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Weekend Part 1!

*throws confetti*
It's weekend!

Oh wait, I meant it was weekend....... ):
Overdue again, because I'm just too busy.
So here's the first part of pictures to my last weekend!

Friday night look for butter

Not very clear but heck, I'm lazy.

Then come Saturday!
I went to tuition like this.
I'm quite fortunate my tutee family don't judge me (笑)

I love shades shades! [but it's too huge!]


Met Hun & Qilu for lunch and movie.
I was the first [somehow I always am when the 3 of us meet] and Qilu was the last as usual, hahaha.
This for lunch!

Of cos, there's me.

Qilu's food came first~


I wanted to eat my chicken herbal thingy, but settled for this in the end because I don't wanna eat rice =/

Not very awesome though, my vote definitely goes to the chicky.
So yea, I basically brought my camera out the whole day but didn't use it.
*palm face*
Anway, after lunch, we watched Red Riding Hood.
Best part of the movie was definitely the boys.
Ahhh *squeals*
Max Irons is H-awt.
He modelled for Mango!
Oh, so fine.
But he's taken =/
Which means only Shiloh Fernandez is left.
But did I mention I have a soft spot for cute looking blonde over brunet?
So anyway, upon some snooping around, I took notice of this name which kept appearing in discussions involving who will
nab the role of Jace Wayland - Alex Pettyfer.
So google [the ever so useful tool] I did and zomg that guys is mighty fine!
He modelled for Burberry, major H-awtness!
Then more snooping, I realised that I actually seen him before!

Have you guys got it yet?

He is the lead in "I Am Number Four!"
*drops dead and dies*

Okay, I hope he gets the Jace Wayland role because..... I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM! [already!]
He is just 21 this year! [older than me, yay! (that's very rare these days for an old hag here)]
Max Irons already failed to get the role as the new heartthrob in Pirates of the Carribean 4, please let me have some Alex Pettyfer!

Okay, enough uninteresting spazzing from me.
Something that I am more excited about; I finally bought this from Missha!
It's the Choboyang bb cream!
I've been wanting to get it eversince I saw Catalina using it.
And being a Missha fan, when I saw this new release I just had to grab it!
only downside that held me off from buying for so long is the price.
Compared to other bb cream, Missha is alot pricier.
The Choboyang actually cost about SGD $50 +!
For a bb cream, I'm not sure if I really want to throw that money.
I bought the M perfect Signature for SGD $40+ and my heart was already cracking.
I guess the looking at the market price of most BB Creams, it just made Missha seem like semi luxury brand for BB Cream.

However, I 'm such a Missha fan girl. So yes, I bought it.
The last time I enquired at Orchard Central's one and only Missha Outlet in Singapore, it was out of stock!
Went over the last weekend and guess what, they just restocked!
[Yep, they took THAT long.]
So after like 10 minutes of thinking, I bought it [ikr, I ought to shoot myself]

Major happiness~
I already tried it by the way!

& I'm lovin' it!

Coverage is good as usual!
The reason why I always seem to turn back to Missha is probably because it is the best selling BB Cream in Korea [the land of bb
creams!] and though pricey, the quality really justifies for the amount I paid.
A little goes a long way, and the coverage is just awesome without feeling heavy on my skin.
I'm pretty sure other brands I have [Bio Essence, Kanebo, Liole, Skin79, Cuskin, ElishaCoy] works equally well but... I'm just biased
when it comes to BB Creams [Korea brand for starters] and I look at those "No. 1 seller" publicity alot. So... I have like a dozen BB
Creams sitting in my cupboard.
*palm face*

Okay, that's all for this entry.
I don't think I will be doing BB Cream review yet.
I have too many "overviews" and "swatches" to do as of now so... Reviews of everything will have to wait!
Oh, I said I was gonna do a room tour, yes?
Well, I still don't have time to do a proper one [I know, you guys are probably more interested in my makeup area, or maybe just
only interested in the makeup area], so i did a really brief overview one.
I uploaded the vids like 3 days ago but yet to get started because I have absolutely no time.
Hopefully I can just smash the video and get it posted on youtube by today or tomorrow morning.
Stay tuned (:




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