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The name is Himeko. I love hello kitty, chopper and all things pink. Anything you need to enquire me about, drop me a mail at


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Japan: 2014/02/06-2014/02/16 (TBA)

Japan: 2013/01/18-2013/01/24

Malaysia: 2012/09

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Lazy daisy

Before I say anything, thank you guys for the comments!
Everytime I see email from jugem, it makes me soooooo happy xD
I've replied all!
And and, there's still 4 more days till the Love More contest ends on 17 feb so
please do me a favour and vote for me for the next 4 days (vote will reset
after 24 hours upon casting your vote)! I'm dying to win so I can do a mask
giveaway with the mezaik fibre dupe that's coming to me soon!
Help vote for me HERE.


Also, if you look at some of my very very old blog post, most of the pictures
might have turned into a blank with a red [x] on the top right corner.
That's because in jugem, there is this super convenient uploading and
inputting picture system... but they only give you 1000mb of space.
Which I am obviously running out.
This is the second time I am deleting pictures!
Which really made me considering upgrading to jugem plus instead; I think
it's only less than $10 a month.
Considering how the picture input is so convenient here in jugem and $10
is an amount I spend without batting my eyelids, I think that's pretty worth it.
Upload will increase from 1000mb to 3000mb (woohoo!)
And also, thinking to buy a domain.
From the jap website, it's also around $15 a year for domain.
Only thing is, I can't understand all the japanese written so... I'm not sure if
I should jump into buying domain from there yet (in case any small prints
which I fail to comprehend) or should I just buy from godaddy where I can
actually read.

Okay, on to blog proper.

It's been a long long time since I had a post in the バニラの日のカテゴリー!
Well this post almost made it to a makeup review/ tutorial.
It all started like this...... *Insert rippling motion here!*

I was just home from work at the clinic, supposed to head down town to meet
Angie & Mirai but Mirai had to bail out last minute so we cancelled our Charlie
Brown Cafe plan. Supposed to meet Cythia but... feeling lazy so I decided not
to. I headed home.

Yes, home at 1pm!
So I was just sitting there, doing nothing (damn menses, 2nd day!)
And I thought that I am wasting my precious time!
So I decided to look at this picture I drawn months ago.....

Yea, I paid like $20 for that double sided board btw. I had a post on it
somewhere in my blog, you can try to search it with the search bar on the
left column.
ANYWAY, not the point. I was looking for inspiration as to what to do.....
And since I woke up late (actually, whenever I work on sundays, I am always
late. But the good thing is, somehow the doctor is not strict with me and
very forgiving towards me (笑))
I decided to...
do a makeup tutorial!
But before that, I gotta fill my tummy first.

shall cook my speciality!


Okay friendlier I shall be.

Boil the water first.

& wait.

When it's done, add in my "secret recipe" and noodles!

Then we gotta wait again...

Next, add egg!
My chicks!

Washing it~ someone once asked me why should I wash it and I'm like

See how good I am at cracking!

Just kidding. I cracked with 2 hands then did that to take the picture (笑)


& Now, we wait (again).

And wait...

Looks tasty~

Not bad xD

And then I gobbled it up.
Too hungry. (笑)

I removed all my makeup, did my tutorial then I realised... the lighting really
So I decided to delete everything and forget about it.
I hate half ass-ed things =/
so I became a little weird. (Actually more like I'm usually weird)

My whole house was empty the whole time.
Okay, it wasn't empty. I was alone at home.
So I started making friends with objects.

this is sad, kekeke.

My forever fail attempt in winking. *palm face*

Okay, we shall end off with me.

I pretty much watched fairly oddparents and spongebob on youtube for the
rest of my day.
life is gooooooooooooooood.



Hmm do u know any products for exfoliating the dry skin away from lips ? so that i can put on lipstick ): I used lipbalm before applying but then still very ugly with the lines there TT
|Bella|2011/02/14 10:49 AM|
Hello, i want to buy canmake powder cheek but i don't know if lollipop pink (PW20) or pink rose (PW22) will be a better choice ~ What do u think? :D
|Bella|2011/02/14 7:55 PM|
Or do u think cream cheek would be better as in coverage and colour? I prefer pink shade ^^
|Bella|2011/02/14 7:58 PM|
Hmm I have crazy dry lips problem since I was a little kid (Thanks to me loving to peel the skin off my lips >.<) so what I do if I wanna wear lipstick/ lip concealer is that I will make my lips moist and then use a moist towel to gently rub the skin off my lips after the shower~ It works well for me :O

With regards to the powder cheek, if you are fair skin, you might wanna get the darker shade (PW22) so it can show up better on your skin cos I have fair skin and though PW20 is really light and pretty but it can't show up very well on my skin (light & light - no contrast). If you are perhaps normal skin tone or a lttle tan, you can use PW20 to achieve a dolly look but try to avoid PW22 if you are pretty tanned as it can look too strong (:

Lastly, for cream cheek, of the 3/4 pinks they have, I didn't really like the 1-3 because they all had shimmers and I'm not really a shimmer person. But if you are fine with shimmer, I will say that #3 has pretty good colour payoff! I use #8 to highlight my undereye area after using a pink blush as #8 is a very light pink with very little shimmer, thus once again light x light = no contrast so it serves better as a highlighter for me (:

Try the products on the back of your wrist when you are at the store! John little's 20% storewide is still on so go grab a couple of canmake cos it's really very very cheap!

Hope I helped ^^
Himeko|2011/02/15 1:11 AM|
Himeko! So sorry, I had to study for my test :(

I've been thinking of getting a domain as of late too... but I'm really scared I can't manage ;_;
|Mirai|2011/02/15 3:08 PM|
Oh thanks !! i went to watsons and their pw 20 is sold out >.< and as for the cream cheek is so shimmery hehe :X
|Bella|2011/02/17 5:04 PM|
@ Mirai
It's okay dear (:

Why don't you go John Little? Hopefully the sale is still on,
really cheap you know!
Himeko|2011/02/19 12:18 PM|

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