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Eyemazing 003 Review

I am really tired and feeling so lousy.
But since I have not been keeping any promises recently, thought I should
at least try to fulfill this~
So here's the long overdue review!

Eyemazing 001 can be found HERE


Left Eye:

Right Eye:

Side View:

Closed Eye View:

Both Eyes:

Actually that's the result of doing my own variation of this...

Which obviously didn't go too well since I didn't prime my lids, thus less
pigmented colours and I don't have any lame glitter to be as bling as her T.T

Visual Easy Rating for Eyemazing 003*:

 Volume (5/10) - As you can see from the photos, the volume is along a
more everyday use look. I don't think it is going for a natural look though,
perhaps to just enhance your eyes slightly, for a milder, tamed look.

 Length (lash strands) [6/10] - Not too long! This is something I will wear
to work~ The length is not too overwhelming and just right! Gotta say once
again that it is really good for a everyday use!

 Length (lash band) [7/10] - It is the same as the other Eyemazing 001
review that I did. As forementioned, lash band is a little stiff at first use. After
some flexing and on repeat use, it becomes better. [which is why this gets a
7 instead of a 6.5 that eyemazing 001 got... I should change that rating to 7

 Ease of Application [8/10] - After using falsies for some time, I am pretty
used to them! [I still haven't tried cheap lashes before, so I don't really
know if I'm over rating it >.<] Apart from the initial slight difficulties with the
slightly stiff lash band, everything else is awesome!

 Comfort [8/10] - It's barely there! With lesser volume than the eyemazing
001, it is even lighter! I don't even feel anything weighing down my lashes,
but since the lash band is thicker than that of dolly wink's, I am giving it a
slightly lower point. [P.S: Thin lash bands like that of dolly wink's can actually
make it hard for some people, especially beginners to work with. I will
recommend starting out with thicker lash bands (: ]

 Reusability [8/10] - I've used them for so so so long! I will say that these
are definitely less delicate compared to dolly wink (: With my clumsiness, I've
already harmed a few pairs of my dolly winks... [heart pain over the price and
unavailability of lashes even if I want to restock the destroyed pairs] I can
clean these with much lesser stress as compared to handling dolly wink as
there are not coiled around the lash band, they are ON the lash band itself.
But you still have to handle with some care as the lashes on the lash band
can still drop off if you pull them (obviously...)

 Price [8.5/10] - Compared to other "branded" lashes, it is still relatively
cheap I guess? At least for me xD [Of cos, diamond lashes are probably
cheaper, but I have yet to test them out so it's too soon to speak of the
quality x price!]

 Overall Rating: 7/10

*Rating based on "Winter makeup" xD But it was a fail. I realised the previous
Eyemazing 001 was photographed with "winter x spring" make up ._. Me and
my winter coincidences~

It's getting late, shall catch my sleep now.
It's a virus season now, take care and don't fall sick!
Keep a lookout for the Essentials blog post soon!


come across your blog when i doing a research on eyemazing lashes. Thank you so much for sharing the information. It is so detailed & informative. After reading thru it, i was able to decide to purchase 003 as I'm looking for more natural look.

|sheryl|2011/04/26 12:54 PM|

Thank you dear, glad I was of help (:
Himeko|2011/04/26 1:09 PM|

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