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Holika Holika Egg Soap Special Set First Impression [Charcoal]

Hey guys!
So, yesterday I bought these babies.

Well, I tried out the Charcoal "flavour" today!
Though a little tricky to use [I have no idea how to lather and foam it so I just
took the whole Egg soap and rub it on my face (笑)], I love how clean my
skin felt after use!
It doesn't dry my skin out too [no overly tight feeling after rinsing and skin
remains moisturized after drying the excess water on face after rinse.]
One thing I do have qualms about is the smell.
It smelt like....... very very strong egg white.
Overwhelming to the point of being pungent to me.
Okay, it's bearable if you don't smell it on purpose but when you rub it around
your nose area [if you rub the whole soap on your face like me], the smell just
surge into your nostrils and OMG I just wanna die T.T

Other than that, I am loving it!
Well, this is just a first impression.
I want to use the different "flavours" daily but since I wanna review it, I shall
use each flavour for about 3 - 4 days to test for any outbreaks/ bad reaction.

Hope I was useful!
(if you dislike egg-y smell, do not buy! But then again, I'm not very sure if it's
just the Charcoal one that gives off such smell when wet or all the egg soaps



himeko, any bad reactions to the charcoal soap?please do tell.I have oily sensitive skin, any mistakes on picking skin products will give me white and blackheads.I've been wanting to try the charcoal soap, just dont have the courage to do so as blackheads means painful facials.

hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!
|dismassia|2012/03/29 4:43 PM|
Hi dear, I did not experience any problems with the charcoal egg soap ^^ Didn't overdry/ break me out and I do have sensitive skin too! The blackhead claim worked well in early stages but not so much towards the middle. One thing I have to warn you about the charcoal soap is the smell~ Can be quite nasty to some people!
Himeko|2012/03/30 1:42 AM|

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