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Great Big Haul

I was contemplating about the title... because I'm pretty sure in 2 days you will
see another post about me hauling [my online purchases are due to arrive in 1
to 2 days' time.

But anyway...
I bought about $200+ worth of stuff last sunday as birthday pressies for
different friends.
*palm face*

of course, that included my own stuff.
I can't show you the whole list of stuff because some of them have yet to
receive their pressies.
Here's the stuffs I got for myself~

And also this mask from another local online store.

By Kose ~

*palm face*

I won't say review is coming soon, because I know they won't.
Just... keep a lookout for suprises from me.
I tend to do things like in spur of moment these days so...
I think that makes things more exciting, yes? ^^

Coming up: Aqua Label Brand Party



Holika Holika!


It really sounds like I'm casting a spell eh?
Anyway, I head down town just so I could get this pack!

This is the latest shop that opened it's first store in Singapore. [K-wave is really making Korea established shops mushroom in here!]
It is endorsed by C.N Blue~
Ahh, my minhyuk so cute, ahahahha.
Okay anyway, digressing already *palm face*

Yep yep, 4 "flavours"

White [the original] - Tightens pores [looks like peeled hard boiled egg]

Charcoal - Suitable for sensitive skin [looks like 铁蛋]

Red Clay - Cleans dirt from pores [looks like normal egg]

Green Tea - Controls Sebum & moisturizing effect [looks like ....... a huge olive?]

I thought this looked super cute and I am not a korean makeup person [except bb cream, but I already have countless nao] so I
grabbed this [skincare stuff were replenished recently too].
I told BFF I just HAD to own something from every shop that mushrooms out.
ANYTHING will do (笑)

Well, that's Holika Holika for you~
The only place where you will find eggs being sold at 1 for $10, 4 for $37.50!

That aside, some meaningless skype pics with BFF. [me showing off my eggs]

Yes, let's do the asian peace sign!

She dotted her nails while skyping. I thought she was studying!

Then she headed off to kill a beatle.

Okay, finally studying. She says B stands for Bird and E for Ernie. I suspect her
lecturer love Sesame Street.

Then I got ready for bed and she started seriously doing her work [I think.]




Japan Cosmetics Haul Video Part 1

Watch till the end, you will probably wanna punch me.



Japan Cosmetics Spree #3 Open!

Hi dearies,

Now that my Spree 2 items have all been mailed/ given out, I am starting the 3rd spree!
Prices have been revised, do support me ^^
Reason why I am doing this is because... I'm dying to get my hands on the Diamond Beauty's Blush!
That's the only blush I am short from Models' endorsed/ Models' favourites brands!
So..... it's like a by the way service to buy for whoever that's interested too cos regardless if there will be anyone joining, I will
still be getting the items myself (:
You can head down to my Spree Blog or Facebook to see the prices of items as well as pictures (:
Facebook is alot neater though~



Arrival of spree items!

My spree items are like here finally ^^
Took over a month (I expected 3 weeks the most but argh) but fortunately, my spree-ers are all nothing but nice (:
No one rushed me at all!
Here are all the loots before I sorted them out!

So so so many items!
Took me a long time to unpack and stuff >.<''
Unfortunately, there were 2 wrong items sent for my sy darling and mirai =/
Trying my best to get the agent to help me check nao...
If not =/

So after like an hour of packing and scratching my head [confusion was because of the wrong items!],
here are mine!

Yes, that's alot and I know! [taking into consideration all the Eyemazing stuff too which are not pictured here T.T]
So here are my personal loots from my spree:

Candy Doll Cheek Color [Produced By Tsubasa Masuwaka]

Candy Doll Lipsticks [Muddle head me, ordered extra of Ramune Pink & Vanilla Beige >.<] [Produced By Tsubasa Masuwaka]

Melliesh Cheek Color [Produced By Yui Kanno]

Mezaik Fibre Dupe [I tried it, it really works! Took me a few to get the hang of the technique though >.<]

Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek [Endorsed By Kumicky/ Kumikko]

Jewerich Lashes [Endorsed By Kano Hoshino]

I am so so so excited!
I could barely fit them into my cupboard >.<''
Forgot to take a picture of my super cramped cupboard nao.
[I wonder where my future diamond blushes are gonna fit ._.]

Oh yes, just some cheap shots of Jewerich lashes, proper shots will be done when I do a review [been 42453245345 years since the lash review, yes? ._.]







