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[Event] Bio-Essence Superstar Blogger's Party!

Firstly, I would like to say sorry about my ugly face.
My skin was peeling (again), so my makeup kinda all went off with the peeled
skin T.T
And I am too lazy to photoshop besides stamping my watermark so... xD

Today I am gonna be talking about the Bio-Essence Superstar Blogger's Party!
I'm glad I went for it, was thinking if I should head down as it was really rush
for me!
Because I got to meet these awesome bloggers, Clara & Dez!

It started out quite lonely for me because of my introvert personality.
But luckily these girls were so awesome and fun to be around!
Then came the person from Bio Essence and started giving us the talk~

The products on showcase~

The different range!

Did a demo for us using the one from the ATP range.
You know the famous challenge whereby they go to the mall and have a whole
group of people use the product, then they measure their face after the use
of the product to show that they shrunk almost immediately?
Yes, it is from Bio-Essence!

Besides that famous product from that range, I was really impressed with
this too!

Yes, the Deep Exfoliating Gel!
Look a the magic!
From This (my hands are very clean!)

to this:

Seriously, where did all that hidden skin come from?!

After using this, pair it with their toner~

& guess what?
We were provided with food to eat while listening to them fill us in with their
product knowledge!

Nom Nom Nom~

And did you know that Bio-Essence is the No. 1 Facial Care Brand in Singapore
and No. 1 Asian brand for 2 consecutive years (2009, 2010)?
Well, now you do!

You know you can always trust bio-essence with your face!

So now, after the dry part of our superstar schedule, we were informed of
the fun part; decorating our own bb cream!
And boy, they were really generous with the materials they provided!

^ Trust me, there were alot alot alot!

Well, it's decorating our bb cream, so obviously we needed tubes!
Empty tubes all ready for us to choose the bb cream that we prefer!

saw those little tubes on the top?
Well, they showed us their own bit of creativity!
I can't remember what they are called, so here's what I think :x
Bride & Groom (I only remember that they are a couple bb cream~)
The Bride

The Groom

Hawaiian anyone?
Hula hulaaaaaaaaaaa!

This is soooooooooo cute! I call this Mr. Fuzzy xD
Look at the white "earmuffs" and moustache!

Miss Floral anyone?

After seeing some "sample" pieces from them, it's time to get to work~
Aunty power! (Spot clara? xD)

What we "groped" back hastily~

The reason why I chose the grey one instead of the purple on is because I
wanted to put lots of pinks and whites and I thought pink with the intense
purple might not look as nice as it might get overshone.
Another slightly more logical reason as to why I picked the Bio Platinum BB
Cream is because it is 10 in 1!

and when I used it, I liked it slightly better than the purple one as the
texture is slightly thicker and smelled nicer.
 Do read the full review HERE!

Being too busy working magic with my tube (not to mention glue all over my
hands), I couldn't take picture of the process ):
So here's what I have at the end!

I know, so plain right T.T
I wanted to make a Hime Kaji Gyaru dress for my Karin-chan but due to time
constraints and brain fart moments...
*shoots myself and pretends I cannot hear any comments*
Yes, my Karin-chan looks awesome!
The beautiful purple ribbon, big big rose and polkadot scarf!
By the way, I call my bb cream Karin-chan!

Before you judge my bb cream, I am detailed till the end!
Look at the pretty ribbon bow on her waist behind!

I thought that the bb cream should represent who I am.
You know how people say we are what we eat.
Well, we are also what we wear and use! (wise words from yours truly)
Thus, I wanted to make the bb cream really "me" looking (and feeling that it
exludes) which explains the whole frilly, pinks and ribbons concept.
Another reason is because I seldom have chances to wear like a hime kaji
gyaru nowadays (5 days work = no chance, if I club on fridays, sat will be a
laze in/ dress down day, sunday is the only day I get to choose and it really
depends on how I feel) so I wanted my bb cream to be more fortunate than
me to make up for my misfortune!

Dez, mine and Clara's!

Models with our models~ (Thanks to the nice girls who snapped for us!)

At the end of the whole session, each of us were given a goodie bag!

I can try to have shape V face too!

Can't wait to try it, especially the highly raved face lifting cream!
(And of cos, the exfoliating gel I love!)


Lastly, thank you Bio Essence for the event which allowed me to meet more
bloggers and of course, my favourite readers which made my advancement
into round 2 possible!
*Applause for you*

And though I didn't photoshop my face in the pictures above, this one last
picture really needed it so I made the effort to do so.......
Reason being, the lighting was dark as the board behind me was huge.
And she had a DSLR to take my face T.T
so the coincidental misfortunate angle made me look like.... this:

^ Fat and dark, tyvm.

So I just had to do something about it.......
Photoshop saves the day (Clara & dez, if you are reading this, you know who
to find for photoshopping now xD)

Yep, I only edited my face, forgot about the curves and levels for the
whole picture (笑) sorry my face is more important :x

Want to have as much fun as I did?
You can decorate your bb cream too and WIN!

5 Golden Some tips for you that I used when decorating my BB Cream:

1. Decide on what personality you want your BB Cream to be! Fun? Quirky?
Studious? Adventurous? Girly?
2. Plan your materials well! I took a long time to select materials and
eventually ended up with things I didn't use at all and lesser time to decorate!
So while you might have all the time in the world to decorate at home, try
not to buy unnecessary items!
3. Dont use too much of anything! More is not better, it might make things
too complicated and messy!
4. Think out of the box! Afterall, results will be based on creativity!
5. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Now, we all know Chinese New Year is coming, yes?
There will be a Chinese New Year in-store roadshow at BHG Bugis from
14th - 21st January 2011! Attractive promotions and DISCOUNTS are given
during this period and on 15th January (Saturday), God of Fortune will be
making a special appearance between 4pm - 7pm to distribute lucky ang
pows! Here's the best part; a host will be present during that time to conduct
games where Bio-Essence products can be won!

So, what are you waiting for?
Get down to BHG, be bold in participating and win a bb cream home to
decorate! You might do a double win by winning the Supertar readers

Do vote for me at the facebook page HERE
50 lucky voters of the shortlisted bloggers will stand to win a $10 Love, Bonito
Voucher and a Bio Essence BB Cream Trial Kit!
So do vote for me everyday and increase mine & your chance of winning!
You don't have to like their page to vote, just click on the link.
But I strongly suggest you like their page for promotion updates (:

Thank you very much for reading till the end of this entry~
Have fun playing with your bb cream!
Here's my diva bb cream shot:



the dez in your blog entry quite pretty, you got her url?
|passerby|2011/01/14 12:20 PM|
Hi there!
Her blog is (:
Himeko|2011/01/17 11:00 AM|

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