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MASSIVE TKB Trading Haul

Hey guys!
I am so excited about my pigments so this gets a priority queue!
MASSIVE Haul from TKB Trading!
Mentally choosing pigments for my next buy already!
this is supposed to be entry 4 out of my overdue posts!
But I'm sure you guys are more interested in this too, right?
So here are the overall pictures, me unboxing and first look.
Also, shots of the first series I am gonna introduce.
I grouped the Micas according to "series" so I can store them in a neater manner!
I got these from Calvin (thanks for ordering for me!) at like 2am last night,
then we stood around and chatted till 4am (笑)
Then when I came home, I started pouring and packing my pigments right
away, all the way till 11am!
I'm the kind of girl that have to finish what I start or I can't sleep.

So after doing all that and helping mum with some chores, I finally got to sleep at
about 4pm (That's 34 hours awake T.T)
Woke up at 7pm for dinner~
Okay digressing too far!
Pictures are probably what you are dying to see after those wordy posts

Bought about $60 worth of containers from Daiso!
Super pretty containers~
I love the cube ones better as they are more strudy.
The round ones feel like they will break once you drop or even without
dropping =/
But cube ones low and stock and I pretty much travelled 3 daisos to get all of
that I can find before settling for the round ones at Vivo.
(round ones comes in 5 per pack while cube ones are smaller and comes in 3
per pack)

Alot of hard work labelling.

The box of goodness!




I felt they could have repacked it into a smaller box for me (can't remember which
agent I used) as it would have been alot cheaper for shipping...
See how much space is wasted and stuffed with paper?!

sigh! I am only using like 1/8 of the whole huge box!

These are the ones I will touch on today~
But yet to get swatches.
They are the Micro Fine glitter!

^ These are the only micas that comes with jars and sifters.
All others do NOT.
which is why I had to buy so so so many jars!
They all come in really good ziplock bags.

Planetary Series

Inteference "Basic Seven"

Inteference "Extra Six"

Sparks Collection

Reflecks Natural Glitter

Pop Collection

After all the crazing pouring, spilling, falling asleep while pouring...




Reflecks Natural


Horoscope (Prelabelled jars as I will get them in my next buy~)



Sparkle (These sparkle don't include the sparkles from Inteference "Extra Six"
because those Sparkle; blue and turqoise, are white base while these are
whatever colour they indicate)





Pinks/ Reds




Want more pictures?
check back later for the first series of TKB Trading - Micro Fine Glitter!



Wao, thats like so many how to use finish hehe ! Where u buy and how much? Good thing must intro ma :P
|bella|2011/02/02 9:44 AM|
Muahaha, I bought from TKB Trading!
USD $1.50 for each sample ^^
Spent about $260 over on those purchases including shipping,
jars and pigments (:
They are really good! Definitely worth the money.
Himeko|2011/02/02 10:53 PM|
I was looking for tkb glitter swatches for my order, but wow, your collection is impressive!
sarah|2011/02/05 12:08 PM|
Let me know if you need swatches of any colour (:
I will be glad to help.
Himeko|2011/02/07 11:41 AM|
Hi, may I know what size you ordered for the pigments?
|Sue|2011/07/27 11:00 PM|
Hey dear, I order them in their sample size. some comes in
tablespoon, some in teaspoon :)
Himeko|2011/07/29 12:56 PM|

I just purchased a bunch a week ago as well! but I didnt see that beautiful vibrant grass green yu have there, please give me the name. Thank you

|Pamela|2011/11/29 12:53 PM|

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