Alrighty lovelies!
That's just a quick update (:
I am so so so excited [can't bear to use them at the same time!]
Lookout for swatches tonight!
[Sorry, swatches are the fastest for me to get the post up while reviews take a little more time because I have to try the
product thoroughly to give a good opinion of it~ Bear with me, I will try to get reviews up asap!]

And yes, I am selling the extra Ramune Pink [some call it Soda Pink and Lemonade Pink] and Vanilla Beige lipsticks I accidentally over ordered at SGD $25.00 each. Meetup to my convenience is free, otherwise add on SGD $1.50 for postage yea?
Email to if interested, first ordered and paid first serve.



Hauls from Watson & TKB Update!

Hello I got back pretty late *palm face*
Then was busy taking pictures of my haul and editing~
So before that, I received yet another parcel from TSS (:

Products from my Love More contest & the comnig Viccal & Hanamei!

Disappointed about the Love More Hamper.. =/
Some of the product are like opened, which is why I was skeptical about
giving them away in that state.

Hanamei & Viccal (:
Can't wait to try!



My Geo arrived!
Super Angel Brown again ^^

Reviewed it before~

So here's my haul from Watson!

^I bought the CURE though it wasn't on sale~
I was looking at the ingredient list and both the acid and alcohol that I am
supposed to avoid are not on the list. Pretty impressive since skincare and
cosmetics these days all contain acid and/or alcohol. Not to mention paraben
too. Cure don't contain paraben too!
Haha, will review it when I actually use it xD
I seem to be promoting it before I even use it.

The canmake blushes I procrastinated super long~

Will do all my blush swatches when all my Jap cosmetics arrive~

That aside, I had a super FML moment at Watson Vivo yesternight.
You know, they give you this big big plastic bag at the entrance?
I was on my headphones, so they just showed me the bag and I thought:
"oh, must put my bag in and let them keep?"
So I took my bag and put into that huge bag.
Then the lady gave me a o.O face and passed me tha plastic bag.
I was like "why put the bag in if she's gonna give me back?"

So anyway, I went shopping around and I saw many people carrying their
bags on them. I thought the lady thought I look like a thief that's why want
me to put my bag in.

Turns out the big bag was for us to throw our purchases in -_-
No wonder they kept looking at me like I'm an idiot.
FML so embarassing.
I took a long time to get my sling bag out from me because I had my
headphone wires everywhere.
Okay no wonder they were amused.
You can laugh at me now.

And look at my contact lenses, FML

& my TKB pigments xD


okay camwhore time with my wig xD

see, must cover my huge pimples :x

cover till the end (laughs)


Crazy women

more more more xD

Okay, I shall end off being normal.



More haul from TKB Trading

Yes, I have been busy with the new blogskin and posting all the very
important entries (reviews/ adverts/ swatches) over there.
That's why...

I am not neglecting this I swear!
I am just so busy that even the clothes I bought last week have not been
Or rather, I have not even taken pictures of them (as promised).
And today, I bought another overall.
I will post it up by tonight I swear!

Also, Calvin will be collecting my TKB pigments from DHL later!
So you can see more pictures, YAY (:

Just letting you know, don't abandon me!
Hang in there with me, thank you!



I'm sorry! [Updated with haul pictures]


Hey dearies.
I just got home,
hauled like $200+ worth of stuff!
Can't wait to post it, so I can't finish the other 25% of my video T.T
But I promise I will upload my hauls today and do a quick video on it and get it up by tonight!

Off to working on my video <3
See ya guys in abit!

I did a video.
And being a perfectionist, I figured I absolutely CANNOT compromise quality
and upload that shit video.
So, I shall compensate with pictures.
Bought another copy of Jill Stuart Magazine!
Happy they brought instock again because my old one had a stain and I
cannot express how much I LOVE this!
One of the last few copies when I grabbed it, so you can still try your luck at
NAC Kino (: [SGD $31]

Another tub of Elicina! [SGD $49 from this shop in Orchard Central, just take
the escalator further down at the cross junction to 2nd storey, turn right
and go all the way to the corner, that's the shop!]
I will get to this review soon.

Finally laid my hands on this!

Happy~ Have been drooling on it since I saw it on one of the beauty blogger's
web! [SGD $43 from Sephora]

Sorry shitty pictures for swatch, it was late last night and I was having this
crazy fever [like suddenly, I was feeling fine moments ago when I parted with
Cost. Then when I took my temperature at home, it was 38.5?!]

