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Diamond Sparkle VIP Party

Hello guys!
Long awaited (?) blog post for the Diamond Sparkle VIP Party is here!
Thanks to Lush Beauty for the invitation!
Firstly, I love this picture taken for us!
(That's my STC junior~ 4 years younger I think T.T )

Okay blog proper!
So anyway, I headed down to Marina Bay Sands Hotel around 8.30.
Daddy drove me down and gave me a "tour" before dropping me off at the

Waited for sometime, finally Kiyora arrived and guide us up to the room!

Huge huge huge mirror (ignore my socks)

They thoughtfully provided food!

Preparing the food~

First thing to do is taking picture of myself.

Then with someone else.

And again xD

Scenery is not the best with all the construction though.

The big comfy bed

Nightview from balcony?

Now, I will be your tour guide to bring you around the room~

This is actually a chillax session to show us their products and introduce to us
the different products they carry!

Why is everyone crowding there?

Because there's makeup!

I found out something new from this launch; Elishacoy is actually an organic brand!
I so so didn't know that!
Makes me more interested in the product~
(I mean, that's like the trend now~ Organic/ mineral stuff)
I like the gold bb cream~ Texture is good and coverage is pretty decent too!
Another product present is Liole!
I love the 3D Enamel lipgloss.
It was love at first try!
I'm buying that too~
It's mad cheap because they are having sale!
Original price was $15, now it's only $4.50!
Read on to find out more!

The cleansing swipes are pretty good.
Wiped off the products I tested on my hands easily!

Best part is, everything is pink and pretty!

Eyelashes were provided too~
And for us to bring home!
I took the 3rd one from the left column, counting from the top ^^
I will do a closeup of it soon, it's like great eyemazing dupe!

Not forgetting to snap a picture before going off elsewhere to explore xD

Oh yes, we were given cute little bags and materials to decorate~

My end product!

Played a little matching game too~
It's the 7 jewels that are in the bb cream!

Oh yes, check out the bathroom!
Look at how big it is~ I think it is comparable to my bedroom T.T

I wanna soak in there!

Bathroom donned with Elishacoy products~

Wrinkle care have to start early.
If you wait till they appear, it's too late to salvage!

Of course, with such a nice bathroom, everyone wants to take some pictures~

Actually I'm talking about me.

and me.

And us (trying to take a picture of her taking picture of us while flaunting our

Here comes the many attempts of group shot!

Spotted the red bag?
It's the goodies from them to us!

Peeking in~


See the mask?
They were so nice to let me pick when I said I have the Love More mask
that was in my goodie bag already!
And and and, I found out that the sample store love more mask advert is
actually sponsored by Lush!
No wonder the mask looked so familiar!

And I couldn't wait to try it~
I mean, Alovera and Q10, 3D mask too!
So I had my virgin try of the 3D mask~

Very moist!


After putting it on, behold (laughs)

Okay that's not the point.
The point is, the mask is really VERY fitting!
All the way till your neck!

Hooks on the sides of mask and the little neck section to hook them onto
your ears to secure the mask and provide the lifting effect!

I so so so so so love it!
I can really feel the difference the next day.
And you know, you really have to take care of your neck well.
Even if your face looks young, your neck gives your age away.
So please do yourself a favour and impress all the way!

All in all, it was such a fun event.
Very chillaxing, no dry stuff!
The staff were very nice too, friendly, approachable!

Now here's the best part.
Their website HERE is having a CRAZY SALE.
When I say crazy, I meant it.
I was browsing through the site and I was literally mouth opened the whole time.
As mentioned earlier, Lipgloss (really thick and I believe can conceal very well)
for only $4.50?
BB Creams for about $10?
Their pink and red lip/cheek tints for below $10?
You tell me, where can you find such a good deal?
Many things are below $10!
(Looks at my ever thinning wallet)

I really highly recommend whoever that loves makeup and have been dying
to try Liole/ Elishacoy to go grab it soon or else they will be sold out!
Some items are already sold out! [Like the Elishacoy gold bb cream ): ]
Also, if you believe in doing mask, please grab their Love More and Sexy Look
Especially the 3D mask, I can't emphasize enough how much I love that!
Do head down to their website HERE and shop till you drop!

That aside, have a great day everyone <3




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