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Eye Of Seduction (EOS) G-208 Jelly/ Jewel Series

Hello dearies!

Just a quick review and some pictures of a pair of lens that I opened last

When I got the lenses, I kinda expected myself to ripped the seal off this pair
already (laughs)

It's EOS G-208 Jewel/ Jelly Series in Pink!
Right after I bought this pair in 14.8mm, they came out in 14.8mm! (cries)

Closer look a the lens:

The eye picture on the left is with flash while the right one is under normal
room light.

Now let's see~
EOS G-208 Jelly/ Jewel Lens in Pink*:

 Design [7/10] - I like how bold they are with the design for this lens, really
bringing the "circle" lens design right in your face!

 Comfort [7.5/10] - I wore it for 10 hours (I know, advised to wear for only 6 - 8 hours maximum but I'm always out of house for long hours!) and around
the 9th hour, my eyes started to feel a little tired~ but no problems with
any dryness (:

 Wearability/ Versatile [5.5/10] - Unless you are going for dolly look, I think
this pair of
contacts probably won't be very suitable or you will look a little
weird? Definitely nowhere near natural or being able to "blend" in nicely with
your eyes, but it is really attention grabbing and enhance the dolly look too!

 Enlargement [8/10] -
Somehow doesn't seem to be that prominent for the
enlargement as compared to other lenses like my Geo Super Nudy. Maybe it's
because of the prominent black ring which actually emphasize how small my
iris actually are >.<?

That's my first lens review! *throws confetti*
Hope I didn't do too badly~

Talk to you guys tonight!




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