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[Sponsored] Bio Essence – “The Biggest Loser in 7 Days!” Slimming Challenge + ZUMBA TONING Dance Workshop!

Hello guys!

Yes, I am blogging a proper entry amidst all the emo-ing over my Canon G12.
That's because these photos were taken before that and edited ahead of time so I decided that I should do it nao instead of
letting it sit.

So here's how the story goes:

I was informed that I was selected to participate in Bio Essence's "The Biggest Loser in 7 Days!" Slimming Challenge + ZUMBA Toning Dance Workshop."
Quite a mouthful, yes?
Now before you jump into conclusions, let me tell you the definition of SLIM.


[slim] Show IPA adjective, slim·mer, slim·mest, verb, slimmed, slim·ming, noun
1. slender, as in girth or form; slight in build or structure.
2. poor or inferior: a slim chance; a slim excuse.
3. small or inconsiderable; meager; scanty: a slim income.

So, nope if you think I am going for some weigh loss workshop or this post is gonna be about me telling you tricks or methods
[diets] to use/follow in order to loss some extra weight, you can stop reading right about now.

They are not promising you WEIGHT LOSS [whoever believes you can lose weight just by sitting there, you can keep dreaming]
They are promising inches OFF your body parts circumference by TONING and burning the excess FATS, giving you firmer
and a more slender silouette.

Well, for someone who is constantly complain about her flabs, I am up for it!

Though Clara bailed out on me, I was glad to see my junior, Yijing!

Yes, you can laugh at my shirt now.
I stole it from my brother xD [He is the smallest guy, wearing XS!]

Being away from sports for a good 6~7 years [Ahem* hockey*]
I have no sports gear T.T
Though XS for him is still big for me, I had no choice~~

The studio we were brought into after taking our measurements.

*pretends to be taking my surroundinds*

View from California Fitness @ Bugis Tower Level 4.


*pretends again*

I'm a celebrity choice blogger!

Here comes Faith from Bio Essence!

& so she starts giving us some product knowledge and background of the Celebrity Choice line!

A little distracted by the huge ass product model [can't wait to try!]

And a little distracted by myself [I look like I'm here to play, not sports!]

So, here's the Celebrity Choice Line up!

Notice the InchLoss Body Cream EXTRA STRENGTH?
We will learn more in a bit!
I will not be talking about results or my measurements in this post because that will go into my second post in my post
thoughts and experience from using the products (:
This is just a general introduction!

So what's so unique and special?
It's the ingredients! [Sorry for the quality, I tweak with the lighting and levels a little so the words are more intense and legible]

I am gonna be highlighting 3 of the products from the whole Celebrity Choice range [5] here.
Firstly, the InchLoss Shower Scrub!

Next, The InchLoss Body Cream.

Look, even Local Celebrity, Aileen, loves it! [No wonder it's celebrity choice!]

Now, the Inchloss body cream already worked wonders for many people.
Did you know that Bio Essence had a 14 day challenge in 2009?

Look at what bloggers had to say back then!
[There's even a male! And note that even with the original formula, it already enjoyed much love and worked wonders!]

So the question is, are you ready for more awesomeness?
Because Bio Essence decided to launch...

That's right, their popular Body Cream in EXTRA STRENGTH!
2 times the power!

So here's product trying time!
I couldn't take pictures when I was at the Bio Essence workshop and had to leave early too, thus missing the Zumba
Workshop as well ):
Therefore, I will show you in my very own room the guide to applying and using the products!
[Shower Scrub is generally the same steps, but remember it can cause a burning sensation and you definitely want to avoid
the scrub coming into contact with your sensitive areas]

Another thing to note is that these cream do NOT give you a heat sensation right after/ upon application.
The sensation can come AS AND WHEN, so you gotta give it time to seep into your skin and work the flabs (:
My first burn came about 5 hours after application when I was at the club so that was kinda weird ^^;;

Now, the parts I want to kill the flabs are:
1. Tummy

2. Arms


Here I will be using Celebrity Choice InchLoss Body Cream EXTRA STRENGTH.


Don't be afraid to use it! If you think that just because it gives a hot sensation and it will smell spicy/ choking, you are WRONG!
The smell is really sweet and pleasant; a pleasant suprise for sure!

Squeeze a tiny tiny amount!
This is because the sensation will come AS AND WHEN, so you don't want to apply too much and then when the sensation
hits you, you realise it's too hot and you are not at a convenient place to wash off the cream/ soothe the feeling with cold

Dab on my arms~

& rub in a circular UPWARD motion.
This is because we want to create a "lifting" effect and defy the pull of gravity which sags your skin.
Flab adds onto the weight, so that's like a super sag effect!

Avoid the folds on your skin! [In this case, your arm fold]
This is because this area is very sensitive!

Moving on, tummy!
Remember, tummy is the area above belly button! [about 2 fingers]

rub rub~

Now for legs!
Try to do this while standing up and use both hands.
Here I have to take pictures so I can only show you a rough illustration.

Pull all the flabs! [begone begone!]

Now you are done!

With the help of Celebrity Choice to tone your body, you should probably start doing some exercise to also lose
some extra weight! [Remember, Celebrity choice promises INCHES OFF, not WEIGHT]
Some small tips:

So, stay tuned for part 2 where I will reveal my measurements, results, as well as thoughts about the products!



Hi, where can I purchase the InchLoss Body Cream EXTRA STRENGTH :) ?
|Shu Ting|2011/05/12 11:20 PM|
@Shu Ting
Dear, they can be found in Watson!
Try bigger outlets like the one at ngee ann/ nex/ vivocity!
Himeko|2011/05/13 11:16 PM|
Oh okays! No wonder I couldn't find it. Was trying out outlets at east area :/.
|Shu Ting|2011/05/14 8:44 PM|

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