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The name is Himeko. I love hello kitty, chopper and all things pink. Anything you need to enquire me about, drop me a mail at


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Malaysia: 2012/09

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Diamond Lash Light Pink & Blue trays


Added the pictures!
And bottom of each post, jugem now has the share on FB button!
Cool xD I can just share it to my FB in future~

Hello lovelies.
I finally got the annoying video up.
Ultra long but I didn't do another intro or smth...
I didn't even do an ending T.T
So I just squeezed the 2 new series into a video (laughs)
Maybe that's why windows live movie maker hates me for so long.
That aside, I'm at work now so I will just put up the embedded video here.
Pictures from the video will be uploaded and put into this post when I'm home (:

Here are the close up of lashes.
Credit me if you take it or I'll bite.
And I'll know!

Diamond Lash Light Blue Trays

DL51586 セクシー Eye (Sexy Eye)

DL51587 リッチ Eye (Rich Eye)

DL51588 セレブ Eye (Celeb Eye)

DL51589 キュート Eye (Cute Eye)

DL51590 チャーミング Eye (Charming Eye)

DL51591 クール Eye (Cool Eye)

Diamond Lash Light Pink Trays

DL51593 がーリ Eye (Girly Eye)

DL51594 ビューティ Eye (Beauty Eye)

DL51595 フレンチ Eye (French Eye)

DL51596 フェミニン Eye (Feminine Eye)

DL51597 ベイビー Eye (Baby Eye)

DL51598 モデル Eye (Model Eye)

I love my camera, captured the lashes really clearly!
So if you are very interested in them and want a good look of it, my pictures
serve that purpose well! (beams)

That aside, look out for my Bio Essence post tomorrow or later!
Have yet to upload the pics but the event was pretty fun.
Met nice people there~ (laughs)
And some familiar faces too!

It seems like I will have reviews piling up soon (glooms)
Catch you laterr.

I have another new year resolution to add on:
keeping my word to blog what I am supposed to (laughs)
And also to treat myself nicer (no more retail therapy please T.T)



love your blog! i am officially your new follower! :) love the vid and the eyelashes look gorgeous!
|kimmiie|2011/01/17 2:39 PM|
Cute name you have~ ^^
Thank you for liking my little blog & leaving comment!
I love comments and talking to people who read my blog xD
Himeko|2011/01/17 6:37 PM|
Hey, u say there is a place to buy the light blue and pink tray in Singapore? where is it :)
|Bella|2011/01/18 3:22 PM|

Hey dear, I'm afraid I have not came across any place in singapore
selling Diamond lashes yet (all 4 series in fact). :(
If you can wait for my preorder, you can get it then!
or simply go google for any other sellers and check if they have instocks. ^^
Himeko|2011/01/19 12:24 AM|
Yea, cause i wanna get it for CNY !! hehe, saw ur review and your massive collection of these lashes tempted me to buy as well ROAR @.@ Btw, u using what camera to take your pictures? :D
|bella|2011/01/19 1:20 AM|
Haha, Makeup is addictive and a crazy hobby of mine ^^
Buying makeup every week to fortnightly is like a must!
I am using Canon Powershot G12 (:
Himeko|2011/01/20 12:04 AM|
can you tell me
how buy it~

if in jappen buy?
|點點點|2011/02/11 5:10 PM|
can you tell me how buy it?
|grace|2011/02/11 5:11 PM|

Hi dear, you can buy them from online ( or at stores
like Shibuya109 in Japan (:
Himeko|2011/02/12 12:32 PM|
Hey (:
Thanks for this detailed review !!

I got a question...qhere can I buy DL51589 bottom lashes cute eye blue tray as a international buyer ?? I can not find them in any rakuten !! ):
Could you please help me ?

Kitai|2011/03/21 1:30 AM|
Hey dear, lovely blog you have!
The only place I can think of that sells it is this china web market (something like china ebay) called taobao ( but it's all in chinese so >.<
Unfortunately I just shipped a bunch of stuff from that site if not I can help you grab and send it to ya from Singapore here =/
I should be buying again in mid - late april from that web so if you still need it by then, I can help you check out if anyone is selling it there and let you know the price of item and shipping from SG to your place (:

Himeko|2011/03/21 2:11 AM|
wow,lashes's obsession!I want it all too!
|Inoue Chiaki|2011/12/19 12:42 AM|
@Inoue Chiaki
Heehee, my collection expanded a lot now!
Himeko|2011/12/19 4:51 PM|

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