And finally got this after much contemplation due to the price. [SGD $63]

But I was really disappointed...
The price is already super steep for a tube that small.
Yet imagine the horror when I tried to swatch it and I found out how
half filled the tube is.

See? Squeezed it all the way there and I still don't get product.

Depending how well it works and how long it last, I may or may not get this

John Little was having this 20% STOREWIDE sale!
Please go grab your stuff now!
Brands include Loreal, Maybeline, Canmake, Palatong, Dodo club, Kose,
Boujoris, Sana, Liole and more!
I was just casually heading there and when I saw the 20% off, I HAD to grab
these that I've been eyeing for some time!

Only around $28 after discount!

Shit swatch again, will get to it later this week.
Gotta finish my video first or I think I will abandon it.

Wanted to get my green cloth but it was so expensive and I can't find the
perfect type of cloth I want from Spotlight.
any idea where else should I try?
I ened a "green screen" for my videos!

AND I replied to comments!
You can click on the comment on the left panel.
If you see my name after your comment, it means I replied (:

@Sarah - haha, do let me know if there's any colour you want for the TKB
swatch and I will do those first (: I have too many I don't know where to start!

@Bella - I will do the giveaway when I actually get the stocks. Trying out this
dupe for Mezaik solution~ if it's good I will do a giveaway and start selling it.
Meanwhile you can check out my spree @ HERE which will end this weekend (:
And the camera I am using is G12.

Gonna go rest again.
See you guys in abit!



Hair Curler?

Yes, I bought it.
But it doesn't work ):
I'm not sure if it is not good enough or I just don't know how to work it.
Anyway, I was so so excited about it and took pictures and all.
Now I don't have it anymore, exchanged it for something else, will update
when I get home.
So here are the pictures of this my ex curler.

That aside, I received my Cyber Colors bb balm yesterday.
Ahh, just look out for it.
I checked out other samples along with sasatinnie and cyber colors but those
samples I really don't have any use for them, nor do I know why I chose them.
-_- Anyone wants?
My room is really packed with so so so much beauty products that I'm going
I will upload all the pictures when I get home later.
And and I will do a room tour video after I get my pigments.
And no, I have not found a place to keep them -_- shit

Oh yes, my working dryer! (cheap steal, only $12.xx!)

So cute xD



Ohkay, that's all.
Check back later I guess.
And my videos are not edited at all because I have no time T.T
Adobe Pro also not installed.
Gahhhh *pulls hair*

That aside, remember how I said Preppy look will be coming back?
I'm gonna go for that!
No more gyaru looking clothes, I shall stock up on preppy style now.
That shorts with suspenders from Zara is CALLING me!
And the preppy jacket from Zara sale too...
But don't come in my size anymore!
I NEED to go down Zara.
Maybe I will head down after work later.



Did my hair, bought new wallet, had good food which basically spelled "Awesome".

Thanks to mimi dearest, she sponsored my hair cost for me!

didn't take much photos, mainly because I fell asleep.

me and my crazy hair, doing highlighting for the first time!

I think this picture is funny. Looks like I photoshopped my mum in.


And her again.

& the very nice and honest guy who did our hair.

Then mimi and bro went to do thing string thing on the face.
I had makeup on so can't do~

Tell me and lina how pain it is.

Cheeky bro also in pain

Thanks to my bro for driving us around the entire day!
and I picked a top for mimi!
She looks so cute like a miniature.

probably my ugliest picture ever.
looks awkward?
Because when I took this picture, 4 other people were standing at <<<< looking.
FML -.-

Anyway, after shopping for wallet and clothes and stuff,
bro came back to fetch us for dinner.
Drove to joochiat area for awesome food!
That whole street is packed with so much awesome food!
I wanna take bus down someday and eat~ *stares at hun & qilu*
This is the fei fei wanton mee.
Very nice!

Their fried wanton super crispy!
You know how some wanton have the flour-y taste?
This one don't have!

Won't recommend the veggie though

A little commercial break, this is what happens when you park a mercs S500
in HDB.

Well, then again there's not much choice, is there?

So I am going to end this entry with lots of pictures of myself.
endless narcissism.
That's me!

Okay I'm getting sleepy.
I keep forgetting to remove makeup and cleanse my face.
Okay not forget, more like fall asleep without removing cos I am just too tired
and K.O while using comp unknowingly.
Need to go see dentist to extract my tooth and see a derm.
I really need to make an effort to get my referral letters from polyclinic on sat morning.

Lastly, I tried the 3D mask already!
Watch out for next entry will be on the Elishacoy event!



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