 
speeds while Mia only has 1. Being me, I always go for the newer release
despite not needing the additional/ new feature...
[Sucker for new releases/ limited edition stuff]

Reason why I finally forked out the money again... my skin is really giving me
more problems than EVER. So I'm trying everything I can, putting my faith in
anything that has extremely good reviews. [I'm also trying to take some
skin supplements found in drugstores; not going to reveal what I am taking
unless I see a positive change in my skin condition. Reason being, the
supplements I am taking do have quite a bit of good reviews, so if my skin do
take a turn for the worst instead, I highly doubt it is solely due to the 
supplement and I don't wish to bash on the creditability when I myself am not
100% certain about what exactly is the cause behind the negative change]

Sorry, just had to get that out!
I am indeed still pretty upset about the Mia dying on me in a mere 3-4 months.
[I seriously don't remember how long it lasted me and don't want to backtrack
to check, you know, save the heartbreak]
This will be the last time I'm giving Clarisonic a chance to redeem itself!
You better last me for at least a year or two!

Oh, if you are residing in U.S, don't worry about such issues. I read up on
forums that Clarisonic is really efficient in doing exchanges [they will send you
a box to put the faulty device in and mail back to them. Thereafter, they will
send you a brand new one!] and given how fast they replied my email, I am
quite confident in their customer service in U.S (:

Can't believe it's already April, my trip to Japan next January is nearing!
So stressed about exams right now, somehow, I must make it through!
If you have any questions about my experience with my previous Pink 
Clarisonic Mia, you can drop me a comment. I am pretty excited to see my
new Clarisonic Mia 2 in Pink! [I wanted some other darker colours, but they
only have White and Pink for Mia 2 ): ]

Sorry to have wasted your time in reading this つまらない post!


Selling clothes!
I just gotten a bunch of new clothes and unfortunately, I cannot wear them...
tad too big for me [or so I think it looked]
So I decided to put some up here for sale.
They are either brand new or worn once just for taking pictures.

All are BRAND NEW:

SGD $15
Red & White Polka Dot Chiffon Top [UK6-8]
White & Black Polka Dot Chiffon Top [UK6-8]

SGD $10
Black & White Polka Dot Chiffon Skirt [UK6-8]

Black Leggings [faux leather material in front] [UK6-10]

Worn ONCE for taking photo:

SGD $17
Orange 3 Tiered Dress

SGD $17
Black 2 tiered dress

SGD $15

SGD $12 [SOLD]
Sweet Pink Polka Dot Sleeveless Top

Orange Polka Dot Shirt [bat-sleeve]

If you are interested in any, do drop an email to: or

All prices are inclusive of postage.

Thank you!
[Rather than space, I need hangers in my wardrobe ^^;;]


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