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Night out with Elfaine & Tsuriki
Way overdue but I met up with Elfaine for dinner some time 2~3 weeks ago.
We met at Bugis and shopped around for a bit.
It has been so long since I last went there!
I'm kinda bored there though.
I'm so used to buying stuff from Korea and Japan online and have them delivered to my doorstep.

Anyhow, we had Japanese food for dinner!
Ever since I got back from Japan, it seems that all I ever eat is Japanese cuisine.

Serving is MAD HUGE.
I couldn't finish it. First portion of my meal was pretty decent but soon the saltiness caught up. The serving was really generous though, with the ingredients and all.

After that, Elfaine drove us down to town to meet up with Tsuriki after her work ends at 10.30pm.
Well, we fell down once [because of our ridculous heels] and then a few more "almost fell" before we finally got to Starbucks at Liat Tower to meet Tsuriki.
Such a treacherous journey...
Anyhow, we reached early and so we decided to take a few pictures!

I got one of my favourites, Iced Hojicha!

Then goofed around a little

And what's a girls' night out without some juicy gossip and updates of our lives?

Anyhow, after Tsuriki arrived, we didn't take any pictures because she was without make up so I didn't ask her to camwhore together.
So, just us again!

After being done with our first cups, we moved into the cafe [because there were finally some seats vacated!] and Tsuriki and I both ordered another venti cup. I think it was already around 2am that time.

We chatted till around 3+ then Elfaine left first because she was really tired and still had to drive home so we told her to leave first.
After that, Tsuriki and I stayed and continued chatting till around 4am+!
I told her that I must have really grown up because I no longer club till 4am but actually hang out at a cafe till 4am.
I'm finally a fine young adult now! 

Okay since I can't tell you what we chatted about, I'm going to end abruptly.




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