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Eyemazing Cosmeline by Jun Komori「純小森」- Cheek Color/Blush Swatches
Hello ^^
Yes, keeping up with my schedule!
Firstly, here are the Cheek Color photos :3

I am very pleased to say that my skill was awesome yesterday and pictures are true to product colour in reality!

#1. Eyemazing Cosmeline Cheek Color in Shell Pink

#2. Eyemazing Cosmeline Cheek Color in Sweet Pink

#3. Eyemazing Cosmeline Cheek Color in Miracle Orange

#4. Eyemazing Cosmeline Cheek Color in Lavender

& I think this swatch photo is awesome! [bask in self praise & halo above my head]

L to R: Lavender, Shell Pink, Miracle Orange, Sweet Pink

So my take on the blush so far?

Visual Easy Rating:

Well, it is really flat and compact [albeit cheap looking] but when you look at it from another point, it is simple and clean, totally no frills.

Color Selection [7.5/10]
: I like the colors they offer, very suitable for me [gyaru ftw!] Also, they are not packed with shimmers, so that is a plus plus point for me!

Pigmentation [8/10 ]
:  When I swatched it with my finger, a reasonable amount of pigment stained my fingertips thus I will say color payoff is pretty decent. Only minus point I took off was because when I swatched whatever that was on my fingertips to my hand, I could see that they can be rubbed off pretty easily, which makes me quite doubtful about the staying power.

Blend-ability [7.5/10]
:  When swatched with my fingers, I can already see that the blush can be spread pretty well and thus blending will not be a problem!

Price [5/10]
: The product packaging, as you can see, is really shallow and small. No amount of product is stated too (I suspect is 3g though). I think I'm kinda paying for the brand [& Jun's producing/ endorsing feel

Repurchase [3.5/10]
: I probably won't repurchase it because it is not worth the price. The 3.5 is given because I'm a sucker for collection stuff so I might still be tempted into a unworthy deal *palm face*

Overall Score: 6.5/10*

* Well, there are a lot of cheaper alternatives out there that works equally well [E.g my 28 blush palette, though portability is a little more troublesome] so this is not exactly a holy grail product or a must have. Then again, it's a brand by a model so that slightly justifies for the price. I have not compared this with other model released products [like Melliesh by Yui & 
Candy Doll by Tsubasa] but I'm seeing pretty similar colours. But what I do like about this is that it is not loaded with shimmers [not a big fan of shimmer on face] so it gives off a very matte dolly look; perfect for gyaru! The colors from this collection are very fun colors so I will not recommened using them for work if you are in a formal environment - maybe you can try sweet pink to work, but be careful not to overdo it as it is quite pigmented! I guess all I'm saying is, the price is the main reason for the average score.

Okay, I think I need to revisit this review after I've tried them on my face and more brands from Japan *palm face* 
The fact that there's Canmake [which is alot cheaper] makes these model produced lines seem like luxuries [actually they kinda re in Japan...]

I don't think I was very helpful... sorry!



Great review, I was curious about those prodycts, thank! :DDD
Magda|2011/03/22 7:39 PM|
Thank you magda ^^ I think I am very lacking though >.<
Himeko|2011/03/22 8:41 PM|
I ordered the pink shell color one
and i shall say the color is adorable
(well quite similar with candydoll peach pink on face though)
and yeah the sizee is dissappointing :/
but well it's jun XD

anyway, i organized a japan tsunami relief cosmetic spree on my blog. please come and see~ maybe u're interested to order anything ^^
thank you~~
るうか|2011/03/27 5:30 PM|
Hey dear, saw your spree~
Unfortunately I just bought new stuffs =/
I haven't really had the chance to sit down and compare colours >.<
But yes, size is such a huge huge bummer which puts me off from repurchasing it ):
Himeko|2011/03/28 11:01 PM|

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