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Japan: 2014/02/06-2014/02/16 (TBA)

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ヒメコの旅日記 - 東京第六と七日「第22章」/ Himeko's Travel Diary - Tokyo Day Six & Seven [Chapter 22]
After almost 2 years, I've finally finished my first Japan trip entry.
*cue jeers*


I know, I took so long.
Now that we are already in 2015, I'm aiming to get 2014's Jap trip up then Korea trip.
I'm going to be in Japan this year during winter again!
Flying on the 3rd of Feb, will be there on the 4th to 16th, back in Singapore at night around 9pm on the 16th!

This time, I will not be travelling too far.
The last two trips, I wanted to make good use of my JR Islandwide pass so I tried to squeeze so much stuff and I always end up falling sick within the first few days, mainly due to the harsh weather and that my body cannot adapt well. Therefore, with my body being so weak, I still tried to stress myself out and over pack my activities. Kind of a huge bummer that I cannot fully enjoy the rest of my trip after that due to fever =/ (Yes, happened for both my Japan trips, arghh!) I guess I only have my lousy immunity to blame.

On that note, my day 6 & 7 does not have much pictures because on day 6, I was quite sick so I only went out in the early afternoon, bought some stuff and walked around a little before returning to the hotel to rest. On the 7th, my flight was in the evening so I only had some time in the morning to do some stuff before heading back to the hotel to pack and set off to Haneda.

My day 6 started pretty late, probably around 12noon.
I was sleeping in and intended to do so the whole day because I was feeling horrible.
However, the hotel I was staying at required me to be away from the room between 12-3pm as they needed to clean up. I decided to head down to Ueno's Ameyoko-cho to look for kit kats!
During my first trip, I was obsessed with collecting a variety of kit kats (laughs)
Looking back, I barely ate even 1/3 of the kit kats, gave most of them away a little here and there.
Upon arrival at Ueno station, I asked the station master for directions to Ameyoko-cho.

I thought I was near the shop stated in one of the websites I found while looking for information about the kit-kats when I saw this sign but I was wrong! I still had a bit more walking to do...

Then I was at the middle of a split road. What? The station master did not mention anything about that!
So I approached the lady outside this shop for directions and she was very nice! Kept repeating how to get there to me and adding a little more information each time (laughs)

Following the kind lady's directions, I finally saw the right sign!

Unfortunately, I did not find anything at that shop! I guess the information was outdated.
If you are a long time reader of my blog, you might have seen this post that I did 2 years ago when I got the kit kats and shared some stuff I know about them. Lucky for me, I got almost all the Kit Kats available at that time from this shop in Tokyo Station called Shokoku Gotouchi Plaza (諸国 ご当地プラザ)

Though I was disappointed at that time, I thought that I should just make the best of the situation since I was already out. Also, the hotel will only finish their cleaning at around 3pm so it was still too early for me to go back... (laughs) So I went for a little walk in the park~ Since it was winter, the trees were all naked but I'm sure it will be super pretty when it's spring with all the cherry blossoms!

Random aimless walking~

I even found the Ueno Zoo! However, since I was alone, I was not in the mood to visit.

Instead, I went to where two cafes are right in the middle of the park! One of them is Park Side Cafe 

Another one, also the one I went to, is...

That's right! My undying love for Starbucks. Also, because I want to get the Tokyo edition of Starbucks card (laughs) the cafe was very crowded, so I had to sit outside~

I had not eaten my lunch yet so I ordered some bagels with my Brownie Frap (or something like that... it was a Valentine's day special!)

Even the birds look so cute with their winter coat!


That's all for day 6!
After my stroll and so called lunch, I went back to the hotel to rest. 

I only left the hotel again in the evening to get Mos Burger near my hotel and also bought a bag (laughs)
Samantha Thavasa is so cheap in Japan! With the sale, it's like a crime not to buy please!

Day 7:
The day I was bound to return to Singapore!
Since my flight was in the evening, I got up early and went to Akiba in the morning.
I know that we should always exit and go to the electronic side but since I had time and was alone, I felt a little adventurous and decided to venture the other side.
I was SO wrong. There was absolutely nothing there. Just OLs and Salarymen going to work (laughs)
I shall skip that and just start from after walking one big round and landed in front of Yodobashi

Again, I do not know much about this place and was not into anime (I wasn't into One Piece yet at that time so I was not interested in looking at any figurines)
Therefore, I only have a bunch of pictures that I took while roaming around to look for Gundam Cafe.

Well, they are pretty open about what they are offering... (laughs)

Pachinko everywhere...

I even came across a huge Donki! I did not go in that time but I went in to take PuriKura one year later (which was last year) with Tsuriki!

The worship ground (or rather, town) of AKB48.

I finally found my Gundam Cafe!

Unfortunately, the menu was not to my liking and the only milk tea I ordered from there was so bland and not worth mentioning about at all.

I did not get anything from my trip to Akiba.
Felt like I wasted my time going there and spending the last few hours I had before I flew back.
I did not even have any time to eat before I left for the airport so I had to settle for ramen. The ironic thing is that I did not have any ramen during my 7 day trip in Japan though I was in the land of ramen (laughs)

YES. I did it!
I finished the post 2 years late but I did it!

Okay, now to work on my Japan trip from last year.... 
I shall end with some instagram pictures of my Kit Kats!



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