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Diamond Lash DL55101 ゴージャス Eye [Gorgeous Eye]

Decided to do a review today since I have nothing very interesting going on~
At work now actually (laughs)

Sorry I did not do a front shot of both eyes x.x
but at the end of entry you can see a picture of me in them too.

^ Upper Lash - Diamond Lash DL55101 ゴージャス Eye [Gorgeous Eye]
^ Lower Lash - Diamond Lash DL55104 ラブリー Eye [Lovely Eye]

Left Eye

Right Eye

Side view

Closed Eye top view [sorry about the bush on top (laughs)]

Visual Easy Rating for Diamond Lash - Gorgeous Eye*:

 Volume (6.5/10) - This pair is really pretty! Going a a more natural look, thus
the volume is not too overwhelming! Perfect for a light makeup/ paired with
neutral colours!

 Length (lash strands) [8/10] - It's long and... how do I put it; flirty natural
kind of look? Makes my eyes look more gentle & feminine.

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - Like the other Diamond Lashes, extends out till
the tail of my eyes, making my eyes look a little longer, but not as long as
dolly wink.

 Ease of Application [8/10] - Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

 Comfort [8/10] - Barely felt it!

 Reusability [8/10] - Definitely! As what I always say and emphasize on,
proper care for your falsies go a long way!

 Price [9/10] - Though I bought it slightly more expensive, but there are
people selling a box of 5 pairs at unbelievably cheap price now. Consider the
fact that many models from EGG and JELLY are using this and how reusable it
can be with proper handling, I would say this is by far the BEST brand of
eyelash economical wise versus "performance"!

Overrall Rating: 8/10

*hardly any eye makeup left as it was already end of the day when I took
these shots ^^;; But anyway, this pair of lash with light makeup goes really
well so I guess everything worked out xD [besides I had neutrals on anyway]*

I figured I talk too much under each component, but there's actually just so
much you can say about them. Especially when talking about same brands ._.
Things like Lash band and strands are pretty much the same. So from now
I will probably write shorter comments. just focus on the ratings xD

Also I had suggestions to try on cheaper lashes for comparison sake because
I realised my ratings are always pretty high T.T I will buy them when I have
spare cash... [but the fact that I like to go after "branded" lashes deters me
from doing so (laughs)]




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