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EOS G-202 King Size Barbie Blue/ Light Pop C (14.5mm)
Hello dearies!
Yet another lens review because I have so many lenses right now that I
absolutely love love love!
Before that, prelude to my preview for my next post~

Here we go!



Normal Lighting

With flash

EOS G-202 King Size Barbie Blue/ Light Pop C (14.5mm) *:

 Design [8.5/10] - I LOVE this design! If I did not remember wrongly, this
design came out within top 5 in popteen's ranking (can't remember if it's
actually number one!). I think this design really makes my eyes super duper
dolly~ kya ^^

Comfort [8/10] - Sigh~ this is getting silly >.< I don't have dry eyes problem
so it seems that lenses always fit me well~ I wore this over 12 hours and
no dryness nor irritation occurred.

 Wearability/ Versatile [7/10] - The blue is pretty prominent, so you might
not want to wear this pair if you are going for something formal/ serious~
(more like a comment geared towards OL, kekeke) Other than that, it is
suitable for all occasions for youngsters like us (cough)! Be it dolly gyaru,
casual gyaru or sexy look!

 Enlargement [8.5/10] - While it is only 14.5mm, it appeared to have a
better enlarging effect, probably due to the thicker black rim compared to
other 14.5mm lenses!

Overall Rating: 8/10

*I absolutely LOVE the blue!

To reward you for reading all the way here, a little more preview for my next
blog post ^^

Watch out!

Blue lenses compliments your hair color very well~ :3
るうか|2011/03/08 2:23 PM|
Thanks dear <3
Himeko|2011/03/09 10:52 AM|
my contacts burned my eyes ))): at first i could feel it poking my eye then i shifted it and it was okay.. but ten minutes later the burning sensation got so bad, i had to take it off T_T it's so nice though.. especially on you :D:D
|sharmine|2011/05/09 2:08 AM|
Hey dear, thank you that's so nice of you ^^ Did you clean the contacts properly? it might have gotten contaminated?
Himeko|2011/05/09 3:33 PM|

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