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Diamond Lash DL51595 フレンチ Eye [French Eye]

been a long long time since the last review yes?
Main reason being I bought them to make myself happy but don't really
feel like wearing any of the new ones I bought.....
I don't know, I guess when they came my interest died a little.
Now that it (japanese cosmetics in general) is coming back, I am here with
yet another review!

Today I will be talking about....

Diamond Lash DL51595 フレンチ Eye [French Eye]

Yes, I think this is the first light pink tray I've tried!
(I know right, I bought these months ago >.<)

Closer look at the lashes

I decided to present the pictures in a different albeit easier to look at way!
(an effort to proof I'm less lazy xD)
sidenote: look at how pretty the sparkle blue from tkb is!

Side view

Visual Easy Rating for Diamond Lash - French Eye*:

 Volume (4.5/10) - Well, don't expect volume from this! This one is pretty
much of a "natural" look eyelash, with exception of the tail of lash (which gives
off the "layering lash" effect)

 Length (lash strands) [7/10] - Not outrageously long, pretty natural looking
as you can see!

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Given how the effect of the lashes are
supposed to give (which is natural), I think the length of lash band is just
right. If it's a little longer, it will not look natural anymore and kinda weird I

 Ease of Application [8/10] - As usual like other diamond lashes!

 Comfort [8/10] - Very comfy as always! (That's what I love about the all
the lashes I buy!)

 Reusability [/10] - Definitely! I was quite careful with cleaning this because
for the light blue tray ones I used, they seem to be not up to standard and
vulnerable... So I'm quite happy with this that the standard is back to usual!

 Price [8.5/10] - Most definitely since it's so reusable and not very fragile!

Overrall Rating: 7/10

*Using this pair with neutrals will be very good to give off the natural look!*

That's all for nao. Blog later when I'm home! 



Hi, may i know will there be another order period for himeko himitsu and when will it be?
|Samantha|2011/02/16 2:14 PM|
@ Samantha
Hi dear, should be in late march!
Himeko|2011/02/19 12:14 PM|
ur eyes are really red. maybe u should change contacts.

do you buy from dollyXXXX.weebly?

i bought mine there and it's really uncomfortable. many of my friends reflected that too.
|kelly|2011/02/19 6:36 PM|

Hey dear, my new batch of lenses are from them. But the ones that I wore in the pictures are not from them. Yea they are really red >.< that's because I wore them for over 12 hours when I took the pictures and these lens are already 6 months old; time to discard!
Thanks for your concern ^^
Himeko|2011/02/20 12:33 PM|
thank you~ i love this post XD
french eyes looks pretty on the box but a bit too sparse and weird on the edge :/ *dropped from my wishlist*

can you do another one for girly eye?
and comparison between feminine eye & dolly wink 6. baby cute?
so sorry for asking too much >.<

and anyway, just my opinion, thicker lashes are much more prettier on your eyes :)
るうか|2011/02/20 9:23 PM|
@ るうか
Hello dear! Sure I will do them this week (:
I don't really like those "natural" lashes that much too~ I think my eyes look kinda naked with them >.< (okay then again, that's the point of natural lashes *palm face*)

I can do girly eye this week but for feminine and baby cute, I can't really make a comparison because feminine is upper lash (for layering) while baby cute is for lower lash!
Himeko|2011/02/21 12:56 PM|
thank you~ ^^
maybe you can wear thicker eyeliner when using those natural lashes? :)

eh feminine eye is lower lash too~
both feminine eye and baby cute are very similar
that's why i want to see what's the difference XD
るうか|2011/02/21 3:12 PM|

Hey dear, I think I mixed up what you meant.
Cos I thought you wanted a comparison between Dolly wink
Feminine & Baby Cute.
I suppose you mean Feminine from the light pink trays and
Dolly wink baby cute?

My eyelids are barely there~ So I'm afraid drawing liner will
cause my almost non-existent double lid crease to totally
vanish T.T
Himeko|2011/02/22 12:08 PM|
Ah yes.. i forgot to mention diamond lash ==;;;

oh i see :)
have u tried using double eyelid sticker?
るうか|2011/02/23 5:49 PM|
kekeke, Nope I haven't!
I ordered dupe mezaik fibre to try this kinda thing for the first time!
Can't wait for them to arrive! *excited*

Sure dear, I will try my best to do the review by this weekend ^^
Himeko|2011/02/24 12:04 AM|

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