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「ただ食べ物の為に」Just For Food : Hoshino Coffee Review
Hello lovelies!
I will probably be posting quick short posts as and when I can while I'm in Japan so I thought I will do a proper blog post on my laptop before I head to bed.
Okay, you got me, I am so psyched that I can't sleep.

Nonetheless, works well for all of us, right?

It has been so long since I've blogged about food and one of my resolutions this year is to go into food blogging instead of beauty all the time. Therefore, I present you my first food post of 2013!

I simply have to share this place with you, which by the way, I believe most of you have already heard of:

It's Hoshino Coffee!
While it is not exactly the newest in town, it is considerably new as it just opened recently in Plaza Singapura's new extension, which was unveiled late last year.

This is the first outlet in Singapore and if you can't already tell from the name, it is a franchise from Japan. [Japan website] It is actually also the first outlet outside Japan!

That being said, I had really high expectations because Denise kept raving about how good the pancakes were and all her photos in Facebook were most definitely drool inducing.

While looking through the menu, Ashley & I were having such a hard time deciding what we want because everything looked so good. Then again, menus always have the best pictures and the real product is often different from those in the menu. We decided to each order something different so that we can get to taste a wider variety. Denise took a long time looking for a parking lot in the carpark... Ashley & I were practically staring at other patrons enjoying their food while we waited!

Hungry girl is hungry. Unfortunately, being an amateur, the lighting in Hoshino Coffee proved to be a challenge for me when taking photos.

Anyway, after she finally arrived, we immediately placed our orders! Just a note, if you are planning to order their Soufflé Pancake, do not wait for everyone in your group to arrive before ordering! It takes about 40 minutes for the pancake to be prepared. Also, I noted that the French Toast requires about 15 - 20 minutes. However, the staff only informed us of the waiting time for the Soufflé Pancake but not the French Toast, so perhaps the French Toast can get served with a shorter waiting time.

Since there was going to be a long wait, I decided to have my dessert first.

This is my Matcha Parfait. I have quite a few pictures but they don't really do the taste justice. The soft serve Matcha tasted rich and slightly bitter, which was alright since there was some sweet red bean paste to help offset some of that bitterness.

Between the layer of soft serve Matcha, there' some cornflakes and banana. I think having some ingredient of a different texture really helps make the food more enjoyable for my palate.

See what I mean when I said my pictures don't do justice? *Sigh*

That aside, I will have to say that while this dessert is much better than most matcha desserts here in Singapore, it is still not the best I've tried. I will share with you guys the number 1 Matcha soft serve I've had so far another day but reassure that this is definitely a close second. I will give it 8.75/10!

Next, my Caesar Salad came [I think it was SGD $7.90 or so]

I have to say, I am not too impressed with this though. Tasted pretty mediocre. The chicken strips were kind of... sad; just a few in this bowl. However, a plus point will be that the lettuce was really fresh!

I will say, probably a 7/10 for this. Not too impressive but still tasted like what it's supposed to be and the ingredients were really fresh.

Then came Ashley's Clam Chowder~

Once again, I apologize for the lousy picture. This picture does so much injustice to this soup! I really like it as it didn't taste too heavy or creamy but instead, it tasted quite sweet [I prefer sweet to salty by the way] while maintaining the taste of the clam chowder, which is especially prominent in the aftertaste.

While I do enjoy the sweetness, not everyone will be a fan of sweet tasting soup [I am also quite health concious because I'm getting old...], I will give this a 8.25/10.

Next, Denise's Curry Claypot rice came! [I'm sorry but I didn't take note of the name... so I kinda threw in all the ingredients in the dish and roughly conjured up this name]

This tasted really good! The curry was not hot and after mixing the egg with all the ingredients, it was just a-ma-zing. For someone who does not really like to eat rice, give me the curry and egg to mix it up and I will be sure to clear this off. Also, I'm a huge meat lover and there's meat here as well as my favourite vegetable - broccoli! 

I have never eaten anything of similar nature so there's nothing for me to give a reference to, therefore my score for this will be 8.5/10!

Finally, the anticipated Soufflé Pancake arrived! 

I wanted to order this but it looked pretty tiny in the picture so I gave it a pass but my, you should have seen how I was stabbing myself mentally when I took my first bite of this - I needed someone to hold me down before I floated all the way up into the sky. With the maple syrup drizzled over the pancake and soft serve vanilla ice cream on top, I took a mouthful which contained the Soufflé pancake as well as soft serve ice cream - it was like orgasm in my mouth. No, really. The cold nature of the ice cream was a stark contrast to the warm Soufflé Pancake, so different yet they complemented each other so well and tasted so good. I am not a fan of flour pastry but this definitely had me saying "I'm so going to come back here just for this" after my first bite. I will say it deserves a 9/10 from me! Reason for the 1 point deduction is because like I previously mentioned, I don't like to eat food with flour as the main ingredient so I don't have anything to compare this to. I will like to think that there is always room for improvement/ a better one out there.

I didn't feel quite satisfied from my Caesar Salad so Denise and I shared a French Toast.

Again, not a fan of bread/ flour [and I wonder why I love noodles so much] but this one tasted almost like a thing on its own. It was really soft and kind of melted in my mouth but at the end of it, I could still taste the "bread" taste [or should I say, the yeast-y taste of bread?] However, this has got to be the best French Toast I've eaten so far. So glad I decided to listen to Denise and give this a try. I will give this a 9/10.

There, I'm done! The awesome girls that went on this little food adventure with me.

My chin is uneven, I know. My wound is still healing VERY slowly :(
My face is bloated, I know that too. That's because I've been so stressed the whole week before my trip that I sleep at 5-7am every day and I snack all the way right after dinner till I sleep. Which explains why I'm breaking out like mad [this trip was before I started the whole crazy breaking out on my face]

Here's the address for Hoshino Coffee.

68 Orchard Road 
Plaza Singapura 
Tel: 63383277

Do note that when they are busy, you have to have all the diners present before you are allowed entry as I believe they want to encourage fast turnover.

Flying off to Osaka soon, SO EXCITED!
I hope I can have the chance to head to Hoshino in either Osaka or Tokyo during my trip!


 welcome to japan himeko and your friends!!
ようこそ 日本へ ヒメコと友達のみんな!!
please enjoy all of japan!!
japan always loves beautiful women as you!
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