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Diamond Lash DL55102 フェアリー Eye [Fairy Eye]
The overdue entry. The one I was really excited to do on.
You'll find out why it is a "was."

Lashes in limelight:

Left Eye:

Right Eye:

Side View:

Closed Eye View [sorry shitty but the best I could get that lazy day]:

Both Eyes:

^ Upper Lash - Diamond Lash DL55102 フェアリー Eye [Fairy Eye]
^ Upper Lash - Diamond Lash DL51155 プリンセス Eye [ Princess Eye]

It was taken at the end of a long day so... eyes are pretty much gone case
for the makeup and I think I might have had too much fun with contouring xD

Visual Easy Rating for Diamond Lash - Fairy Eye*:

 Volume (9/10) - Though the volume is pretty dense, but suprisingly easy to
carry off the look with it! I really really like how the "tail" of my eye looks so...
I don't know, glam? It's like dense and kinda flirty-light too. It's just amazing!

 Length (lash strands) [8.5/10] - Long, but compared to some others I have,
still not that long yet. However it serves its purpose equally well!

 Length (lash band) [8/10] - It fits my eyes just right. I'm a sucker
for transparent lash band too, so that gave it extra points too. However I
would have really loved it more if it was just a little longer. You know how I
like long lash bands to lengthen my eye width right~

 Ease of Application [7.5/10] - It's probably somewhere between dolly wink
and Eyemazing. Easy because of the soft lash band, but that can also bring
problems at times.

 Comfort [8/10] - Not uncomfortable upon use, and after wearing it for over 10 hours, I still feel great. It's barely there! Though the volume towards the
"tail" is denser, there isn't a big difference in comfort or weight.

 Reusability [7/10] - Somehow I feel that this a more delicate than dolly wink
and eyemazing if you don't take alot of care during washing. If you read my
previous entries, I oversoaked this a little to aid in glue removal and... a strip
of the transparent lashband came off. I know I'm stupid to soak for so long but
with dolly wink and eyemazing, I made the same mistake before too. And not
just once too! Yet they are still fine and well! So if I gotta compare the
reusability x care, eyemazing will top as the easiest to care for, followed
by dolly wink [delicate lash assembly and can easily be pulled out from
corners if not careful or rough like me] and diamond lash [lash strands seem
to come off easily with little tugging and oversoaking can lead to a big big
tragedy!] tying for 2nd. (Though I think this will be banished to 3rd when
Serra Melliesh arrives :x)
Still, bottom line is you pay the price and you better care for it well.
*bangs my head on wall*

 Price [8.5/10] - May I remind you that the price you pay is for 5 pairs?
So well, yea. It's hella reasonable! Price wise, Diamond > Eyemazing > Serra >
Dolly Wink.

 Overall Rating: 7.5/10

*There's like zero eye makeup and I was too tired to touch up... T.T*

Though I REALLY loved the end result after putting the falsies on, I though that
I will probably end up with a 9.5/10 score for this pair when I started on the
review, the part about the length of the lash band and most importantly the
amount of effort and care you have to give for the lashes [considering how the
lash strands dropped off easily] eventually got me to give it a rating slightly
lower. But well, it's just the first pair I've used so I don't want to judge. This
review will still be subject to changes as time goes (:

There, I kept my promise ^^
I'm feeling much better already.
Tomorrow will be last day of resting and Sunday I will get back to busy bee.
Oh yes I'm already midway Season 3 for Gossip Girl.
Guess I will be one of those that wait till their neck is long for a new episode
of GG S4 every week (:
Chuck being so sweet gives me the chills sometimes...
Nate still suits the golden boy image better ^^;;


Hello! I love your review! I linked it in my own Fairy eye lashes review here ( I will be following your blog from now on too, I just found it and I really like it! :D
Magda|2011/02/21 7:41 PM|
Hey dear, saw your blog and review too, it was awesome!
I love love love love love your eyes!

Thanks for liking my little blog ^^
Himeko|2011/02/22 12:06 PM|

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