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Finally, a new Vlog with Tsuriki on binbobimbo channel.

I haven't posted in a while...

If you haven't already seen it, go watch.

The first part of the subtitles are correct.
The moment you see weird stuff, that's the "auto translation/ voice detect" function on youtube which, obviously, suck.
They are mostly subbed by Tsuriki so far because I've been very busy with school.
Hopefully the back part of the video will be up soon too.

I know we are very unglam, but that's how we always are. There are a lot of blank moments but trust me, we had already edited out A LOT - there was even a portion that we just stared blankly into space for about 30 seconds without realising it. I guess we are so used to doing our own things and being lost in our own world that we don't realise we have a lot of those moments. Well, it's unscripted and unplanned, we just shoot our mouths with whatever that comes to our heads first.

I saw that I tend to move nearer to the camera unknowingly, probably because I can't see very well [the screen] and I have the tendency to look at the flip screen just to check if we look okay, that's why you will see me moving backwards every now and then whenever I realised I am getting too close to the camera.

I also realised that I like to make weird noises and ad-lib -_- 
[Yes, that second yokoso was from me because I kinda forgot what we were supposed to say for intro, I think I almost killed Tsuriki cos it was just such a short line to remember and I kept forgetting!]
I also realised that I only do this when I make a video with Tsuriki... 
I am usually very normal on my own videos! [Okay, I say a lot of "erms" but I'm trying to work on that!]

Oh yes, I've never went for any Japanese classes, so my Japanese are all self learnt, mostly from watching Anime and drama [which, by the way, is quite seldom too... watch the video and you will know why I don't really watch anime]. Therefore, I don't really speak well; I can understand much better than I can speak. So just a disclaimer in case you want to bash me about my limited vocab. I tend to be VERY forgetful and since this video is totally impromptu [we didn't even plan to do it in Japanese... you can see from the start of the video we mentioned it's hard to do a video in Japanese and wanted to switch back to English but somehow we ended up speaking Japanese all the way till the end -_-], I kept stumbling on my speech and many "cat got my tongue" moments.
Tsuriki only studied till she completed the Beginner level I think?
So yes, disclaimer in case you want to bash us, think again first!!

Finally, try not to be distracted by that huge pimple on my nose. It JUST appeared on the day, I swear. In the morning when I met Tsuriki, it wasn't there but when we recorded at evening, BAM.



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