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[Sponsored] Eucerin DermoPURIFYER line Review

Remember the package I received about 2 weeks ago?
Well, here are the goodies!

These are the lovely 3 products to share with you!

They are all from the DermoPURIFYER line!
Products from this is are oil-free, possess anti-bacterial properties,
non-comedogenic to prevent skin irritation and compatible with any acne
medication that you are using/ wants to use with!
And and and, it is recommended by dermatologist!
You know, even if you can't trust my words, you can always trust the professionals!

Do you know that instead of the commonly used benozyl acid and salicylic acid,
it uses lactic acid!
How does lactic acid work for your skin?

1. It targets specific clogged pores where acne originates
2. Gently clams inflamed acne without drying out the skin
3. Fights acne causing bacteria, thus preventing new acne from forming
4. promises a healthier, clearer complexion in 3 weeks!

One common misconception some people have; oily skin should not be
lathered with moisturizer.


Do you know that if your skin is properly hydrated, it is actually less likely to
release excess sebum?
Sebum contributes to clogged pores which results in acne or pimple breakouts!

I wanted to post a before and after picture of my complexion, but I accidentally
deleted my before picture when I was transferring all my pictures T.T
So I have nothing much to compare against, ごめん〜

Okay, let's look at the products in detail now!

The Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Cleanser [200ml]:

The cleanser is in a form of gel!

It does not have a very unpleasant smell, so no worries babes! What's more,
this cleanser cleanses deeply without stripping your skin of moisture!
You know how some cleansers causes the tight feeling on your face after
cleansing and rinsing them off? That's because the cleanser is not suitable for
you, and might be too strong that it stripped all the moisture from your face.
Remember, moisture is very important for good skin, so you definitely don't
want that to happen! This cleanser, though light, is able to cleanse deeply,
removing excess sebum. What's more, it is clinically proven to treat acne
problems effectively! I've been using this since the first day I got it and I am
so attached to it already!

Retail price: $21.20

the Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Scrub [100ml]:

The scrub texture:

See those green beads?
they are lactic acid beads! I love scrubs with these things! Most scrubs with
such beads only act as a scrub to unclog pores, but this is different! When you
burst it, it releases lactic acid!

See how cute is that?
when they burst, it gives a warm sensation on my face first. After washing it
off, my face feels cool and refreshed!
I use it once every 3 - 4 days, just look at how much I used and you know how
good it's doing for me! I was applying it on my hand just to take some
pictures and gently rubbed it, you can see the quick effect of it!

See those little white things?
Love it! [I'm not a dirty girl, bawls*]

Retail Price: $18.60

The Eucerin® Creme Gel [acts as moisturizer] [50ml]:

Afraid of using moisturizers at times because I don't really know what exactly
are all the ingredients in it. Are they really good enough to stay on my skin
and not cause problems despite having good effects on skin too? Who wants
to moisturise your skin at the expense of breaking out? I know I don't. Which
is why when I saw that this gel is actually a water-based gel, it makes me
feel more assured to leave this on my face for long hours!

After applying it, it does not feel too heavy or thick. It gets absorbed so quickly
into your skin, you wouldn't believe it! This is by far the fastest absorbing
moisturizer I've used for my skin!

Though it looks like a tiny little tube, it can actually last really long. A small
amount goes a long way due to its gel nature.

Retail Price: $25.70

All in all, using all these together, I feel that my acne problems did improve.
I started having many many little bumps on my face this year and it really
bothered be alot because these are just acne, waiting to surface and skin.
At my age, it is extremely hard to heal the pimples [even if I did not disturb it,
it takes really long to go away]. After using this range, I noticed that the
bumps on my face visibly reduced, new pimples from those pre-existing bumps
look less angry, the amount of pimples coming out is greatly reduced. What's
more, my pimples do not take as long as compared to the past to heal too!

I am a very very VERY satisfied reviewer and am really glad that
TheSampleStore gave me this chance to review this product. I had always
been very skeptical about those "dermotologist approved" products as a part
of me felt that there might be somthing hidden in presentation which want to
make people buy them without knowing the whole story. I guess I might have
been simply thinking too much ^^''

I am actually thinking of buying the other products from this line too, which are
the Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Toner [Retail price: $21.20] and Eucerin®
DERMOPURIFYER Cover Stick [Retail price: $26]

I am a converted Eucerin user now, what about you?
Get your Eucerin sample now!




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