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[Sponsored] Bio Essence Celebrity Choice 7 days Challenge - The Aftermath

Read part 1 HERE.
Let's look at the products again shall we?

Celebrity's Choice Inchloss Body Cream - EXTRA STRENGTH

Celebrity's Choice Inchloss Shower Scrub

A small small recap:
So basically, Extra strength is like a "new formula - stronger & better" kinda concept, enhanced from the previous Celebrity's
Choice Inchloss Body Cream.
To be honest, I did not apply the cream for 7 days.
Because on the 2nd day, I developed red spots on the right of my arm.
Unfortunately, my camera was spoilt by my brother during the week of challenge too, so I don't have proper pictures to show.
So I thought I will stop applying everywhere on my body altogether [though it only appeared on my right arm] and see if it gets
better the next day.
On day 3, it was still as bad, so I emailed Thesamplestore to inform them of the situation and that I might be unable to continue the
challenge due to allergic reaction that afternoon.

Very efficiently, on the same day around evening, Faith from Bio Essence called me personally to find out more about my "rashes."
Turns out, it was developed because I scratched it!
When the heat sensation first came, it was pretty pricky thus I scratched it thinking it was itch; a reaction caused as I might be
sensitive towards the ingredients used in the product.
Faith explained to me that the sensation can be very harsh and thus seem to be "biting" and "pricky" when in fact, it's just the
burning effect of the cream.
Allergic reaction is when one develops the rash without doing anything to the area affected.
So very cautiously, I resumed the application of product on day 4, just once a day all the way till day 7.
So, out of the 7 days, I only applied 4 days.
I wasn't actually expecting to see any results because I didn't feel anything.

But, here are the final measurements! [now the whole world will know how fat I am, zomg]

Before [all measurements are in CM & circumference taken]:
Left Arm: 22 cm
Right Arm: 21.5 cm
Left Thigh: 40.5 cm
Right Thigh: 40 cm
Tummy: 59.2 cm

After [all measurements are in CM & circumference taken]:
Left Arm: 21 cm
Right Arm: 21 cm
Left Thigh: 39 cm
Right Thigh: 39.5 cm
Tummy: 57 cm

Left  Arm: 1 cm
Right Arm: 0.5 cm
Left Thigh: 1.5 cm
Right Thigh: 0.5 cm
Tummy: 2.2 cm
Total combined reduction: 5.7cm!

My tummy lost a whooping 2.2cm with just 4 days of usage [once a day only, thus I've only applied the cream 4 times!]
You might think 2.2 cm is meagre, but look, I did not even do anything and I lost inches [or rather CM in this case] from my body!

Honestly, I was pleasantly suprised.
5.7 cm in just 4 days, once a day application regime.
I was skeptical about the efficiency of such "toning" products, never really believed that they will actually work.
Bio Essence Celebrity's Choice proved me wrong, and the results are the best proof.
I do recommend using just a baby amount on your first application and slowly increase the quantity you dispense and work on your
body so you will be able to accurately gauge your body tolerance's to the heat of the cream.
If it gets unbearably itchy/ hot, DO NOT SCRATCH IT!
Take a damp, cold towel and gently wipe the area where the uncomfy feeling is.

You can purchase Bio Essence from Watsons [I do have feedback from my reader that she can't find the cream, so do head over to
bigger Watsons outlets like the one at Vivocity/ Serangoon NEX/ Ngee Ann City.]
A few of my readers feedback to me that they really liked the cream and the heat sensation makes them feel like "something is
happening," haha!
So cute and supportive, my lovely readers ^^
So go grab your tube of Bio Essence Celebrity's Choice Inchloss Cream now!
I'm still using the cream whenever I can remember to apply >.<
I will add in some exercise in the near future to further aid the process of toning my flabs!

*determined to strike off the "lose weight" line from my new year resolution before it decides to move in and settle down as
permanent resident!*

p/s: Sorry, no pictures because my camera was still dead at the results day =/ I know, it's so boring to read chunks of words,
I'm sorry I will make up for it in the next post!



saw u for the event but too shy to say hi >.<
|Celeste Vania|2011/05/25 10:34 PM|
@Celeste Vania
Aww dear, should have said hi~ ):
Himeko|2011/05/26 3:34 AM|

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