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[Event] K Palette "Eyes On You" Beauty Workshop @ Fika [Haji Lane]
Another post!
I wanted to blog about my Acnes product as it's been overdue but I though I
should blog about this first because there are dates in which you lovelies can
attend a beauty makeover and if I put it off further, you will have lesser 
opportunities to get this makeover by Japanese Makeup Artist!

Last Sunday, I was invited to the K-Palette "Eyes On You" Beauty Workshop

Can you spot my signature ^^

Itinerary for the day!

The workshop was being held at Fika [look at this cute clock!]

And there were huge bags of goodies prepared for us!

So much thought put into this event.
Even had Marshmallows made with our names!

Love love!

The 3 people on our table~

Notice something amiss?

She's trying to cover up...

Cos, she ate her "ki", only left with Tsuri! [Actually no, it came like that without the Ki!]

Sweet Tiphanie (:

Lovely Makeup Artist Sawako Shiratori san showing us 2 types of eye makeup

I'm sure many are familiar with (A).
(B) is the increasingly popular puppy eyes look~
Sawako san working her magic~

Bit by bit...

See that her eyes look larger and more awake?

Eyes are really the windows to our soul!

They can make or break your look!

Distracted by her box of goodies
[By the way, that magazine there is actually Popteen August 2011 which I had 
blogged about.]

Showing us how she used the K-Palette eyeliner to draw the model's eyelashes to
make them look darker [therefore fuller and thicker]

Just look at how many awards it [Real Lasting Eyeliner] won just locally!

Not to forget, their latest product, the Lasting 2Way Eyebrow!

See how the way you draw your brows affect your looks?
Eyebrows frame our face, so don't think that they are not important!

Picture taking time of the "Final product"! [Sorry, I was too far away T.T]

I'm sure you guys must be wondering what's in the goodies bag right?!
But let me get to the food first!
Lunch Menu~

I'm like a kid at my table having A&W Root Beer!
Tiph & Tsuriki both had Green Tea.

Firstly... soup!

The bread is nice but tad bit salty~

Next we have a choice between Chicken or Fish.
Smart Tsuriki & I decided to go for different choice so we can share.
Heart shaped Rosemary Grilled Chicken!

Pan Fried Dory Fish~


Finally, Bread butter pudding for dessert!

After Lunch, a concluding quick talk!

a #FAIL group shot taken by Elfaine!

Okay, hang on a little bit more for the goodies bag content.
The main point of this entry is...

K-palette is currently giving Free Makeover sessions!

Free makeover sessions <Free pair of falsies for the 1st 10 participants daily>:
12 July (Tues) @ Nishino Shaw #B1, 12 - 2pm
14 July (Thurs) @ BHG Bugis L1, 12 - 2pm & 6 - 8pm
15 July (Fri) @ BHG Bugis L1, 12 - 2 pm
17 July (Sun) @ Watsons Ngee Ann City, 1 - 4pm

K-Palette will also be participating at the signature CozyCot Holy Grail Beauty & Fashion Awards 2011
happening at Orchard Central! Join us on 16 & 17 July, where the Jap makeup artists will be giving free 
makeovers from 2 - 6 pm + many freebies to be given away! Also, catch us for a live makeup 
demonstration on stage on 16 July, 4 - 4.30pm!

Now, for the goodies bag...
It's probably the most generous one I've received from an event!

Look at mine & Tsuriki's goodies bags being put together.

We can open shop sell them already!

Each of us received:

Close up on the products: [ALL products are from the brand K-Palette]

1 Pair of Fake Eyelashes

1 Pack of Facial Blotting Paper & Nail file

See how cute the nail files are!

Heart shapes even at the back!

3 eyeliners
Left to Right:
1 Day Tattoo Waterproof Real Lasting Eyeliner in Deep Brown
1 Day Tattoo Waterproof Real Lasting Eyeliner in Super Black
1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner in Black [SGD $18.90]

2 Liquid Eyebrow liners
Left to right:
1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyebrow 24h in 01 Natural Brown [SGD $18.90]
1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyebrow 24h in 02 Grayish Brown [SGD $18.90]

2 2Way Eyebrow Liners
Left to Right:
1 Day Tattoo Lasting 2Way Eyebrow in 01 Chocolate Brown
1 Day Tattoo Lasting 2Way Eyebrow in 02 Honey Brown

Left to Right:
1 Day Keep Base Secret Fiber
1 Day Volume Real Lasting Volume Mascara in Jet Black

Oil contol Teka Mat Powder [SPF 15]

& That's that!
Personally, am dying to try their eyeliners!
Have been wanting to try them but because I don't use eyeliner often, my dolly wink
eyeliner lasted me for a year already and yet to completely finish up!
Can't wait to use it!

All mentioned products are sold at Watsons, Sasa and BHG islandwide in Singapore!
What are you waiting for?
Head down for one of the makeover dates and be wowed by their products!
[Then, you can buy them without guilt!]

A little bonus; Tsuriki came over my place and we cooked this for dinner~



today i found your blog because i searched for a report about the eyemazing 202 bottom lashes. your blog is really lovely and great :) great topics and great pics ^^

conny|2011/07/13 3:56 PM|
Thanks dear for your encouragement!
Himeko|2011/07/14 1:04 AM|
wow, so generous and thgoughtful! :) is this a job or something? because you seem to go to a lot of events and are very important to the brands!! ;)
|hihihi|2011/07/14 4:44 AM|
i saw 11.30PM on the itinerary...
i was like... WAAAAAA O.O so late?

hahaha jealous of ur freebies~~~~
|kelly|2011/07/14 6:14 PM|
yea, I was suprised too! Nope, I'm just a normal blogger ^^
I didn't realise their typo either! hahaha!
Himeko|2011/07/17 7:19 PM|

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