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「ただ食べ物の為に」Just For Food : Tsujiri Review
Hello :3
I am doing my second food post for this year [I really hope to do this more often!] and it is on Japanese food again!

Looking at this picture, do you have an idea of what the place focuses on?

Seriously, I'm so addicted to Japanese food. I think my food reviews will focus mainly on Japanese food! [Yes, I just decided this while I am typing this]
I have so many places to share with you guys so I shall just start with my absolute "cannot live without" first!

Always digressing - this terrible habit of mine has to stop!
Today I will be introducing to you guys my favourite Matcha/ Maccha place in Singapore:

Singaporeans (or rather, Singapore residents), you are so lucky to have Tsujiri on our sunny island! There are only 2 countries outside of Japan that has Tsujiri branches, one being Taiwan and the other is, obviously, Singapore.

I have never been a fan of green tea but when I first tried this, my impression towards green tea completely changed - I was converted.

Tsujiri hails from Kyoto, the "land of matcha", so to say. When I was in Kyoto, I had the chance to have all types of matcha in all the the different forms (I meant how Matcha is used in Wagashi that Kyoto is famous for.)
No amount of Matcha I had will make me feel "Ahh, I think I had enough that I will not eat this for some time" at all! No amount of Matcha was too much, I just cannot get enough! I will not talk about the History of Tsujiri because those information can all be found in English on the Singapore website so I will just be copying information and I shall not insult you readers like that.

Tsujiri opened its first shop here in Singapore in 100AM. Such a great place for me as I teach tuition around there so I have the tendency to head over before or after for my perk me up! Despite being there so many times already [ I believe I've been there close to 10 times soon], I always order the one thing,

Tsujiri Shaved Ice [O-maccha] / 都路里氷(お抹茶)- SGD $7.80

This was the first thing I tried on the menu and I always go back to it because it's such a safe choice for me - I love it and I am never sick of it because it is a "satisfaction guaranteed" item for me.

Don't be turned off by the shaved ice - this is not the type where they just use ice made from drinking water and just drizzle syrup over. Well, I can't be 100% sure about this but from my many visits there, I do believe the ice that they use to make the shaved ice itself is probably made from a block of frozen o-matcha. 

The ingredients in this item includes [Anti-clockwise from top]:
Sweetened Kuri [Chesnut], Azuki Bean Paste [Red Bean Paste], O-maccha Ice, O-maccha Soft Cream, Shiratama [Sweet Rice Flour Dumpling].

As you can see from the above picture, this is made with a layer of o-maccha ice, followed by o-maccha soft cream, then another layer of o-maccha ice, o-maccha soft cream again and finally topped with sweetened chestnut, azuki bean paste and shiratama dango.

The maccha taste sweet but not so sweet that the maccha taste is being overshadowed. Having eaten from Tsujiri in Kyoto too, I find that the maccha here in Singapore is sweeter, most likely made so to cater to the palates of locals here. In Kyoto, the maccha taste is actually stronger and you can taste slight bitterness. 

I really love the Kuri! I have always loved the way Japanese make their Kuri in their Wagashi [Japanese confectionery] and so I make sure to save my Kuri for the last! 

The Azuki bean paste did not taste too sweet and I believe it is probably because the O-maccha is already fairly sweet so the Azuki bean paste does not stand out that much in terms of sweetness. 

The Shiratama dango is chewy and has the mild sweetness [the dango flour sweetness] that a dango should have. 

I've tried a few other maccha parfait/ soft cream in Singapore first so I can make a comparison and I always find myself going back to Tsujiri at the end of the day. 

I will give this a 9.25/10 and definitely the best maccha I have had so far in Singapore and the price is actually not considered expensive [in terms of Japanese dessert pricing]. I paid a much higher price for the one I had in Kyoto and the serving size was about the same as Singapore! If not for the fact that the shop is pretty small and can be hard to secure a place to sit and enjoy, I would have given it a 9.5 instead.

If you are a maccha addict, they do sell tools essential for you to make your own maccha [the chawan / tea bowl and chasen / tea whisk] and of course, maccha powder [30g for SGD $22, 100g for SGD $60]. If you are not big on making your own matcha and prefer the convenience of tea bags, they have Sencha, Genmaicha, Houjicha [SGD $15/bag of 10 tea bags.] I loved the Houjicha I drank from Tsujiri in Kyoto but have yet to try it in Singapore yet. I will definitely try it and let you know guys know!

I'm sorry I can only share an item here with you but I'm pretty much a "cold dessert" person and this was the only item that enticed me on the menu, even after so long. My friend [Karmun, my travelmate for January's trip to Japan] love their Parfait though so you guys can give that a try too! I always order Shaved Ice while she always orders Parfait - we are people who stick to what we like and can keep eating the same thing without getting sick!

I highly recommend this to everyone, even if you are not a Maccha fan - you might be converted after this like me (: 

100 Tras Street
Singapore 079027
Opening Hours : 10AM - 10PM
Telephone Number: +65 6543 6110


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