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GEO WMM305 Princess Mimi in Apple Green (15.0mm)

Yes, the holy pair of contact lens I've been searching HIGH and LOW for!
Imagine my happiness when I finally found a shop that sells it at a reasonable
I've been eyeing it eversince I first saw Tsubasa Masuwaka doning it.
Then when GEO finally produced the Angel Color Bambi Series under the
repackaged name or Princess Mimi, I was overjoyed!
However, for overseas orders, they only have Chocolate Brown and Sesame
Grey in degree, up to 600 degrees!

Yes, that was a TOTAL BUMMER.
I emo-ed for the longest time.
I even contemplated getting plano lens just to curb the desire of owning the
pair in apple green.
I tried browsing many sites but I only managed to find 2 which are US/ Canada
Though the sites are trustworthy, but the prices was pretty pricey (After
shipping, each pair of lens cost about SGD $45~ SGD$50)

Just when I lost hope and almost clicked the buy button from those webs,
this website poped up!

That is Circlelens2u
Yes, it is a real life saver.
Each piece of lens cost only SGD $15.90, meaning a pair will cost me just SGD
Most of the lenses only go up to SGD $16.90 per piece~

Furthermore, I found this site just in time for their contest of winning free lens!
So before I clicked that purchase, I thought, why not just try my luck?
and guess what I saw after 2 days?

I won! I can't believe how lucky I was!
Oh yes, as you can see from the above print screen,
circlelens2u has ready stock which can be shipped within 48 hours.

Internation buyers, fret not.
The flat shipping rate of SGD $5 worldwide is unbeatable!

Local buyers, don't start yelling "unfair" because you get free shipping when
you spend above SGD $80!

Honestly, this site offers the best international shipping rate I've seen thus

Honestly speaking, I was not expecting anything from just entering the
I thought I will just do it since it's simple and if by the day the winners are
announced, I will just purchase it anyway on my own if I fail to win.
Not even for a second did I believe I will win!

And what do I mean by "simple steps" to winning your free pair of lens?

Step 1: Like their Facebook Page

Step 2: Share and

Step 3: Shout out their slogan in your message box!
Slogan is:, Give me a free pair of circle lens!
[Here I did not do that because I've already won so I am just sharing the
awesome news and that the giveaway is definitely no hoax/ gimmick!]
Then you are ready to click that "Share"!

Yes, it is THAT EASY.
There's really no harm in trying, you might be unexpectedly winning something
just like I did?

So after sharing the good stuff, I am finally going into review proper!
So they shipped the lens to me on the promised 12 April!
I didn't expect them to go all the way and do registered mail for me!

Excitedly ripper the envelop and it revealed~

When I first saw the bottle, I was a little afraid.
Because of how almost impossible it is to purchase Apple Green in degree, I
wanted to make sure that my lens are indeed authentic.
There are many ways you can check the authenticity online, and through the
help of net resources, I can safely say my lenses are definitely authentic,
right from GEO Medical!
Well, has been in business since 2006 so creditability wise,
it is surely there.

So here's how the lenses look like in the bottle.

How the lens look like

Wearing it on both eyes

Close up of the lens in flash in my left eye

Close up of Lens in Natural/ low light

So here's my take!

GEO WMM305 Princess Mimi in Apple Green (15.0mm) *:

Wearability/ Versatile [9/10] - I am extremely biased. However, truthfully
speaking, though it is green, it can actually blend with my eyes really well
and look fairly natural! Green is a pretty hard to rock color and I'm pretty sure
I did a fair job!

Design [10/10] - I already adore the design. Now it's in the color I totally
am DYING to get my hands on. Though I always try to leave some room for
improvement, but I don't think a pair of lens which I will come to like better
will come anytime soon so the very first 10/10 in history for contact lenses

Comfort [9/10] - I NEVER ever have any problems with GEO, so I can
 never understand why people keep complaining about it! I wore it for 17
hours straight [I know, I pity my eyes, really] after 1 day of soaking in solution
and no discomfort or dryness experienced!

Enlargement [8.5/10] - Like other Princess Mimi from GEO, it is also 15mm
and The enlargement is no exeptionally prominent or very huge. I still think
Super Angel Series gives off the best enlargement effect despite being just
14.8mm compared to Geo Princess Mimi's 15mm. 

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

*I am TOTALLY in love with this. I can just wear this everyday and neglect
my other dust attracting lenses!.



the lenses really look pretty on you!
I just bought the whole set of bambi lenses and i cant wait to try it!
There's also a series that Tsubasa wore for her Dollywink false lashes promo!
I think its the geo xtra sakura lenses!
|nefta|2011/04/16 12:17 PM|

Hey dear!
Thanks for the heads up, I will check out the xtra sakura lenses xD
I'm sure you will love love love love LOVE the bambi series like me!
Himeko|2011/04/17 8:09 AM|
i'm ordering GEO Bambi Lenses too ^^
and i'm opening a spree for it~
do you want to join? :)
るうか|2011/04/24 4:18 AM|
@ Ruuka
Hi dear, I have all 3 from Bambi, so I don't think I need any (:
Himeko|2011/04/26 1:01 AM|

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