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Cafe Trip Vol 1: Hong Kong Cafe

Yes, we started off our "Cafe Exploration" with the most common cafe that
many consider as a restaurant instead; Hong Kong Cafe!

I'm sure most of us are not new to this place, it's everywhere!

I went with Clara & Deziree

My #bimbopartner [Photobombed by Deziree]

So what I had was Seafood Horfun

Well, I will probably give it a 6/10.
Reason being: The portion was too large for me. That aside, the amount of
"horfun" in ratio to the ingredients was kinda like 6:4, while veggie to prawn
was like 7.5:2.5. One big question mark for me was that being a "Seafood"
horfun, it had none of the familiar sliced fish. So the whole "seafood" horfun
only had Veggie and Prawn.
I think it should be called Prawn & Veggie Horfun.
It tasted okay, not exceptionally awesome or delicious.
In fact, I thought it tasted quite generic...
The gravy plays a big part in horfun and there was nothing notably
outstanding about it (and to top it off, it lacked sliced fish!)
So yea, a 6/10 for me, they can do much much better.

Had their Milk Tea

Milk tea wise, I will give it a 7/10.
The milk tasted very rich, yet it does not overpower the taste of the tea.
Pretty balanced!

Clara had Black Pepper Chicken rice or something...

& Deziree's noodle (I didn't take note of the names beside mine!)

Well I can't comment for their food since I didn't taste them~
Personally, I'm sure there are better Hongkong styled cafe around.
I rather you head to a dimsum place if you wanna have a more "hong kong"
kinda cuisine since Hong Kong is also famous for Dimsum.

Should you go Hong Kong Cafe to eat if you haven't?
Well, it's not a recommended eatery in my opinion, since there's nothing
very special about the experience (not really a concept cafe) nor great

Well, I could be wrong, all I had was 1 dish.
Revisit in future; maybe, just so I can confirm my verdict.

Okay, review aside~
After food, we went to toilet at Ion Orchard to camwhore, hurhurhur!

Be warned

There are so many shots!

I can sense BP grabbing photos from me already

That shameless girl!

Okay, we are damn #shameless to camwhore like this.

We camwhored really long...

Like... 30 minutes?

They kept copying my pose because they didn't know what to do, hurhurhur.

Random candid of them

Wink again!


LOTD (ignore my ugly shoes!)


and again!

Okay, last solo shot (for now)

Deziree is TOO TALL.

See how much she had to bend to accomodate me? (emo)

Then, something caught our eye.

It's Clara doing something Bimbotic (as usual!)


I'm pretending to be the tallest

Deziree's favourite pose (she looks so cute!)

I'm not focusing.

This is cute~ I told them there are 2 consect shots and they forgot!
So I'm the only 1 that changed my pose!

We wanted to do the typical "ah-lian" pose with numbers.

and two

I love you! R to L, that is.

Tried to do it the other way round but Dez was slow! (Clara's mouth, HAHAHA)

Okay succeeded!

I love this shot!

#laughs at Clara yap wei wei

She's always making epic faces!


Clara is stoning again.

Wink shot again

We wanted to do a funny shot but when I looked at Clara, whose supposed to
be looking blankly upwards, I just had to laugh.
Her face was TOO EPIC

I swear she does the funniest shit ever! (tried to stop laughing but failed)


Clara laughed too much.

hurhur after our series of camwhoring shots, we went to Mcdonnies at Lucky
Plaza to chat (read: gossip & bitch)
Chatted till we missed the timing, no more buses to go home!
My lovely bro drove down to fetch me home!
I was feeling bad about leaving them behind to wait, so I told them to come
over my house to wait for the first bus instead.
And when they arrived...

Yes, they raided my cupboards.
Each taking a side.

Followed by reading my popsister and magazines.
I feel like my room is some sorta beauty relaxation place.
They said my room is better than Watsons, LOL.

So stayed up with them till morning, then they cabbed home!
& that concludes my day with them.
Didn't have any sleep for me because I had to rush down to *Scape after
they left for a shoot!
Will blog about that in my next entry!
I already edited and uploaded the pictures too!
#hardworking blogger

See you guys again tonight!


I love your lower lashes... :)
|Emily|2011/07/04 10:49 AM|
Aww, thank you! It's Diamond Lash Blue Tray "Charming", the corner band which goes on your tail for each eye!
Himeko|2011/07/05 1:15 AM|

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