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[Sponsored] ChocoGoji, Chocolate covered Wolfberries
It's chillaxing time with your bed. I'm not sure about you guys but for me, it is almost always accompanied with the need to munch.

Not news to many, I'm a chocolate addict. I have to eat some chocolates everyday. I prefer dark chocolate because of the richer taste and it is healthier too! Don't lecture me about the sugar, I hardly take very sweet/ salty food other than those in snacks [and I've cut down on snacking - ALOT]

So, here I am, introducing this all new product in our market.
ChocoGoji [with a sweet note from Elfaine!]

Goji berries is actually what many know as Wolfberries or in Chinese, 枸杞子.
A lot of Chinese soup recipes make use of Goji berries as they can "sweeten" the soup and have great nutritional benefits like being rich in Vitamin C [50 times that of the Vitamin C found in Oranges] and Anti Oxidants [15 times that of the Anti Oxidants found in Cranberries]
Personally, I love to eat Goji berries in the soup because of the many tiny little seeds inside!

There are 3 different choices for this interesting combination of Chocolate and Goji berries:

Dark Chocolate [My favourite!]

Milk Chocolate

Sugar Free [There, no "too sweet/ high sugar content excuses anymore]

I was really anticipating how they will taste like [trust me, I was so so SO close to ripping a pack off to eat them but I kept that urge in me because of the need to take photos]

As I've mentioned above, I love dark chocolates so it's no surprise that the dark chocolate one is my favourite of the 3.

^ It has a slight sweet taste [it's dark chocolate afterall] and I think some of the bitterness was masked by the taste of the wolfberry inside. Suprisingly, the wolfberry tasted close to raisins! 

The sugar free one tasted similar to the dark chocolate, except less sweet. If you have a sweet tooth, I doubt you will like this as the sweetness is really very mild. This is my second favourite; though I like the small difference of calories between dark chocolate and sugar free, I still like my chocolate a little sweet.

Finally, the milk chocolate one! I will be lying if I said I didn't love it. Sure, I do enjoy the occasional sugar rush but my expanding face and waistline is battling with my mind so I am more conscious about what I eat lately. I'm pretty sure most people will prefer this to the other 2 but for now, this will be the 3rd choice for me!

You can purchase a pack of 60g from:

  • OG Departmental Store
  • Yue Hwa Chinese Products Pte Ltd
  • Four Seasons Gourmet Market ( Marina Bay Link Mall )
  • NTUC
  • Cheers Convenience stores
  • Cold Storage
  • Buzz – Selective outlets 
  • SPC – Choices

Definitely recommend people to give this a shot, especially those who love chocolate covered raisins!

You can redeem a free pack from ChocoGoji Facebook Page.

Enjoy your chocolates and stay pretty!



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