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[Event] Tokyo Luxey Meetup at P.S Cafe at Harding Road & Product reviews
It has been a long time since I went for any bloggers event, even Karmun was surprised when I told her I was on my way to one last week! Anyway, since I promised you guys I will be back blogging properly and regularly, I guess the first thing I should do is know the new bloggers around, right? Afterall, I have been missing in action for over a year (laughs)

The event was held at P.S. Cafe at Harding Road

When I arrived, the sharing session just started. We were told what Tokyo Luxey about and how they hope to have more "luxeys" join the community and share more about what products you guys wish to see as well as provide feedback on what you think of existing Japanese products in the market. I am definitely excited about this as there are so many Japanese brands that are still not readily available here in Singapore that I go on a "panic stocking up" session everytime I go Japan (laughs). 

Also, did you know that Tokyo Luxey actually had a programme on FOX International Channel called A Luxe Makeover TV Series which does a makeover according to the theme of the episode? For those of you who know about it/ watched it, you will be pleased to know that Tokyo Luxey has a Beauty Box which cost just SGD$39 where the value of the goodies inside far exceeds that price! Oh, and you do get to see what you will get for the price you pay! I actually prefer this compared to "mystery boxes" as more often than not, I get so many sample sized products that are not even suitable for my face and I end up paying for absolutely nothing! I can tell you that any two items in the Tokyo Luxe Special Edition Gift Box already exceeds the SGD$39 you paid!

After a quick briefing for us Luxeys about what being in the community is about, we were given a goodies' bag filled with awesome stuff! I have to say, I totally squealed silently inside me when I saw the paper bag upon arrival at the venue because it was a bag that says "ALBION!" If you follow my instagram, you will know that I have been a huge fan of their skin conditioner and lately, my bottle is actually running out and....

They included a generous 110ml bottle of the Skin Conditioner inside the goodies' bag! Mind you, it is not some sample-sized but actually a size sold over counters in Japan for 3,500¥ (Approx. SGD$44)! Not just that, you can see a smaller sample sized bottle which is actually their Eclafutur which was snapped off the shelves upon launch in Japan September last year, causing a shortage of stocks and a total of over 35 million bottles have been sold so far. Upon seeing the statistics, I must say I was really anticipating how the product will perform for me.

Another product that I was glad to see inside is the 24H Cosme Foundation. They are a mineral line of cosmetic and the reason why it caught my eyes was because of Tackey and Tsubasa (laughs). They were endorsing them some time back and when I saw it in Japan, I was like in a total fan girl mode (I have a thing for Takizawa Hideaki!!) I learnt that this product is very popular amongst celebrities in Japan too!

After all the product introduction, we were served delicious pasta! The portion was huge that we all had a hard time finishing but we kept stuffing ourselves because it was sooooo good!

So many goodies, so little time. I shall give you guys a brief review quickly!

As aforementioned, I have been using the Skin Conditioner for about 6 months now so I can very confidently tell you that this product works amazingly for me.

See, I am not lying! I really have the Skin Conditioner and about to finish it so you have no idea how glad I was when I saw the bottle! The first time I bought it, I got the medium sized bottle (165ml) because it was not cheap and I didn't want to end up wasting money if it did not work out well for me. Thankfully, everything worked out well! I will be buying a new bottle and this time I intend to buy the huge 330ml bottle for use at home because I want to keep the smaller bottle for travel use! Since I started using this, my skin is more moisturized and I experience lesser breakouts. My makeup also goes on my face much smoother~ Overall, I really love this! They have a counter in Takashimaya Beauty Hall. I cannot remember the exact price but I paid around $80+ for the 165ml bottle. For working ladies, I will really recommend this to you guys and for younger girls, if you can afford, go for it!

Now, onto the Eclafutur!

After using this for a week, I cannot give a very in depth review but I do not have any negative reaction from this so far. No breakouts or bad reaction so that is a good thing! I do like how smooth my skin because after apply this and since this is a cell repairing product, I am actually very keen to purchase the full sized product to give it a try in a longer term.

Finally, the 24H Cosme Foundation.

Inside a pack, you will get the case, sponge and a refill.

Just pop the refill and the sponge in and you are done assembling your pact!

However, the shade of the foundation given to me was quite dark; pretty far from my skin tone =/

Such a pity because I was really excited about this :( Nonetheless, for you guys, I tested this out by wearing it when I am home (laughs) Don't judge me! Just so you know, I don't put on make up when I am home because I like to let my skin breathe. The staying power of the foundation is actually really good and the fact that it is a mineral makeup makes me feel less guilty about putting it on despite being at home (because I really want to let my skin breathe on my laze-home-days.) It doesn't cake up either, which is a huge plus point, and it is also very blendable. Overall, a great foundation but pity that it doesn't have a wide range of shades available in Singapore yet. Also, this does not come cheap (5,122¥, approx. SGD$63), which was the main reason why I eventually didn't buy it back from Japan last year.

There, my review of the products I received from the Tokyo Luxey meet-up last week!
If you are interested in purchasing products from them, do shop HERE for Singaporeans and HERE for those outside of Singapore.

See you guys very soon for my next review!



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