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Applebee & Ashton

Last Sunday

Met up with Grace last Sunday!
Headed down to Far East to accompany her for manicure.
I could only sit and watch ):

After that, we just walked around...
Actually, I can't really remember -_-
FML right, I know I know.
Anyway! We had applebee for dinner~

Not a Salad person, but been so long since I wasted money on salad...
[because I always eat about 1/3 and get sick of the green taste]

It looked pretty tempting, so I got it.
And behold, this is a HALF SIZE.

It's huge. Luckily I did not order full size -_-
I was actually expecting half size to be half of the above.

Grace got this.

Our appetizer is really nice.
Que... something.

Cheap shots.


Was supposed to meet Qilu & Valerie for movie.
Qilu cancelled again.
Anyway, I really wanted to get out and do something so went ahead with the
plan to watch Megamind with Valerie.

Megamind was pretty good I think.
Quite a few FTL scenes topped with the "aww" moments. A really good family
film. It's really cute! Ahahaha.

I am bad a remembering I have a camera, so these are the only shots.
Yes, food again.

What exactly is the difference between my IBC Root beer and her Mug root beer?

My delicious Chargrill! [ignore that obscene mashed potato please.]

Her Hicktory Chicky [I forgot to ask her if it was nice ~]

After movies, went to PS to get Gong Cha again!
I had Red Date Milk Tea, the one BFF had the other time.
Awesome! Go try it everyone!
It's currently my 2nd favourite from there after their Melon gong cha ^^
Had to wait 15 minutes for our drinks to be ready, so we went to Watsons
at PS!
Valerie and I found a new product that we like; Heroine's face powder and
powder foundation!
Gosh, they got to be the softest cakes I've ever tried!
I wonder how they will fare when applied on skin.
I am pretty interested in getting their face powder.
Think they are priced at $23.90.
Anyone tried them before care to share your views?
Oh yes, saw the llimited edition packaging for ZA this year.
All wintery and pretty!
a pouch, case and 2 refills for only $33!
ZA fans, go stock up on your 2 way cake now!

After getting the drinks, we headed down to Cine's Editor's Market.
didn't really see anything that caught our eyes~
Left briefly after, went to ALT to do have the normal "OMG" time.
Many of their items are on 20%.
Some brands I remember that are on the 20% are Elisha Coy, Fasio, LASplash,
Dodo, Palangtong.
Head down to see for yourself!

Oh yes! Went to Taka's Sephora.
The Tokidoki stand/area is already up!
But they placed bareMinerals on it for now.
I'm positive Tokidoki will be here in no time!
Also, Sephora's [house brand] holiday set is out already.
Ohoh, Naked Palette from Urban Decay has been restocked.
Saw about 6 palettes there, I think there are plenty for all ^^
Plenty of Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol III too.
Oh yes, I prefer Ion's BA over NAC's BA...
I think Ion's BAs are friendlier and less pushy?

remember I was looking for Tofu high and low when Watsons stopped
having them?
Well, there are 2 places I found that sell them.
One is ALT at Heeren, the other is the 排行榜 at Cineleisure level 3.
排行榜 also sells other japanese stuff like my Lip concealers in pink and nude
[ALT only has the nude one for now], Serra Melliesh Gloss [YES THEY HAVE IT!]
at $24.90, LUV Carat loose powder, Jill Stuart bag, etc. Used to see Eriko &
Tanako's lashes there, not sure if they still have them though~

Such a wordy post, I shall end off with some pictures?
TheSampleStore sent me some love again (:

Hmm... what's below this instruction sheet?


Frankly speaking, this is just what I need; Dermotological stuff.
after the unfortunate skin allergy and breaking out from the skin calming
cream, I really need all the help I can get.
I am still breaking out like crazy [which is a big FML since after I used
Aqualabel and HadaLabo, my skin really improved alot, now it's back to being
in the dump.]
Let's hope this can create some miracles for me.
Meanwhile, you can try it together with me till my review is up next week!
I'm trying to use this product and stretch the deadline as long as I can to give
a more accurate review, so bare with me ^^

Redeem your FREE 3 piece samples from this widget:

Good Luck in sampling~
You can grab other samples too, just visit their web HERE.
It's really awesome to always sample first to see if they are suitable for your
skin before buying the full size product.
Many products that don't give samples, I just jump into buying them and end
up being not suitable for me, causing breakouts!
So this is really a lifesaver when the products I am interested in have samples
available here!
Alrighty, I shall try to get some sleep now ^^

Gnight everyone!




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