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Recent crazy hauls

I actually made a video but windows movie maker keep crashing.
So I'm giving up.

I havent been hauling for quite some time!
Pretty proud of myself until recently.
Once you start, you can't stop again.
I need to stop again~
Ordered my 12 boxes of diamond lashes, the light pink and blue trays.
As well as the 1 more box of hot pink tray since I have all the lashes from the
other 3 sets, might as well complete it right? Hahaha.
Yes, that's 13 boxes.
Can't wait for them to arrive and blog + vlog about it man! (excited!)

Oh yes, my EOS lens finally arrived last week.
Sadly, my purple lens was OOS...
Sigh, was most excited about finally getting purple lens.

Nope, only 2 pairs are mine, others I got them for colleagues hahaha.
(if only they were all mine)

I wore it last sunday, love love love love it!

Oh and I did rainbow eyes too!

It's so pretty!

^ love love love love love doing this. Alot of fun to put on and wear it!

And if you are wondering what colour I am gonna dye my hair next, I have
decided to just touch up my roots!
Yes, my hair is already in a terrible state (I finally realised it), so no more
dye. Just touch ups!

^ Yui for a change, I've been using tsubasa cover girl colours the last 2 times!
I love love love love love yui! I think she's the most "natural" beauty girl.
See how normal her double lids are.

Got this, it's black film for a change. So cool!

And guess who finished her white up night cream?

^ Totally panicked when I wasn't able to buy it.
Luckily my bro helped me buy it at town.

^ This is a totally underrated item.
It keeps my face supple, I love how my skin looks when I wake up!
So soft and moisturised!

Everyone should get this!

 I came home to find these!

^ So pretty! Ferrero should come out with cool stuff like this more often.

And , I went town shopping for some stuff with qilulu, as well as pay
my loan.
Totally broke after clearing half of my big butt of debt, but a heavy load off my
Quite happy that by feb I will definitely be debt free (:
I'm quite proud of myself
Took qilulu to have macaroons.
She's so funny, had this "I can die without regrets now" look after she tried
macaroons for the first time.

Oh had pepper lunch for, well, lunch.
Sad to say my blocked nose is still causing food all over to be tasteless.
And brought her to try gong cha too (Like food exploration for her today eh)

Oh yes, like I said once I haul I can't stop.
The other time I went town with Qiuhui to see the elicina cream, I got it


The snail cream~

Cost $50~ (It's actually $49.xx, can't remember)

I hope it really works!

Said to be useful for scars, pigmentation, stretch marks, blah blah.

Saw pretty good reviews, but when I opened it, there was only 4/5 tub.

Got this in town with qilulu too!
we have been procrastinating since FOREVER (with hun too!)
So hun, go get yours. We got ours already.

It's from Heroine! The brand with awesome mascara anyone?

But we kinda don't like how old school the powder cover is.

This is the softest powder I've EVER swatched.

No I'm not kidding. Why do you think we always have to touch touch it when
we go watsons?

Oh yes, pink contacts today!
Not obvious at all T.T

And I came home to another suprise today!

Yes, the very delicious pastry from Crabtree & Evelyn!

Omg, mad  The cookies inside (the container too!)
Okay so that's all I have to say.
It's 3am and I gotta wake at 6.30am later.
I'm officially screwed.
It's christmas eve tomorrow,
I will have an awesome day!

Ahh, so excited about my hauls to come!
And waiting for my mac brush too!
Bought the Mac adoring carmine face brush set!
It's actually from Mac 2008 xmas launch.
Mad pretty please.
Ahhh, so excited that I can't sleep~
Okay, it will still take 2 - 3 weeks, I should put my usagi energy off somewhere
Make up really makes me happy!
Shall show you guys my pretty nails after I paint them tomorrow too!
Getting the truckload of OPI from my brother's gf tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve tomorrow everyone!




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