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ヒメコの旅日記 - 大阪第一日「第1章から第6章まで 」/ Himeko's Travel Diary - Osaka Day One [Chapter 1 to 6]
Yay, my travel diary for my first day in Osaka, Japan is here!
Everything is in Japanese.

It's almost 4am now, I only had 4 hours of sleep the day before and I have to wake up in 2.5 hours for school so I'm not going to post the translation till I get home tonight from school & work [which will be around 10pm so check back at 10pm if you can't understand!]

I've updated with English translations below each collage!

Chapter 1: From Kansai Airport to Osaka
First Shinkansen Ride

During the ride, I was super excited!

This is my travel partner, Karmun. You will see a lot of her backview in my photos!

Chapter 2: New Osaka Hotel to Minoh Park.
A small incident happened during the Hankyu Train ride. We thought we board the wrong train. Actually, it was the right one...
(I forgot to mention in the collage that we got down from the train and changed to another train when actually, the first train was also correct)

We have arrived! Why were we so happy? The reason is simple~
It was snowing! You can't really see it in the photo... I am satisfied though!

Chapter 3: Minoh Park

Chapter 3: Minoh Park. First Stop: Cafe and Bar Hashimototey
My Matcha Cake was a new item! Delicious!
My friend had New York Cheese Cake. It tasted very fluffy. Tasty!

Chapter 3: Minoh Park
I love the vending machines! Super convenient! I can have the milk tea that I love anywhere thanks to the vending machines!

Freezing! That temperature that day was 2 degrees! I felt that this place will look nicer if it was Spring.

Snow~ That was my first time seeing snow! I can die without regrets now.
Finally, we arrived!

It was really pretty! I forgot all my tiredness when I saw the waterfall. Can you spot the rainbows?

How is it? Pretty, isn't it? I want to go back~
Ah! Before you leave Minoh Park, remember to try the fried maple leaves! Very tasty!

Chapter 4: Umeda and Shinsaibashi
The truth is, I was really beat and hungry after Minoh park. I was not in any mood to take photos at all. Sorry! The items in the photo above were bought in Umeda and Shinsaibashi. The bag was really cheap (50% discount!) but the cosmetics were really expensive!!

Chapter 5: Minami (Namba)
One Piece Exhibition!! I was surprised when I saw the poster! It was such a pity because I did not have the time to visit the One Piece Exhibition...

Kani Doraku and Glicoman!

Takoyaki was super delicious. Really, really tasty! This is no doubt the best Takoyaki I've had so far!

Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba! It was not extremely tasty but as compared to Singapore, it is still much better here. I forgot what I drank though...

Chapter 6: Hozenji Yokocho - Last stop: Meotozenzai
The last stop for the day was Meotozenzai! We went to Hozenji Yokocho just for the sake of the zenzai. I felt that it was too sweet so I didn't really liked it.

There, all done for the first day! I'm sorry if some parts of the translation sounds stupid or didn't make a lot of sense (this is directed at the grammar nazis out there) because I tried to phrase them as close to the Japanese version as possible. For example, in the collage with the cakes, first I used "Umai", second I actually used "Oishii". Direct translation from Japanese to English can sound quite stupid at times because it can't convey the true "emotions" behind... I'm sure those of you who understand Japanese know what I'm saying!

Anyhow, short and sweet! I know I said I will be doing a FAQ Post for my trip as I received quite a few emails asking me about how I got around Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo but that will have to wait as there are quite a lot of grounds to cover and I figured if I want to do it, I might as well do a more comprehensive one so it can help any readers who want to travel to these places in the future.




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