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Mini Kit Kat Review so far
Good morning!
it's 14:31 now though (笑)
if you follow my Instagram, you will know that I have already opened my Kit kats and tastes quite a few of them!

I've tried Uji Maccha, Sweet Potato, Azuki Sandwich, Shinshu Apple and Wa Ichigo so far. Therefore, I will give you guys a tiny insight to what I think about them right now while lazing on my bed.

I loved all of them except the Shinshu apple; felt that it tasted a bit below my expectations but then again, I don't know how Shinshu apple taste like so it might just be me and my over familiarity with the commoner's apple I always eat. I definitely will try it again soon and see how it taste. Oh, this is the Shinshu Apple by the way:

I realize that the wafers are actually not that crunchy - initially I thought it might be just a packet but every single Kit Kat I tried, regardless of the flavour, had a softer wafer compared to the regular Kit Kats I've tried; even the Dark Chocolate 大人キットカット that I gobbled right after I got back to SG had a crunchier wafer than all the unique flavored ones. In case you don't know which one I'm talking about, it's this one here:

So anyway, I conclude they are all like that (?)

I really liked the Uji Maccha one, probably the best of all I've tried so far! the Maccha tasted rich and nicely blended with the chocolate (:

The Sweet Potato tasted great, though I feel might be an acquired taste for some. It managed to capture the unique aftertaste we get after eating sweet potatoes, which was what that really made me love it.

The Azuki Sandwich had a very strong Azuki taste upon taking my first bite and I thoroughly savored that richness, only realizing that the sandwich taste was actually very mild and overshadowed at the end when I was staring at the wrapper.

Finally, the Wa Ichigo! It was one of the earlier ones I've tried and it tasted like milk chocolate with strawberry bits. I felt that the bits of strawberry in the chocolate made this Kit Kat have more texture in a good way.

Okay that sums up all that I've tried for now. I am off to do my revision alone!

Oh wow so many Kit Kat flavors from Japan! <3 I wish there was a way to get them here in the Philippines :(
Angel|2013/04/22 6:29 PM|

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