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GEO WMM-304 Princess Mimi in Chocolate Brown [15.0mm]

So, few days ago a whole bunch of contact lens arrived for my colleagues and myself.

I bought these - Princess Mimi series!

Overview of both lenses:

With Flash

Normal Lighting

Both Eyes

They do appear pretty nicely in photos, but definitely not as obvious as what
Tsubasa/ Kumikki's photos show.

Phailed attempt at winking again.

GEO WMM304 Princess Mimi in Chocolate Brown (15.0mm) *:

 Wearability/ Versatile [9/10] - I am biased. Okay, not really. It really is very versatile and I love it! Brown is a colour suitable for everything and anything! And this screams gyaru too!

 Design [9.5/10] - ADORE IT. I've been lusting for it eversince I first saw it on Tsu-chan [as pointed out by Shiyun
darling!] When I first wore it, I thought the design looked really light but when I took pictures with it, it totally shows!
by far the highest rating for design I guess?

Comfort [8.5/10] - I know how people have not so good opinions of GEO, but I NEVER had any problems with them since my Angel/ Nudy Brown ones a year ago. I don't have dry eyes so I guess that kinda helped in comfort level? I wore
this pair over 16 hours the very first time and I still didn't feel much discomfort. Probably a little tired [which is like a "duh"
thing] but other than there, it's perfect!

 Enlargement [8.5/10] - It's 15.0mm, the largest from GEO yet! As you can see, my eyes are really HUGE. If I do not
wear any makeup with these, I look like an alien [you will see an example in my next post]

Overall Rating: 9/10

*I absolutely LOVE this pair! I've been eyeing and drooling over it since the very first time I saw Green Apple on Tsubasa!
But it's hard to get it since they only have it in Japan and it's forever out of stock in Japan too! Scream "YEAH!"



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