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[Sponsored] Go Natural with Pinkicon!
Hello loves!
I promised I will do a post soon and I was actually intending to get this up yesterday but I was way too tired from school and work that I slept from the time I got home around 6.30pm till the next morning around 4am! I can't even believe it myself (laughs)

Around Mid-September, I received two pairs of contact lenses from Pinkicon.
I did a review for them last year too, you can view it here.
This time, they sent me:

1. Fairy Con in Natural Black [Daily Lenses] 

2. Venus Eyes in Mega Candy Brown [Daily Lenses]

I chose these two because I have been wearing very natural looking lenses nowadays so I don't look too out of place when I go out without makeup (which is very often these days...) I want to do a more natural looking makeup sometimes and 15mm lenses just make the look seem out of place sometimes since my eyes are very small. Also, I have never tried daily lenses before so I was pretty excited to be given the opportunity to give these a shot.

Let's look at Fairy Con first:

Fairy Con is just 14.2mm in diameter, which only provides slight enlargement when worn. For girls looking for lenses that do not make your eyes look way too dolly big, this is a great pair to go with. 

In the picture above, I did edit it to make my eyes bigger overall but I retained the original size of the lenses on my eyes. As you can see, the enlargement of my iris is very slight, just a small enhancement to retain the natural look. A better comparison picture is the one below, whereby my right eye(left of picture) has the lens on while my left eye (right of picture) has no contact lens on.

I had expectations of the daily lenses to be more comfortable and I am glad to say I had zero discomfort with this pair of lens throughout a whole day of use. Also, I can just throw them away and not go throught the trouble of washing and soaking them! I always forget to bring my lens solution to the sink when I want to cleanse my face so I always have to make two trips from my room which irritates me to no end. With this, I can just remove, throw and proceed to wash my face!

It comes in a box of 10/ 5 pairs at just USD18.67!

Next, let's look at Venus Eyes:

I got this design because it's quite nostalgic for me. This design is one of the earlier type I wore when I just started wearing lenses.

This one is slightly bigger than the Fairy Con one, but still not over-the-top. 

Without gyaru makeup, it does look a little out of place even though it is does not provide great enlargement to the iris. I suggest using this pair at least a pair of false upper eyelashes to balance out your eye makeup as this pair really makes your eyes pop. At a diameter of 14.5mm, it stays comfortable in my eyes for the whole day; say bye to tired eyes after 3-4 hours. If you realise you feel your eyes getting tired easily on certain days, it could actually be due to your contact lens being too drying too. With this, no worries about such problems!

This pair cost USD$39.73 for a box of 20/10 pairs!

Thanks to Pinkicon, I realised that it's so much more convenient to bring daily lenses along when I travel instead of lugging along a bottle of solution and having to clean and soak the lenses after a long day. I mean, we all tire outselves out during a holiday and the last thing we want to do is clean up when we get back to the hotel, right? I have to confess that sometimes, I am soooo beat from a day of shopping that I do not take much effort to clean my lenses properly when I return to my hotel, which is so bad for my eyes! I always thought that it is more economical to get monthly/quarterly/yearly lenses because they last so much longer and is comparatively cheaper but now I finally understand why people still purchase daily lenses - just throw away after use and you are ready to wash your face and sleep, save so much more time!

I definitely see myself stocking up on boxes of daily lenses in the near future for travel use! We can bear to spend so much money on air ticket and hotels plus stash aside another sum of money for shopping/ delicious food so why not spend a tiny bit more to ensure better health of our eyes and even greater convenience?

Stay beautiful and healthy everyone!



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