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Prisila Wig TAN x LiYE

I'm posting this under makeup haul cos it has no where to go!

Okay so I got this prisila wig which is not the real thing [real one cost up to
SGD $300 and I'm too poor], but it's very close to the real thing and I am
totally BOWLED OVER by it.

It comes like this:

Nice bag for you to store your wig (:

So one very HUGE plus point:

See how it is not shiny under direct light?
It looks SUPER natural, totally cannot tell!

As you can see, it is not silky smooth for sure, but definitely is very soft.
[I mean, who have shiny and smooth "plastic looking" hair right?]
But it is mad soft!
I'm not sure if you know the difference between being smooth and soft but...
it looks a hell lot more natural than the other orangey long wig of mine!

See how nice the highlights are being spread?
Mine is TAN x LiYE by the way (:

Unfortunately, the wigs don't come with wig cap or comb or anything at all.
Luckily I have them myself~

This is how long it looks.
OMG I finally have butt long hair!

And Behold~~ Here are quick camwhore shots of the prisila wig I took upon
request of quite a few of my spree-ers!

It's really MAD NATURAL.

I wish this is my real hair T.T

Alot of wigs have very sparse fringe. This one is mad thick!

As well as the hair volume, omg super super LOVE!

I know I'm so boring but I really like this SO MUCH!

I don't think I can bear to curl it!

I will definitely buy 2- 4 wigs the next round... xD

Ahh *squeals!*

And here's a hint as to what the next post will be about (:

Off to club now!



|bella|2011/05/01 1:04 AM|
i know right dear, the wig is so awesome!! I wanna buy every one!
Himeko|2011/05/01 12:26 PM|
mind to share where to get the wig? looks great on you =)
|Rene|2011/05/03 10:28 PM|
Dear, I do spree for it, you can like my spree page here:

Next spree for Jap cosmetics and Prisila Wigs will be open on 13 May ^^
Himeko|2011/05/04 1:37 AM|
Waaa, how much is this wig??? So gorgeous!
|Luciana|2011/05/05 12:32 AM|
Ohh.. the wig looks great on you! ^^
i have a wig but dont dare to wear it out.. seems weird on me >.< hahah

please do a detailed tutorial on how do you wear your wigs~
thank you
|るうか|2011/05/05 1:16 AM|
Hey dear, they cost me about SGD $60 including shipping (:

Thanks dear (:
I will email you regarding your items tomorrow, was busy uploading all the wigs onto FB!
Prisila has wig tutorials on youtube, why not check theirs out ^^
Don't be too concious of the wig and no one will know it is fake!
Himeko|2011/05/05 2:37 AM|
hey, I'm wondering if your wig is made outta synthetic fibers or real hair?
|lou|2011/05/09 11:09 AM|
Hey dear, it's synthetic (:
Himeko|2011/05/09 3:32 PM|
Does the wig tangle up easily and is it heat resistant? :D
|えみ|2011/05/11 11:38 PM|
えみちゃん〜 The wig is extremely long so I do get it tangled because I don't really know how to handle/ not used to such long hair~ However, proper care after each use will ensure the condition of wig does not deterior quickly! Yes it is resistant to up to 180 degree celcius (:
Himeko|2011/05/12 1:03 AM|
Hi where you buy the wig, Im interesting Im From Mexico.
|Grisel|2011/06/21 5:00 AM|
Hey dear, I spree for them on my fb page here :
Not doing international shipping at the moment but planning to look into it!
Himeko|2011/06/24 2:50 PM|

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