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Eyemazing 001 Review

I decide to organise my old review post a little, so here's a repost from 100813

So here's just a little review for you!

The pair I tried on today was Eyemazing 001 by Jun Komori.

According to the chart, it's supposed to be for a "sexy" look.
I phailed at that, obviously.

Some shots before I get to the wordy thing.

Left eye:

New shot-

Right Eye new shot-

Side view

Closed eye view

Comparison between naked eyes & with falsie.

New shot of both eyes:

Sorry but this review ain't gonna be theme based.
Since I'm going out tomorrow, I will use these again and do a part 2 to this

Visual Easy Rating for Eyemazing 001*:

 Volume (6.5/10) - Not overwhelming! When I saw the lashes, I thought
that it will probably provide equal or similar volume as dolly sweet, but I was
more wrong than ever! As you can see above, it is not too heavy on the
eyes visually. Perhaps if the strands were shorter, it will look very natural!
(But you know how I always want to "open" my eyes right~ So long IS good!)

 Length (lash strands) [7/10] - As seen from the side view, though not as
long as dolly sweet, it is still pretty long. I want to go for a eye opening look so
I have ZERO issue with the length at all!

 Length (lash band) [6.5/10] - It is still longer than normal, but the black
lash band is actually not very soft. Not that I'm saying it's hard too. It's like in
between the lash band of Dolly wink and Canmake. A little stiff, yet easier to
adjust to fit the shape of your eyes as compared to Canmake which I totally
cannot make it fit my eye shape...... Ended up chopping the Canmake falsies shorter. Help to extend my eyes a teeny bit. However if going for a natural
look, I will recommend to trim the band (:

 Ease of Application [8/10] - As forementioned, slight problem with the
lash band, other than that everything was good. Another worthy mention is
that I am using fingers since I've got no tweezers, so if you have tweezers,
it might be even easier? I don't know, I never used them before! Need to buy~

 Comfort [7.5/10] - Though it doesn't make you feel like your lids are being
weighed down by an umbrella, I believe it might get a little heavy if you are
going to wear it for long hours. While it's presence is not exactly very evident,
you still can feel that falsies are there.

 Reusability [8/10] - Since I've only used it once, I will say this as of now.
It can change over extended use, so do keep a lookout (: But like I said, as
of now, I am experiencing no problem nor any feeling that the lash will be
falling apart when I cleaned the glue from the lash! 

 Price [8.5/10] - It is definitely a steal! There are 3 pairs! The lashes are
pretty smooth, not really plastic too. But I won't say it is extremely soft either.
The look that it gave my eyes was something that I am satisfied with! Topped
with the fact that it is reusable, I really wonder what are you waiting for
instead of grabbing a box like, NOW.

 Overall Rating: 7.5/10

*Rating based on "no theme, just being lazy" xD




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