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Diamond Lash DL51594 ビューティ Eye [Beauty Eye]

Did you see that right?
Eyelash reviews are making a comeback!
I figured it's about time I fulfill all the request regarding the new falsies I have
[actually not new anymore since I stopped eyelash review so long ago~]

So here's a new eyelash review to kick start the whole series again!

Today I'm gonna be reviewing Diamond Lash DL51594 ビューティ Eye [Beauty Eye]

I've been using this pair alot!

Close up of eyelashes

So I'm sorry for lousy shots.
The lighting just wasn't/ refused to work!

Upper Lashes: Diamond Lash DL51594 ビューティ Eye [Beauty Eye]
Lower Lashes: DL51596 フェミニン Eye [Feminine Eye]

How the false lashes look on eye

45 degree view

Blurry, but you can see the lashes naturally curl upwards.

Side view

Visual Easy Rating for Diamond Lash - Beauty Eye*:

 Volume (6/10) - Not really providing much volume, but significant enough
to tell you are wearing falsies. Thin strands between thick strands.

 Length (lash strands) [7/10] - Pretty long as you can see from the side view
and I really like that xD It helps to make my eyes look bigger when I push the
lashes up, giving the "open" effect to my eyes.

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Like all other diamond upper lashes, the very
long lash band creates the illusion of your eyes being longer. And with the
long lash strands, it balance out and give a larger eye effect.

 Ease of Application [8/10] - As usual like other diamond lashes!

 Comfort [8/10] - Very comfy as all my lashes are (Why I LOVE Japanese

 Reusability [7/10] - Definitely reusable. However, since the lash strands
are pretty thin and the lash band feels kinda more vulnerable compared to
the hot pink and purple tray lashes. Extra care must be taken when cleaning
the lashes!

 Price [8.5/10] - CHEAP. About SGD $22 for 5 pairs [Japan quality!], if you
think this is still expensive, go shoot yourself!

Overrall Rating: 7/10

*This pair is very compatible with natural makeup!*

That's all for nao. I'm so happy to be doing an eyelash review after so long!



Cheers because i have this too ! It's a pity you review it after i bought it haha, it actually appear quite voluminous on the model but in rl not so :/ Please review more eyelashies in future! Hee, you are the only person who i know of actually own so much Japan lashes, I wanna own some of them in future as well !
|Bella|2011/04/16 1:00 AM|
@ Bella
haha thanks dear, glad I was of some help to you [belated xD]
You can check out the categories on the side bar for some
old reviews I've done!
Himeko|2011/04/17 8:10 AM|

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