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The name is Himeko. I love hello kitty, chopper and all things pink. Anything you need to enquire me about, drop me a mail at


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What colour are you using this season?

Remember I said my entry will be theme-d?
Here it is!
I am gonna be talking a little bit about the style I usually go for.
As you all can tell, I tend to steer towards the Japanese Style; more specifically, the casual gyaru style (at least most of the time!)
Look at this picture, can you tell what am I trying to show you? (Hint: it's a colour)

How about this?

I think it's obvious enough.

The colour is ALL OVER ME!

If you said pink, you are absolutely right!

Just look at my blog and you will know my insatiable love for pink!
I delibrately took on a full pink look for this entry yesterday!

You know, wearing your whole outfit in one colour is pretty risky.
However, pink is different!
I know many people are so prejudiced against pink!
It's girlish, blah blah blah.
That's because you need to know what pinks to use for what occasion/ what type of look!
Pink is actually a indispensable colour for girls when it comes to makeup, some of them don't realise it.
(Some are in denial, insist on calling their pinks corals/ reddish/ peachy though there is obviously pink tones/hues in it!)
Pink for eyeshadow might not be a common colour, but for cheeks & lips, they are everywhere.

In my case, gyaru use ALOT of pink.
Light pink, Hot pink, whatever; you will spot pink somewhere on a gyaru*.

For instance, just look at my makeup for today:

Can you spot the pinks?

It's pretty obvious eh!

Yes, you can see it everywhere; eyes, contact lens ( I do consider lens as part of makeup too), cheek, lips.

Here are the products I used for this look! (Only showing pink products, doesn't mean that these are the only ones I used for the whole look)

It's that many! 2 shades pink blush too!

That is because I will use the darker pink blush as the main colour on my cheeks, and then I will use the lighter pink one around it to soften the look & blend the blush.

As for lips, I use Mogitate strawberry balm before apply the Sana Super Quick EX Lip concealer in baby pink and then finally the Liole Enamel Gloss in Pink!

See? Not that hard to use pink afterall right? (You might be using it more often than you think too!)
Pick up that pink on your brush and start applying them on your face!

Don't be afraid to try louder pinks! you can use them to create the effect of a deeper crease when used on top of a lighter shade of pink at your lid area near your lashes (for double lids)! However, if you are feeling sweet and want to go for a more demure/ light
look, use light pinks with whites (prefably with shimmers) to brighten your eyes!

Feeling tired? All the more you should use a loud pink!
Bright colours will make your eyes look more awake/ alive.
And you know what they say about eyes; windows to our souls.
Also, being so outstanding, they will draw your attention away from your dark circles!

Even Maki chan is joining in the pink fun~

So go have fun & experiment the pink in you (:



Hi, i am interested in the bags from your blogshop !! So pretty~ Hmm, did you personally bought bags from your bs too? if possible can you blog about the exact bag that you bought? I don't really know how to see the measurements >.< & it takes 2-3 weeks to arrive right? One more, places at your convenience are places like? Thanks !! :D
|Bella|2011/03/21 12:16 AM|

Hey dear, I got them from my own source, same as the ones I was selling on my site. However, because not alot of people are interested to buy them, I stopped opening pre-order for bags already. If you want, I can still order for you though~ But I think there are alot of new designs and alot that are no longer available! I don't really see measurements, just design so >.<
but if you wanna use for school, those that can fit A4 should be good enough, right?
Himeko|2011/03/21 12:47 PM|

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