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ヒメコの旅日記 - 東京第五日「第21章」/ Himeko's Travel Diary - Tokyo Day Five [Chapter 21]
Hello people!
I've been saying I want to change my way of blogging my travelogues back to pictures and words instead of collages but never got to doing it because I was very stubborn about wanting to complete what I started but I am sooooo busy and never seem to have the hours to sit down and dedicate my time to doing it. I've finally given up on being so stubborn and managed to bring myself to it because I will be going back Japan again next Feb! Yes, going back for my yearly Feb Winter Japan trip! If I don't stop being stubborn, I will never ever get to doing anything at all! I can't wait to return to Disneyland and Disneysea and take lots more pictures! I will be going Disneysea with Tsuriki during my next trip too, sooooooo excited! The last time we met in Feb earlier this year, we went Shibuya for some shopping and then Akihabara to buy her camera and Neoprints. Okay, I'm digressing too far! Thinking about all that and how I will be dying to share when I get back, I "let it go" and got to doing it. It's like liberation! I managed to complete the remaining of my 2013 February Japan trip photos in just one day (although there weren't that much left)! I can finally get to this this year's Feb Japan trip and Korea trip after this! 
Today's post will be about my first trip ever to Disneyland!

I didn't bring my camera for the first part of the trip here because it was raining.
Part of the reason why we decided to go was because it was raining that day, which means less people will go!
Usually you will require one whole day to clear all the rides in the part but Karmun and I only took half a day (around 3~4pm we were already done!) so I will say it was a great decision!

I have quite a lot of pictures of many different mascots but I will only show those that are more popular/ I like.
This duck is so cute! Nobody wanted to take pictures with him so he started banging the wall (laughs)
After that, children started queueing up for a photo with him!

Popular Daisy duck

Pluto! (I still don't know why is pluto a dog on all fours while goofy is not)

Goofy trying to play peek a boo but he is kinda bigger than the pole... (laughs)

The wildly popular Mickey Mouse.
The queue to take a photo with him is even longer than some rides!

The villains whom no one wanted to take pictures with (laughs)
The little kid is so cute to approach them when they acted upset~

SEE! This is why you need to go with a group of friends.
You can do silly things like this!

I don't know who that wolf is... But they were entertaining the crowd so I took a picture.

The cute pigs! I made a collage in the order of the story~ Straw, sticks and brick house!

I didn't take much of the surroundings but all the store displays were so pretty!

The castle~

A statue of Walt Disney and his fine creation, Mickey Mouse.

They had these pretty artwork lined up in the order of the story of Cinderella
The horrible stepmother and poor Cinderella sweeping

Appearance of her fairy godmother

Cinderella running from the ball because time is up and everything's gonna revert back!

The prince found her!

Prince returning with Cinderella, yay!

The cute seven little dwarfs! They were chasing each other and dancing around, super cute!!

Stitch and Angel looks kinda weird to me...

The 3 cute aliens! They really need mascots too!

I have been maintaining in this post with no selfie so far so allow me to spam some while I was waiting for my delicious waffles! (Thanks to Karmun who went to queue and buy them!)

Her brown sugar waffle (with something else that I can't remember 'cos it's too long ago >.<)

Mine is chocolate, as usual!

I loved this picture but her photobomb ):

I guess I will settle for this!

Best part is that it tasted as amazing as it looked!

After that, we went to sit by the track where the evening parade was going to commence on.
I had a video but it is not clear so I decided to share some pictures.
They look so much prettier in real life, my pictures don't do any justice (cries)
Anyway, below are just lotsa pic spams of the parade!
I tried to cut down by a lot but it still end up with a lot (laughs)

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse (who I didn't capture earlier)

Alice on her Cheshire Cat

This innocent looking dragon...

Breathes fire! (in this case, I guess it is just fuming, no pun intended)

Snow White!

Peter Pan and the crew!
I couldn't capture the handsome face of the guy dressed up as Peter Pan T.T
He looks soooooo good looking!

What's this? 


Dimming the lights...

To change the Genie into another color!

So gloriously pretty I can't even...

Aladdin and Jasmine

See how meticulous they are with the details?

Winnie the Pooh!

How can we forget about Toy Story?

Nemo! (So sad that they don't have Dory with it)

Well, if you count the really tiny and non flashy ones with the turtle

I didn't catch the front of Sully and Mike because I was trying to soak in the awesomeness as well as take photos at the same time that I eventually fell behind time =/

But I still managed to catch the cute Boo!

Cinderella, one of my favourite princess!

See how her dress changed! Using lights is such a brilliant idea!

The prince is so funny! He was busy turning left and right showing off the glass slippers!

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck's love train!

Okay, maybe it's no a love train because there are other people on it.

Mad kawaii pigs! 

Do you know them?

Chip and Dale! I used to watch them a lot when I was young!

Can you see Stitch?

The last one was Marie from the Aristocat!

That's the end of the whole parade~
It lasted quite long but I was never bored!
Usually there will be fireworks after the parade but there wasn't that night ):
Sad! We were looking forward to seeing the fireworks over the beautiful castle!
But overall, it was a magical experience!

To be honest, the rides in Disneyland are really kiddy.
It's really a place to let your inner child run wild.
So don't expect any thrilling rides; they are mostly (or rather, all of them I think) slow and mild rides.
I know that there are some characters that kids these day don't even know!
How sad is that?!
It's still a long way before I blog about my DisneySea trip earlier this year but Disneysea is definitely a place for the older crowd to get tons of fun from the rides.
Next post will be up in either a day or two.
I will be combining the last few days of my Tokyo stay because I didn't take much photos in Tokyo since there really isn't any fancy or sightseeing places in Tokyo - just buildings everywhere.
Till next time!


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