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[Sponsored] Bio Essence - Achieve that nudy look! [Part 1]

Hello my lovely readers!
Today, I will be reviewing my favourite type of makeup product.
I was absolutely thrilled to be selected for this review!
Because I believe my love for BB cream is well known xD
I don't really like to use foundation because it is often too thick to my liking
and I get blending issues.
Powder foundation/ 2way cake cause me some problems too [remember my 2
huge zits too T.T]
So at the end of the day, I find myself turning back to BB Cream again!
It's gotta be the best makeup creation ever!

BB Cream originated from Germany, prescribed by Dermatologist for people
who undergone laser skin treatment to sooth their redness and sensitive

Are bb creams makeup?
Well, it belongs to both makeup and skincare due to its whitening, reducing
wrinkles & fine lines, moisturizing, sun protection properties all while providing
a good coverage for flaws on our skin!

Courtesy of Bio Essence & TheSample Store, I received yet another of their
familiar box.

I was expecting to see the products lying inside but instead...

I found my Dream Getaway enclosed?
How did they know what my dream getaway place is?
I don't believe it!
ミキちゃん kindly brought it over to me.

& キキちゃん busybodily opened it.

and my my, it really is my Dream getaway place; Korea!

マキちゃん brought it over to me~

I'm going to Korea!
Thank you Bio Essence~ Thank you thank you so much!
I wanna bring my mimi with me, and I wanna buy lotsa makeup there and
Woah wait.

^ See below for more details.
*insert my heart breaking sound here*

Bio Essence Super Star Blogger Challenge?

I still do have a chance to go there!

It's 6 days 4 Night trip~
Oh my, I can do so many things there!
Like eating and shopping and eating and shopping and eating and -
Okay, you get the point.
Not to forget sightseeing too, of course.
While I drift into my "if I win the contest and go to Korea I will xxx" thought,
Look at what the sneaky ones are doing!

Nicely packed for me!

キキちゃん: Can I have this?

Hmm? Give it to me.

Upon closer inspection~

Well, okay... I love helping people (or fruits)
Now where are my products... move away sneaky little ones! *sweeps*


Generously gave me 3 full size products!

Little monsters aiming for 1 bb cream each.

Now where's the one the orange needed me to help it with...

Look at all the ingredients packed in the bb cream!

One can expect these benefits for your skin with the awesome ingredient lineup!

8 benefits in 1!
Wow, the orange sure knows how to pick!

Packed in pretty purple

Here we go~

Squeeze some of the Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream onto my hand.

& here we go~

Spreading it well~

Wow! Look at the awesome coverage!
Happy orange anyone?

No wonder the cream made it onto a top beauty hong Kong magazine!
It's the editor's pick for being the bb cream with best coverage!

Well, after making it happy, I shall make myself happy; my turn!
Squeezing it onto my hand before applying it onto my face~
The texture of this is slightly more runny compared to the other bb creams I
have used. At first, I thought that being so runny, it might not give a good
coverage, but I was pleasantly suprised with the outcome!

they even teach show you the steps to do in such cute illustrations!
They remembered to include the neck; a place where many girls omit!

See how well it concealed my flaws:
Uneven skin - eliminated!
Pimple - Concealed!
Redness - No more!
Dull skin - Brightened up!

Notice the greyish tint?
Don't worry! The BB Cream will blend into your skin in no time that by the time
I'm done with doing my eyes, I'm ready to party!

The bb cream feels very light on my face, does not make my cake feel cakey,
a light scent upon application [I'm okay with the scent as it is not bad smelling
or anything like that], great oil control [until the club closed, my face was still
shine free] and my skin feels moisturized all the way [not a dry moment!]

I am not the only one that think this way!
Popular blogger/ model Beatrice [for love, bonito] also uses this product!
Look at the difference it made on her!

Her bare skin:

With makeup:

With bb cream:

See how the bb cream gives a brighter skin complexion and a more complete
coverage compared to using makeup?

Here's the best part!
You can purchase this awesome product at just $28(30g)!
Where, you say?
Well, it is available at Watsons, Robinsons, OG, NTUC, Giant, Carrefour, BHG,
John Little, C K Department Store, Guardian and other leading cosmetic houses!
Think about it, 8 benefits in 1 tube, what more can you ask for? It's such a
bargain already!

Whatcha waiting for?
Go for Bio Essence BB Cream today!
Another post for their new Bio Platinum BB Cream will be up soon!

Look out for it and redeem your FREE samples!
Yes, you read it right.
It's 10 in 1 this time!
Keep your eyes peeled for part 2^^




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