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[Sponsored] New Hairdo by Naoki Yoshihara by Ash
Hello everyone!
I am sorry for the HIATUS but I assure you it is well worth the wait!
I spent a lot of effort in editing this post~!
I've been trying to explore different ways to blog and find one that is really "me", so to speak. 
Anyhow, let me know how you think under the comments alright?

I have not been doing anything to my hair for the longest time because my scalp has gotten really sensitive over the years of constant bleaching, therefore I decided to not do anything to it and just let it recover for the time being. It has been about half a year since I did ANYTHING to my tresses so you guys can imagine the nightmare my hair has become. 

Anyway, I was approached by Noriakiさん about being the hair model for Naoki Yoshihara by Ash, one of the leading salons in Japan for their first outlet here in Singapore and I thought that since it has been some time since my last hair affair, why not do it?

Let me take you through my journey at Naoki Yoshihara by Ash!
Since it is a Japanese Salon, I thought I will do my image entry in Japanese but you will find the translations below each of the pictures!

My hair looks so bright!
How do you guys like my new hair?
Before I take you through the whole process, 
Shall I let you guys know the place I did this first?

Singapore's First Outlet!

(Right) Salon Interior
(Left) Waiting Area

(Right) Salon Interior
(Left) Hair Styling Area

(On me) Here we go!
(Bottom) Must Have items: Phone, Camera, Cap and Starbucks! I had Iced Green Tea Latte that day.

(Top Right) Do you have a bag with you? No worries! You can deposit it in the lockers provided there!
(Bottom Left) My hair is so long!

I've decided on my colours!

(Top Left) After the first round of bleaching
(Beside Minion) A friend? (laughs)
(Male) Ishizawa Teiji-san
(Female) Ayu-san
(Bottom) Second round of bleaching

(Top Left) Second Round of bleaching
(Bottom Left) It's a lot of work!

(Top Left) Second Round of Bleaching
(Speech Bubble) It's is not very painful!
(Middle Right) After Second Round of Bleaching

After the first round of hair colouring!

Second Round of Hair Colouring

Yay~ Just a little bit more!

Left - Before, Right - After

Hair by Ishizawa Teiji-san and Ayu-san

If you want to get some products that was used on you in the salon, you can get it there as they are on sale!

Say what! They are having a 30% off?

Not very good at English? No worries! They have a hotline dedicated for Japanese speaking customers! The number is 8722-1586. Make your appointment now!

Yay! I'm done!
I hope you guys liked this post!
I took the shots where I pulled my hair because I wanted to show how nicely the colouring was done, all the way up to the roots with no ugly staining.
Also, I know the before pictures looked different from the rest. That is because I got those photos from Atsuko-chan and it was taken outside the salon whereas all my other self shots were taking in my room, in front of my ring light.

Last but not least, many thanks to 石沢貞治さん and Ayu さん from Naoki Yoshihara by Ash for my awesome new hair! My hair cost SGD $248 before discount (X-long: Cut & wash & blow - $48, Single shade [Warm Beige] at $100 plus second tone [Pink] $50).
Remember, do make an appointment at 6333 5662 between 15 July to 30 September if you want to abuse the 30% Opening Promotion!
The number in the final image is specially for people who can only speak Japanese so don't call the wrong number!

Thanks Kazutaka Iwaiさん for the sponsorship , lovely Atsuko Satoちゃん for all her help and patience and Noriaki Tsuchiyaさん for introducing me!

Leave your comments below, loves!



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