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Candy Doll Powder Foundation in Shade 01 「キャンディドール パウダーファンデーション01」 Review

Hi guys~
Bringing you another review :3
I don't really know how to do foundation review T.T
But I don't think you will need to see swatches because... it's like my skin tone... right?
Let me know if you want them.
I'll just show you product shots and when used for now.

Candy Doll Powder Foundation in Shade 01
「キャンディドール パウダーファンデーション01」 :

Product Weight : 10g

Product Ingredients: Talc, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Methacrylate
Mechirukurosuporima (?), Isotridecyl Isononanoate, Hydrogen Dimethicone,
Silica, Dimethicone, Hexa (hydroxystearic acide/ stearic acid/ rosin acid),
Jipentaerisurichiru (?), Stearic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Hydroxide, Al, Phenoxyethanol,
Iron Oxides.
[Sorry, 2 of the ingredients cannot be translated... I tried my best to read and
fit words in but they just can't work!]

Foundation type: Powder

Packaging: 9/10 - Firstly, it's pink. Secondly, black stripes. Thirdly, compact.
Fourthly, comes with mirror inside and the sponge is kept at a separate
compartment from the powder (more hygienic). MAD LOVE IT!

Coverage: 6.5/10 - The foundation is not really a "heavy duty" type, meaning
if you are looking for high coverage, this will not work for you. This one only
boost up to medium coverage. If you have alot of blemishes/ scars/ redness to
cover, do use a concealer before using this!

Texture: 8/10 - Smooth and fine! Very lightweight on my face too. I also liked
how it did not crack on my face. [I have very extreme skin conditions; it can go
from dry (even peeling sometimes) to oily in just an hour or less] Huge plus
point and another reason why I will use it again (I tried some other compact
foundation before, but ended up cracking on my face).

Blendability : 8.5/10 - It blends splendidly! The powder is fine so it's kinda
expected eh?

Lasting Power: 7.5/10 - It lasted pretty darn long. When I use it just as
foundation, it lasted about 5 to 6 hours. When I use it very lightly as a veil
over liquid foundation/ bb cream, my face stayed shine free for nearly 7 hours!

Availability: 8.5/10 It is retailing in Watsons Singapore and I'm sure you
have a Watsons near you! You can also get this item online from BlingAlways!

Price: 4/10 - I personally think the price is over the top. I got a friend who
went Japan to buy it for me, so I paid 2100 yen (appox. SGD $33) for it. If you
talk about how long one can use it for, doing the "amount per day" calculation,
yes it might be worth it but compared to other brands and foundations
available [talking about drugstore], this is definitely much more expensive.
Watsons is selling it at SGD $40.90 [understandable that they have to be
on par with Japan pricing and recoup shipping. Online, BlingAlways sells it at SGD $36.90. 

Repurchase: Yes. I don't need extremely high coverage most of the time
because I think it's more natural when my flaws (I do have very bad 
blemishes) peek through the veil of powder on my face. It is lightweight, which
is a plus point for repurchase (but the price is a huge setback though...) I can
always slap on some concealer if I want to conceal my flaws (that's what
concealers are for, right?!)

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

If not for the price, I would have given it a 9.5!
Super love this though, but it's really hard to get and while I would love to
repurchase it, it will really burn a big hole in my pocket =/ Love hate
relationship with this product! [I just don't seem to be able to justify paying
so much for drugstore foundation D: Then again, it's Tsu-chan... xD]

I will recommend to head over to BlingAlways to
purchase it as of the few online shops that carry it, it is by far the cheapest 
of them all! Do remember to quote "LoveHimeko" for Free Postage! :3

Oh yes, don't forget to "like" BlingAlways Facebook Page too!
[ahem ahem, and mine too!]



How about the colour wise? Is it too light? I heard it's quite whitish.
|winnie|2011/06/11 7:01 PM|
Hmm, it compliments my skintone very well!
I'm ZA 20/ Mac NC20/25.
Himeko|2011/06/13 12:23 PM|

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