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A little haywire

My plans, that is.

Many things I've planned did not go well.
While some disappoint, some definitely suprised me.

Mimi was asking me what I wanted for my birthday, and she said she wanna
get diamond earrings for me.
I told her it's pointless since I don't like wearing them anymore.
So I casually said Ipod touch.
Always wanted one, but never felt the urge/ need to jump onto the
bandwagon; you know what I mean.
then dad came over to me, passed me his card.
Apparently he overheard, so he told me to get it.
And so I did.
Though he is paying for it, I got the 32 GB one.
64 is way too much, I don't see the need for that.

So went around and got my screen protector as well as a nice pink leather case.
Bought daddy a wallet too.
And bought a whole lotta pens.
I think my excitment about going back to school is pretty darn in your face.
just on pens, I spent over $20 at Kinokuniya!
And they were all the useless colours that I already have!
[think pink, yellow, orange, purple and red]

I have no idea what I'm doing, I think I'm just excited!
But I think I will be anti social as usual =/
Ahh, I'm such an introvert.
And things probably won't be changing anytime soon.
I tried to change but I just can't!
Maybe that's why I like to go clubbing; being someone I'm not without any
judgement or strings attached, all in good fun.

Okay so anyway I'm not an apple fan, thus I am kinda having so much
difficulties in trying to make the itouch work.
I'm dying to take piccies of many things today but my camera is with my bro
since his girlf's birthday is today.
Oh well, you guys will see them tomorrow (:

I will upload the diamond blush later once I've figured my itouch out.
Lucky for me that I took the piccies last night and uploaded them just before
passing to my bro (:

I received many compliments about my wig when I was out today too!




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