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Eyemazing Haul (New Lashes from Komori & Kyari & Cosmeline blushes)

Title says it all.
Excited to see my purchases?
I really spent so much the last month on Jap cosmetics.
Just blushes and fake lashes though >.<
Oh well, money spent so let's stop talking about it!

Peek peek~

Firstly, John Little had 20% over the weekend again.
Angry because they stated Kose was one of the participating brands but when
I went to pay for this, they told me this item is not included in sale and asked
me if I still wanted to buy it.
Well, the queue is so long & you spoke so loudly... I'm already at the counter
so how can I reject it?
I actually rather buy from Sephora if there'sno discount but... Argh, got it anyway.

& Behold!

By the way, you can expect alot of Japan Cosmetics this week because all my
items are arriving!
Ahh.. all the cosmetics piling up, mostly unused and yet more are coming >.<
I really need to sit down and use them properly and do my reviews up soon
I really need more time in a day!

New releases by Jun Komori for her eyemazing line~
Eyemazing 004

Eyemazing 005

Eyemazing 006

Let's see the ones from Kyari! 
I am not very familiar with her but she looks ultra cute so I got sucked into
buying it ^^;;
Eyemazing 501

Eyemazing 502

Eyemazing 503 (she looks so sexy here!)

& Here are the Blushes from Eyemazing Cosmeline (also produced by Jun Komori)


Shell Pink

Sweet Pink

Miracle Orange

However, I was pretty disappointed by the size...
They are really really tiny.
If you are not a sucker who loves Japan like crazy & adore the models &
everything they produce, I will say do not get them.
The price, with shipping, works out to be considerably costly for a blush this
But oh well, it's for collection in my case (I'm a sucker) T.T

Tada~ I took them out to keep in my cupboard but I can't bear to throw away
the boxes xD

Looks abit cheap, okay wait, I think it is cheap.
Let's just call it clean & simple design.

That's all for this post!
I will get to swatches soon but reviews definitely will need some time...
I still have to do canmake blush reviews first since the swatches are already
up >.<
I will prolly do either the swatches tonight or a canmake blush review~
Gotta get all blush reviews up before I can do a comparison review >.<
Omg *palm face*



Hahah nevermind about the size, blushers cant used for very long too! Every cosmetic has got their due expiry date :(((

But don't be sad k! The popteen has got great reviews about their quality. :)
And it's nearly wiped out in japan! ESP sweet pink! I couldn't get one in Tokyo! Managed to find one in Osaka through : D

And man... The kyari's 501 and 503 looks nice. Should have gotten one for myself :( haiz
|Kelly|2011/03/21 12:34 PM|

Thanks dear so much for going through all that trouble to get them for me! Appreciate it but most most most importantly, really glad that you are back safely!
and Kyari looks so attractive on the lash packaging~ That's why I got sucked into buying them xD [delusional thinking I will look as cute as that if I use them] *ahem*

Himeko|2011/03/21 12:40 PM|
Can't wait for the review on these :))
eyemazing lashes looks super long though :/
るうか|2011/03/22 1:05 AM|
Hello dear, I have the swatches of the blush up already (:
I can't wait to try the lashes too!
Himeko|2011/03/22 6:12 PM|

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