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Japan: 2014/02/06-2014/02/16 (TBA)

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Malaysia: 2012/09

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ヒメコの旅日記 - 京都第二日「第7章から第10章まで 」/ Himeko's Travel Diary - Kyoto Day Two [Chapter 7 to 10]
Sorry for the almost 4 months delay from part 1 to part 2.

Anyhow, it is extremely warm right now, spent a long time staring at my photos, filtered the pictures from 160+ to this amount and seriously, I am so cock-eyed right now I can't feel my eyeballs. 
So I deserve to get a nice cold bath at 2.30am before updating with English translations.
Hold on tight, I will be back with translations soon but meanwhile, feel free to read it if you understand and correct me if I made mistakes (which I am sure I did).
I'm sorry that the sentence(s) got shorter because honestly, my eyes are so cocked I didn't even felt like writing anything but I still made an effort to offer at least a line so forgive me.

Translations updated!

Kyoto Station is huge! I was shocked! If I were alone, I will definitely freak out~ Thankfully, I wasn't alone! Karmun was my saviour! So relieved!

Chapter 8: Kinkakuji
Did you guess correctly? Isn't it beautiful?

My skin was in a terrible condition... depressed.
The bird (?) is feeling cold too? (laughs)

I bought a lot of charms for my family and friends!

Having ice cream in winter is the best!

Chapter 9: Arashiyama
Next stop is Arashiyama!
(Moon Crossing Bridge - direct translation)
(Hozu River)

Limitless sky...

There are all sorts of music box in the Music Box Museum. I did not take any photos inside... They were really pretty but I am not a big fan of music box so I did not buy any. Looking back, I feel a bit regretful.

Why did we come to Arashiyama?
The reason is: Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama!

The hike was really frustrating... Painful... Difficult!
Actually, you can deposit your bag(s) at the bottom of the mountain but I did not know! Karmun forgot to tell me. I had to carry my bag. My bag was really heavy! 6KG at least! I wanted to die!

Monkey: What are you looking at?
Splendid view...

I know I've said it countless times but I am going to say it again: I want to go back!

Beside the girl : I did not notice it at that time... It's dangerous! Where are her parents? Seriously...
Beside the sign : Did I really climb 160 metres?
Monkey: What are you looking for?

what are you looking for?! 
But they are adorable!

I want to eat~
Give it to me~

Left to right, Top down.
1. Bully!
3. Scary!
4. Another enemy?
5 & 6. Fighting SFX.
7. Got it!
8. Run!!

Cool monkey? Eating Leisurely~ (laughs)

Monkeys Right to Left:
1. Mr. Monkey, what are you doing?!
2. Run!
3. See no evil...

The fluffy clouds look like cotton candy.

Hungry~ What should we eat?

The meat croquette was delicious!
The one at the bottom was so-so though...

I'm not too sure but I think she is a Maiko.

Once again, I am eating maccha!
We shared a cup!
The taste was no bad but compared to Tsujiri, the latter was better.

Green Tea Au Lait : Tasty!
Black Honey Maccha Tofu : It was only so-so.

Chapter 10: Kyoto Station
The lights on the stairs made it so pretty!

Looking down from the top of the stairs was really scary!

Walking in the Skyway at night feels great~

The last thing I saw before heading back to the Hotel.
I was relunctant to leave but for the sake of another long day tomorrow, I had to go back to the hotel.



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